Where Suits Season 5 Was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)
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Where Suits Season 5 Was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)

So many New York-ish restaurants in Toronto's financial district.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2017_20_15-SUITS5 (640x382)

Suits is the gift that keeps giving season six has already aired, season five is gearing up, and here we are, lagging behind. You’d think that five seasons in they’d probably shot everything there is to shoot in the vicinity of their Bay Adelaide Centre home base, but it turns out you’d be wrong. We seem to have a never-ending supply of photogenic eateries and other New York-ish locales to explore.

2017_20_15-1-bayadelaide (640x360)

So, as you already know, all the well-suited lawyers work, not in some grand Manhattan tower, but the Bay Adelaide Centre. And, as you know, every time you see the law firm interior with its glorious New York backdrop, you’re really seeing a set built in some old warehouse at Downsview Park, complete with an amazingly big and realistic photograph. Now that we have that out of the way…

2017_20_15-1-lunchresto2 (640x354)

…though they will venture farther afield, most of the action is still centred in the Financial District.

2017_20_15-1-lunchresto3-mercatto (640x355)

Here we are grabbing a cuppa a the Bay Street Mercatto, for example.

2017_20_15-1-tankers-reverse (640x354)

Rather less high-end, we think this truck depot…

2017_20_15-1-tankers-slattery-arrowroaddiscount (640x358)

…is actually this car rental place on Arrow Road.

2017_20_15-2-lookingdown-bridge-paradecondos (640x357)

This is pretty cool. Before we find ourselves on this skybridge…

2017_20_15-2-lookingdown (640x359)

…the camera pans up from this look straight down, placing us at the Parade Condos, in CityPlace.

2017_20_15-2-coolbar2 (640x354)

This handsome hangout…

2017_20_15-2-coolbar-hunterslanding (640x358)

…is right around the corner, at Hunters Landing.

2017_20_15-5-bistro2-lasociete (640x355)

Let’s keep the photogenic eatery thing rolling!

2017_20_15-5-bistro (640x354)

Here’s Louis Litt making some deals at La Société.

2017_20_15-2-niceresto (640x357)

And staying all Français, this airy boite…

2017_20_15-2-niceresto-colette (640x356)

…is the Thompson Hotel’s Colette Grand Café.

2017_20_15-6-newresto3-Nao (640x352)

This lovely steakhouse…

2017_20_15-6-newresto2 (640x356)

…is Yorkville’s NAO.

2017_20_15-5-cafe-mercatto (640x350)

Earlier, we saw it for lunch and now, in episode five, we’re seeing it for coffee.

2017_20_15-5-cafe (640x356)

Hey, it’s Mercatto again!

2017_20_15-3-barkleyresto3-set (640x352)

And another restaurant, if you don’t mind!

2017_20_15-3-barkleyresto4 (640x354)

We spent a long time trying to figure out where it is that Harvey is meeting with famous client Charles Barkley in episode three…

2017_20_15-7-barkleyresto-again (640x354)

…especially since the same restaurant pops up again in episode seven. Yeah, it’s not real. It’s a set. They fooled us good.

2017_20_15-3-stpatricksq2 (640x355)

Back to episode three, here Mike strolls with his father-in-law-to-be down this urban alleyway…

2017_20_15-3-stpatricksq (640x359)

…actually St. Patrick’s Square.

2017_20_15-3-stpatricksq-car-bigcarrot (640x351)

You can even see the back of the market that fronts onto Queen Street over there.

2017_20_15-3-outofcar-x-university (640x352)

Here’s a quick scene outside on University Avenue, complete with not-very-New-York Beck cabs in the back.

2017_20_15-4-RTH (640x359)

Just as it does on The Strain, here Roy Thomson Hall plays the role of an office building lobby.

2017_20_15-5-ttc-usps (640x359)

A rare and precious site outside the Bay Adelaide Centre: a TTC bus and a U.S. Postal Service box in the same shot. Poetry.

2017_20_15-5-cloudgardens2 (640x355)

Here’s a little tête-à-tête just around the corner…

2017_20_15-5-cloudgardens (640x352)

…at the Cloud Gardens.

2017_20_15-6-shrinkstreet (640x350)

A big thread this season is Harvey seeing his shrink on this street, which is always framed annoyingly tight.

2017_20_15-6-shrinkhouse-admiralroad (640x356)

It’s actually in the Annex, on Lowther.

2017_20_15-6-patiouggs (640x353)

Not too far away, Donna hangs out on this patio…

2017_20_15-6-patio-windsorarms (640x355)

…just outside the Windsor Arms.

2017_20_15-7-torontostreetwalk-samestreetloc (640x354)

We get some outdoor walking-and-talking…

2017_20_15-7-streetwalk (640x357)

…with two scenes back in the Financial District…

2017_20_15-7-street3 (640x352)

…on Adelaide Street.

2017_20_15-7-street2 (640x352)

And that gets us halfway through the fifth season. But rest assured, there are more fancy restaurants and American mailboxes to come!