Where Suits Season 6 was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)
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Where Suits Season 6 was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)

Suits is back for another season of high power legal drama in Toronto's financial district, dressed up as Manhattan.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

SUITS (640x356)

We went into the sixth season of Suits thinking there wouldn’t be much more to see. In their quest to create a shiny, ersatz Manhattan, surely they’d exhausted every restaurant and Financial District corner by now, but we were wrong.

2017_08_171-downtownUSAtoday (640x340)

First of all, we have a favourite game and hope you’ll play along. Every time you see a U.S. Post box, or a USA Today box in the background, have a shot. Or, just eat a delicious bonbon. Whatever works.

2017_08_171-downtownst (640x339)

Yes, here we are outside the love nest of Mike and Rachel…

2017_08_17-1-downtown-3Church (640x344)

…at 3 Church Street.

2017_08_174-finalshotgreenp (640x350)

You can see the mega-Green P down the block in this wide shot.

2017_08_174-prison-ext (640x353)

And revisiting a location set up last year, we find Mike in prison…

2017_08_172-prison-ext (640x353)

…at the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute on the Pearson Airport grounds.

2017_08_172-streetcoffee (640x349)

Suits imagines New York as a fantasyland where people can get not just hot dogs, but even hot cups of coffee on the street.

2017_08_172-streetcoffee-bloor-usatoday (640x352)

Torontonians know such a concept is surely laughable, even though we can see people doing just that, on Bloor Street. Like, coffee right out there on the street? Imagine the health risks!
Did you have another shot?

2017_08_172-street-yorkville (640x353)

Also in Yorkville, this is easily recognizable as the entrance…

2017_08_172-street (640x355)

…to the Prince Arthur Condos.

2017_08_172-yorkvilleagain-night (640x353)

Here it is again, looking très riche at night.

2017_08_173-exchange (640x359)

Back on home court, in the Financial District…

2017_08_173-exchange-USA (640x353)

…here we are outside the Exchange Building. Drink!

2017_08_174-niceroomreverse (640x348)

This wood-paneled room appears in a fair number of shows.

2017_08_174-niceroom (640x356)

It’s the Oak Room at U of T’s Newman Centre.

2017_08_175-gardiner427 (640x354)

When Mike gets out of prison, he drives down the Gardiner Expressway…

2017_08_175-petrocan (640x349)

…and goes past a not-very-New-York gas station.

2017_08_173-office2 (640x359)

As we’ve mentioned a time or five, the actual main office is a set up at Downsview Park, but they do sometimes go to actual downtown high rises.

2017_08_173-office3-tiffmaybe (640x354)

This one is the Festival Tower.

2017_08_175-bayadelaide-blurredtrump (640x357)

And you already know the office lobby is the Bay Adelaide Centre but it always looks so nice it’s worth mentioning again. Notice anything funny in the back there? Whether it’s because it’s a brand name or because they knew what was coming down the pipe over a year ago, when they shot this, the Trump Hotel signs are blurred out.

2017_08_176-actualoffice-FirstCdn-101adelaidemaybe (640x355)

In Episode 6 we have scenes set in a couple more actual towers. Based on the appearance of First Canadian Place out the window, this looks like it actually is in Bay Adelaide.

2017_08_177-estab (640x362)

Somewhat atypically, they even throw in an establishing shot of First Canadian Place. (Usually these shots are actual NYC footage or Bay Adelaide shots.)

2017_08_176-anotheractualoffice-sheraton (640x352)

The view of the Sheraton here…

2017_08_176-anotheractualoffice-sheraton-refangle (640x349)

…suggests this totally different scene is set on University Avenue, in one of these towers.

2017_08_177-scotia (640x357)

Here we are outside Bay Adelaide, but, more importantly, drink! (Or bonbon!)

2017_08_176-bayst2 (640x358)

Suits is full of shots on Bay Street

2017_08_176-bayst (640x358)

…like these.

2017_08_176-resto-aria (640x353)

It’s also full of people dining at restaurants.

2017_08_176-aria2 (640x347)

This one they’ve visited before, Aria, right outside the ACC.

2017_08_178-resto (640x355)

This is another handsome beanery we’ve seen at some point in the past…

2017_08_178-resto-chase (640x360)

The Chase Fish and Oyster.

And that’s all just in the season’s first half! Will be back with more Big Apple shenanigans soon.