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The Torontoist Guide to Losing Your Pride Virginity

Pride newbies, we've got you covered.

Pride can be a bit overwhelming your first time out. There’s the month-long, jam-packed official calendar, which starts with a flag-raising ceremony and stretches on for an entire month. Every major institution in the city, from TIFF to the TSO, is getting in on the action. All your friends are RSVPing to different events on Facebook, and on top of all that, every square inch of the Church-Wellesley Village is plastered with posters advertising themed club nights and circuit parties. We haven’t even got to the parade itself, with hundreds of thousands of revellers and multiple stages, each with their own series of performances.

How’s a newbie to make sense of it all? With the Pride festival officially kicking off today, Torontoist offers its best advice for navigating the celebrations to come.

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Inherent Weisse: Better Beer Events For Not-So-Better Weather

What to do this week to lift your spirits by raising a glass.

Photos by Yoga on Tap, Great Lakes Brewery, Lansdowne Brewery & Muddy York Brewing Co.

More than ever the weather seems like it doesn’t know what the hell it wants, flipping from snow to sun, rain, and ice storms all in a matter of days.

But there is one thing that remains constant in this ever-changing season: a wide selection of beer events throughout the city.

Here are a few goings-on in the coming week that will get you itching to brave the, well, whatever outside.

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How to Celebrate Toronto’s 2015 Solstice

Celebrate the longest night of the year with some seriously bright events.

If Christmas isn’t your thing and you’re not quite chosen enough for Chanukah, don’t despair: you can celebrate the winter solstice.

Falling on December 21 in 2015, the solstice marks the shortest day of the year. In Toronto, we’ll get a scant eight hours and 55 minutes of sunlight to mark the occasion (compare this to summer solstice in June, when we get more than 15 hours of glorious sunlight). It’s a time to settle in with a cup of hot chocolate (or mulled wine) and watch the fireplace roar.

But if settling in isn’t your thing, we have a selection of solstice-themed events and outings to check out. And just remember: the days get longer from here on out.

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Inherent Weisse: From Then to Now – The Comic Book Story of Beer

A new comic book tells the incredible (and super-long) history of beer.

One of the big questions that I get asked a lot is “why beer?” There are plenty of other things in this big world that are incredibly interesting, and I’m a woman of eclectic interests, but what is it about beer that has made it chief among them?

More often than not I tell this hypothetical person that my interest lay in the historical context of beer, a beverage as old as humanity itself. We have evidence of beer going back to China over 9,000 years ago and the time of the Sumerians, where there was even a goddess of beer, Ninkasi, a hymn of which contains a recipe for beer, making it one of, if not the, oldest-recorded recipes in the world.
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