Eye on Hate: Could City Hall ban hateful rallies?
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Eye on Hate: Could City Hall ban hateful rallies?

Charges against the publisher of Toronto's worst newspaper, Faith Goldy gets uninvited, and other dispatches from the hateful fringe.

Participants arrive to one of the monthly rallies in Nathan Phillips Square.

>>Toronto City Councillor wants to ban “hate-sponsored rallies”

Councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre) is looking into the City’s options to ban “hate-sponsored rallies” from City and provincial property.

Since February, anti-Muslim groups have been showing up monthly to demonstrate at Toronto City Hall. They warn about what they see as “creeping Sharia law” and the “Islamization of Canada.” Many members and leaders of these groups are anti-Muslim racists, and the movement includes white supremacists and Nazis, who showed up in the vanguard of the last rally with an honest-to-god Nazi flag.

They are usually matched or outnumbered by anti-racist and anti-fascist activists who meet them any time they take up public space to contain them and limit their platform.

Mayor Tory condemned “protests that include hatred, bigotry, and racism” in a statement to CityNews following the October 21 rally. But banning these groups won’t work for at least three reasons.

  1. It would violate the right to freedom of expression and open the City up to legal action.
  2. The anti-racists and anti-fascists don’t want this. They don’t want the government stepping in to determine who can and can’t speak on public property and point out that the same justifications could be used against them in the future.
  3. It’s likely that any attempt to ban certain groups will give a lot of press attention to these groups, which will cry censorship.

It’s been demonstrated in Vancouver, Boston, and London, Ontario that the most successful response to these rallies is to massively outnumber them with anti-racist demonstrators. Generally speaking, this situation is safer for everybody involved and it sends a strong message.

London, Ontario’s city council passed a motion asking residents to stand up to racism and hate. The mayor asked people to come out to demonstrate and joined the demonstration himself. As a result, the PEGIDA demonstration was heavily outnumbered by anti-racist demonstrators, which is demoralizing and destabilizing to hate groups.

Pasternak’s administrative inquiry will be considered by the executive committee on November 28.


>>Pro-Nazi newspaper publisher charged with hate crimes

The publisher and editor of Your Ward News, a pro-Nazi newspaper mostly distributed in the east end of Toronto, have been charged with the wilful promotion of hatred towards women and Jews.

The paper is overtly racist and misogynistic. In the past, the editor has defended sexual assault against underage girls, writing, “if the dick fit, you must acquit.” It has also featured a caricature of one of its critics in a gas chamber being operated by a German Shepherd with a Nazi armband. It’s editor, James Sears, says the paper is anti-Marxist satire.

This is the latest in a series of lawsuits and legal proceedings and the culmination of years of complaints and police investigation. For more information, check out the Canadaland article I wrote on the topic.

Sears says they plan to use the case to challenge the constitutionality of Canada’s hate speech laws.


>>More posters went up at the University of Toronto

One of the posters that was spotted at a U of T campus on Nov 13th. Anti-fascist activists say they removed a large number of them that morning.

These posters were put up by the Students for Western Civilisation, a Toronto-based group. Back in 2015, the same group put up posters for a white student’s union.

This group, led by George Hutcheson, opposes multiculturalism and claims European culture is under attack. They say our universities are anti-white and biased.

On November 12, three members attended an anti-colonial art performance that included dropping a replica of a King Edward statue in the Don. Statues are a big deal for this group, and, according to one attendee, they told a few people they were “filming for their YouTube show on European Canadian identity.”

Canadian alt-right figurehead Faith Goldy likes what they’re doing.


>>Faith Goldy disinvited from free speech panel

Screenshot from Free Bird Media clip. Full clip available here.

The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses event was originally to be held at Ryerson in August, but the event was cancelled by the university after push back. It went ahead on November 11 at the Canada Christian College and included guests Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad as panellists.

In a clip posted by Free Bird Media, Jesse Sanderson, who goes by the pseudonym Winston Smith, asked the panel why they disinvited Faith Goldy. Peterson said, “[The panel is] not unaware of the irony,” and explains that she was uninvited from the panel for being “too hot a property for us” following her appearance on podcast hosted by the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

This prompted a blog post by Nice Mangos, an ex-Muslim writer and podcaster, in which she outlines some contradictions between what happened and previous statements on free speech by the panellists and characterizes this as “a hilariously hypocritical twist.”

According to Gad Saad, who is a Jewish man, he was then subjected to a number of anti-Semitic comments from Goldy’s fans.


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