Where Suits Season 6 was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)
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Where Suits Season 6 was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)

We return to complete the sixth season of Suits, plus our built-in drinking game.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.


Alrighty, another exhausting trip across the mystical, not-quite-really-New-York world of Suits!

2017_08_30-10-alsonyccmaybe (640x357)

First off, as we head into the second half of Season 6, a reminder that it’s not only the Financial District that can pass itself off as Manhattan.

2017_08_30-9-coffee-nycc (640x354)

The landscaping in North York Centre (shot from the right angle!) can make it look just a bit like Park Avenue.

2017_08_30-10-nycc2 (640x357)

And yes, we’re still playing the game where you can have a shot of something if you see a U.S. Postal Service or a USA Today box.

2017_08_30-9-colecorner-USA (640x358)

Back down in Suits‘ home territory, we meet up with Gary Cole (drink!)…

2017_08_30-9-colecorner-td (640x352)

…at the corner of York and Adelaide.

2017_08_30-10-bar (640x351)

And this lovely beanery is the nearby Drake One Fifty.

2017_08_30-15-boardroom-rvs (640x354)

This boardroom and office set bugged us for a bit…

2017_08_30-10-hotelporthole-145adelaide (640x356)

…but that porthole shaped window there, along with the view out the window, helped us peg it as 145 Adelaide Street West.

2017_08_30-11-balzacs (640x351)

Here we are grabbing a coffee…

2017_08_30-11-balzacs-atwood (640x355)

…at the Market Street Balzac’s. They’ve even got that Atwood Blend goin’ on!

2017_08_30-11-esplanade-methadone (640x352)

Trying to get his career restarted…

2017_08_30-11-esplanade-stlawrence-rvs (640x355)

…Mike takes a job at a clinic, here on the Esplanade.

2017_08_30-11-methadone2 (640x355)

The interiors are just a set, though.

2017_08_30-11-church (640x353)

We’ve seen before that he likes to visit his childhood church…

2017_08_30-11-stpauls2 (640x355)

…over at St. Paul’s, inside…

2017_08_30-11-stpauls-ext (640x355)

…and out.

2017_08_30-11-knox-again (640x356)

Some more Christian architecture here…

2017_08_30-11-knox2 (640x351)

…as we visit U of T’s photogenic…

2017_08_30-11-knox (640x356)

…Knox College.

Ep3-Restogold (640x351)

We do our best to ID all the restaurants Suits uses, but there are so many! We’re not sure about this one…

2017_08_30-11-resto3 (640x343)

…and this one is merely a set they use every now and then…

2017_08_30-Ep7-RestoLitt (640x350)

…but here’s Louis Litt dining at Mirto, on Toronto Street

2017_08_30-13-batch (640x356)

…and our keen detective skills tell us…

2017_08_30-13-batch-duh (640x346)

…this just may be Batch.

2017_08_30-Ep15-downstairssportsbar (640x352)

This sports bar made us scratch our chins for a bit…

2017_08_30-16-sportsbar-again (640x351)

…but we’re pretty sure it’s the Roxy on King.

2017_08_30-12-cemetery (640x354)

Cemeteries can also be hard to identify but…


…the background high-rises here suggest this is St. James.

xEp15-club-MaybeHys (640x351)

A few other place we weren’t quite sure of include this club…

xEp16-club (640x352)

…and its locker room…

Ep3-LectureHall (640x353)

…this “Columbia University” lecture hall…

xEp16-hearingroom (640x360)

…and this wood-panelled room, where Mike’s professional fate gets decided.

2017_08_177-whitehouse (640x351)

This lakefront home…

2017_08_30-Ep7-lakehouse (640x357)

…is hard to pin down exactly, but we think it’s out in Oakville.

2017_08_30-14-estab (640x352)

Usually the establishing shots on Suits are just postcard shots of New York, like this…

2017_08_30-14-actualestab (640x348)

…so it’s nice when every now and then there’s a real shot of the home base, Bay Adelaide Centre.

2017_08_30-14-alsotiff (640x352)

If there’s any tower they shoot at as much as there…

2017_08_30-14-alsotiff2 (640x356)

…it must be this one…

2017_08_30-14-lightbox (640x349)

…the Festival Tower attached to TIFF…

2017_08_30-14-lightbox-cntower (640x358)

…which can usually be ID’d by the familiar buildings outside, like Metro Hall above and, um, the CN Tower here.

2017_08_30-15-tiffoffice-night (640x357)

This is the same building, but at night.

2017_08_30-14-qrcwest (640x353)

One of the nicest and most distinctive projects to open downtown in recent years…

2017_08_30-14-qrc2 (640x358)

…this is the lobby of the Queen Richmond Centre West.

2017_08_30-14-georgestdiner (640x355)

Ever since the Canary restaurant closed, the George Street Diner has been picking up the cinematic slack, appearing in The F Word and American Gods, among other things.

2017_08_30-14-kingst-USP (640x356)


2017_08_30-14-kingst (640x356)

We’re merely out on King West.

2017_08_30-15-130adelaide-coffee (640x353)

And here we are grabbing a coffee on Adelaide (you can see that porthole widow at #145 again)…

2017_08_30-15-130richmond-andcanadapost (640x353)

…where Canada Post materiel gets reflected in the glass.

2017_08_30-15-niceresto2 (640x354)

More restaurants…

2017_08_30-15-nicesetresto-ritz (640x351)

…these fancy digs are in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton.

2017_08_30-16-outsidebar-ry (640x354)

An even easier hotel lobby to spot, this is the Royal York.

Phew. And that’s still not all the locations they hit. Season 7 is currently airing, so if, like us, the possibility has crossed your mind they must be running out of locations then, like us, it’s probably best to realize there’s still plenty more to come.