Where Suits Season 5 Was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)
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Where Suits Season 5 Was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)

The second half of Suits Season five continues to show off a photogenic financial district.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

suits5a (640x358)

Last time out, we reminded you that Suits, during its fifth season, hasn’t remotely run out of photogenic, New York-esque locations at which to film its adventures. So let’s hit the ground running with the season’s back half.

9-courtyardcafe (640x349)

Restaurants! People on Suits are constantly at fancier restaurants than we ever get out to…

9-cafe2 (640x352)

…like this one, the Courtyard Cafe at the Windsor Arms.

9-nicebar2 (640x357)

Though it represents an entirely different location, this cozy drinkery is just across the hall… 9-windsorarms-livingroom (640x354)

…in The Living Room. Hollywood magic!

9-resto2-goodsondownstairs (640x361)

This charming boîte is Queen West’s hep The Good Son.

9-jail-FESTIalso (640x354)

We hang out here with Eric Roberts in prison.

16-prison-pearsonfireemergency (640x353)

Skipping ahead, the exterior is rather significant in the season finale. The wee control tower way in the back is a hint as to where we actually are.

16-jail2 (640x357)

So is the radar dome here. Fans of Flashpoint might recognize it as the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute at Pearson Airport.

10-club (640x352)

Hey, remember from last episode when we were at The Good Son?

10-club2-goodsonupstairs (640x362)

This jazz club is there too, just upstairs.

10-church2-stpaulsbasilica (640x360)

We also get some churchy flashbacks with Mike.

10-church2 (640x353)

The interiors and exteriors…

16-weddingchurch-stpauls (640x358)

…are all at St. Paul’s Basilica

16-stpaulspan (640x360)

…to which we return for a (near) wedding in the finale.

10house-30wyndham (640x358)

Mike also touches base with his past at this home, on Wyndham Street.

11-coffee-reverse (640x354)

Almost but not quite an actual cafe…

11-coffee-barbistro28 (640x354)

…this is District 28, the studio/eatery in Leslieville.

11-operahouse (640x360)

A reminder that any splashy modern space can look like an office atrium…

11-operahouse2 (640x356)

…here we are at the airy Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts.

11-street-queenoutsideopera (640x359)

And this totally unrelated scene is just outside the centre, on Queen Street.

12-lakeview1 (640x354)

But you don’t care about that. You want more restaurants!

12-lakeview (640x351)

Okay, Donna is obviously meeting her dad at the Lakeview!

12-golfclub2 (640x355)

And Harvey meets with him…

12-oakvillegolfclub (640x354)

…at the Oakville Golf Club.

12-pokerclubchandeliers-Switch (640x359)

And this poker club was driving us crazy—it also briefly appeared in the previous season.

12-resto2 (640x351)

It’s the Switch lounge on Colborne Street.

13-prettyresto-coletteagain (640x357)

We saw this location in the season’s first half, but for a darker dinner scene…

13-prettyresto2 (640x354)

…it’s the Thompson Hotel’s Colette Grand Café.

13-streetreverse-outsideflatiron (640x353)

And downtown street scenes are always nice, too. This is outside the Flatiron.

13-302bay (640x356)

And here we’re on Bay Street

13-bayreverse-och-ttc (640x358)

…complete with a TTC bus sticking its butt into the frame.

14-adelaide-reverse (640x350)

We always appreciate a clue to help us locate such scenes.

14-street145-adelaidewest (640x352)

Like this one, at 145 Adelaide Street West.

14-bmo-reverse (640x349)

Or this one…

14-bmo (640x351)

…just across from First Canadian Place.

14-RBC (640x358)

There’s so much hide and seek going on, it’s sure easier when there’s a big landmark…

14-RBC3 (640x352)

…like these handsomely-framed shots of the RBC Centre.

14-louis-street (640x358)

At some point in an early season we’ve actually seen Louis Litt’s house before.

14-louisstreet-reverse28McGill (640x348)

And here we are, back on McGill Street.

15-park-clarencesq (640x358)

TV shows seem to like filming in this urban park…

15-clarencesq2 (640x359)

…at Clarence Square.

16-universtiyave (640x352)

We already covered the two big locations from the season finale, the church and prison, but we can end off with two street scenes from that episode. Here we are out on University Avenue…

16-straightupadelaide (640x356)

…and the show’s home base, not really disguised, at Adelaide…

16-straightupbay (640x356)

…and Bay.

So endeth season five, but season six aired a few months ago and work on season seven is already underway, so Suits ain’t done with our fair city yet.