Where Miss Sloane Was Filmed in Toronto
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Where Miss Sloane Was Filmed in Toronto

Toronto will be playing the role of (drum roll!) Washington, DC!

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2017_03_22-sloane (640x267)

Of all the thousands of movies shot here, only two (Spotlight and Chicago) have taken home the Best Picture Oscar; a reminder that quality movies remain the exception. Somewhere in the middle, you have your “Oscar Bait” movies: well-intentioned, decently made tearjerkers and/or issues movies that hit all the right notes but somehow miss the target. Such is Miss Sloane, which came and went from theatres last year with almost no one noticing despite actually being not that bad at all. Oh, it aims to say some Very Important Things about the gun control issue, but it’s also got a good central performance by Jessica Chastain, who’s surrounded by a bunch of A-list character actors and a cadre of local thespians.

It was directed by John Madden, who directed his own Best Picture, Shakespeare in Love, though he’s since handled largely more middling affairs, like those movies where the old people go to a hotel in India and discover themselves and whatnot. He was here before about 10 yeas ago, directing an Elmore Leonard adaptation starring Mickey Rourke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt that’s somehow so inconsequential, philosophers are surely left to debate whether it actually exists at all. It may just be that Toronto is not the city for him.

2017_03_22-opening-DC (640x262)

Like any quality production, they make sure to grab at least some nice shots in the actual location, to complete the illusion. For your viewing pleasure, tonight Toronto will be playing the role of (drum roll!) Washington, D.C.!

2017_03_22-watergate (640x258)

These opening shots show Chastain lives in the architecturally distinctive (and subtext rich)Watergate towers, for example.

2017_03_22-senate (640x264)

The movie is framed by a Senate hearing, but alas this hearing room is just a set at Cinespace.

2017_03_22-capitolhill-mowat (640x263)

Do you recognize this hallway? You should. A little-known municipal by-law requires that every D.C.-set movie that shoots here has to use it. Part of the Mowat Block complex that house many provincial ministries, it always pops up playing the U.S. Senate (as it does here) or the CIA, whether in Al Pacino movies, Michael Keaton miniseries, or even good, ol’ Nikita.

2017_03_22-moremowat-lastnight (640x267)

You may also recognize the balcony in the back, overlooking the Bay Street entrance, as the lonely gas company where David Cronenberg and Tracy Wright work in Last Night.

2017_03_22-party-university (640x262)

Here Chastain exits not the “Alexandria Hotel,” but rather the fancy Shangri-La Hotel, on University…

2017_03_22-university2-strong (640x265)

…and engages in conversation with Mark Strong as they walk along the street and then turn the corner onto Queen Street. Somewhat amusingly, Strong once beat the crap out of a sorta superhero just about a block away a few years ago.

2017_03_22-bullpen2 (640x261)

Sloane is a lobbyist and she has this lovely modern office…

2017_03_22-bullpen-55university (640x257)

…also on University Avenue

2017_03_22-univeresityave (640x265)

…but a few blocks further south.

2017_03_22-afterbullpen55-university (640x256)

We see it at night, too!

2017_03_22-universtiyoffice-reflection (640x239)

We stare at reflections in windows so you don’t have to, but when we go into the building you can see a Canada Post truck back there, eh.

2017_03_22-goldstone-int (640x261)

A creature of habit, she likes to grab late night noodles…

2017_03_22-goldstone-kensington (640x267)

…in this not-at-all-disguised Chinatown joint.

2017_03_22-pillglasses (640x263)

Speaking of her office, you may have already noticed she’s surrounded by Canadians galore. Hey, here’s Alison Pill wearing terrible glasses! And did you recognize Ennis Esmer and Douglas Smith in those office shots above?

2017_03_22-bhaneja (640x267)

Hey, here’s Raoul Bhaneja!

2017_03_22-team (640x270)

And Grace Lynn Kung and Al Mukadam!

2017_03_22-shamata (640x269)

And if that still wasn’t enough for you, the great Chuck Shamata who has played tough guys in more B-Movies than we can count, not the least of which is Death Wish V: The Face of Death. Death Wish V, people!

2017_03_22-resto-waterstonenewsroom (640x262)

He’s not Canadian but Sam Waterston did co-star with Pill on The Newsroom, so there’s that.

2017_03_22-resto-resverse-hys (640x263)

Here, he and Shamata are up to dastardly deeds at Hy’s Steakhouse.

2017_03_22-ballroommoreroyalyorkimperialroom (640x287)

Back to locations! You can tell already this is the sort of movie where people hobnob over cocktails in ballrooms when they’re not planning dastardly deeds in post steakhouses, right?

2017_03_22-ballroomwisde (640x261)

Well, this one is the Imperial Ballroom at the Royal York, despite it allegedly being in Milwaukee.

2017_03_22-hobnob2 (640x279)

And this more modern space…

2017_03_22-blindsroom (640x256)

…is the Gardiner Museum.

2017_03_22-royalyork-more (640x262)

And we visit the Royal York again a bit later here…

2017_03_22-ontv-royalyork (640x264)

…playing a different hotel entirely…

2017_03_22-royalyork-clock (640x266)

…complete with the obligatory clock shot.

2017_03_22-parkwood-ext (640x265)

Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee aren’t the only exotic locales we emulate in Miss Sloane. This “New Bedford” mansion…

2017_03_22-parkwood-int2 (640x260)

…is easily recognizable as Oshawa’s Parkwood Estate.

2017_03_22-poolroom-parkwood (640x265)

Though it’s supposed to be a different location, this game of billiards is also there.

2017_03_22-church (640x262)

This “Ann Arbor” church stumped us, we admit.

2017_03_22-church-reverse (640x247)

If you know your organs, so to speak, feel free to say so.

2017_03_22-conhall (640x284)

A couple of blink-and-you-miss-it backgrounds…

2017_03_22-conhallmaybe (640x267)

…the distinctive seating makes it easy to ID this rally at Convocation Hall.

2017_03_22-ontv-university-king (640x268)

And this TV interview is taking place outside 200 King West.

2017_03_22-overhead (640x268)

Here, Sloane and her team meet outdoors…

2017_03_22-overhead-rbc (640x260)

…in the Royal Bank Plaza courtyard.

2017_03_22-lobbybuilding (640x266)

There’s also a plot-twisty near-shooting that starts in the lobby of the Richmond Adelaide Centre…

2017_03_22-outsiderbc (640x261)

…then goes outside…

2017_03_22-shootingscene (640x264)

…and then we get a better daytime view with this news broadcast, here, on Adelaide.

2017_03_22-airport2 (640x263)

A lot of times movies use other locales to represent airports…

2017_03_22-airport-pearson (640x262)

…but this is actually Pearson Airport, playing an airport in Chicago.

windoroomx-maybecorus (640x216)

The fuzzy background here makes it hard to be sure…

2017_03_22-corusmaybe2 (640x258)

…but the lake out the window makes us think this meeting may be at Corus Quay.

2017_03_22-parking2 (640x260)

Similarly, identifying individual parking lots isn’t so easy but this may be this one on Queen’s Quay, as they’ve shot a few things there over the years and it has a distinctive sandwiched-between-condos look.

2017_03_22-carrhall (640x266)

And this institutional building…

2017_03_22-ending-carrhall (640x262)

…seen in the final scenes…

2017_03_22-ending2-carrhallext (640x265)

…is U of T’s Carr Hall.

After shooting Miss Sloane here early in 2016, Chastain was back in town in the winter (along with another killer cast, including Kevin Costner, Idris Elba, and Michael Cera) to shoot a film called Molly’s Game, which happens to also be Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut. Now, there’s some Oscar Bait that sounds like it has a chance of grabbing your attention.


CORRECTION: 3:09 PM This article originally identified the Gardiner Museum as the St. James Cathedral Centre. We’ve updated the location.