Rebel Media's Freedom Rally Was Bonkers
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Rebel Media’s Freedom Rally Was Bonkers

"It's good to be in a room with severely normal people," Kellie Leitch told the crowd

nazi salue

Rebel Media‘s “Freedom Rally” at Canada Christian College in Toronto on February 15 was as chilling as you can imagine.

Some of the hundreds in attendance did not hold back their support for the conservative speakers. Even more troubling, at least one even gave what appeared to be an enthusiastic Nazi salute.

The speaker list included Conservative leadership candidates Kellie Leitch, Chris Alexander, Pierre Lemieux, and Brad Trost, along with the Rebel’s Ezra Levant and Faith Goldy.

Check out our video coverage:


204 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    Disgusting “journalism”, Torontoist.

  2. Don River says:

    Look at all the white people. Almost as white as a Jays game.

  3. MM says:

    Okay, the Rebel has clearly become a “triggered” right-wing organization that’s slowly going off the deep end, but it doesn’t mean that root of the issue isn’t still completely valid. Free speech is the value by which all other values are negotiated, and we screw with it at our own peril.

    • OgtheDim says:

      The non binding (i.e. its not a law) piece of legislative vote recording about Islamaphobia that will occur and is being discussed here is not any different then the one passed unanimously by the H of C in the fall.

      This isn’t about free speech – its about the Islamaphobes being triggered.


      I’m looking forward to the Rebel line by line discussion of the section of Hansard where the MP involved reads out in detail the corrspondence she has received over this issue.

      I wonder what they’ll say to the “blank you slowly with a chain saw” email sent?

      • MM says:

        The fact is that we’re singling out a religion for special treatment because of the supposed claims about hate speech. Islam doesn’t need to be free from criticism, nor does any other religion for that matter. The danger is in trying to legislate what’s offensive, and to whom.

        • OgtheDim says:

          “The fact is that we’re singling out a religion for special treatment”

          FACT: somebody killed 6 people JUST A FEW DAYS AGO because they were from that religion.

          FACT: the MP who put up this bit of voting recording (that’s all it is) has been told by somebody they will “Blank you slowly with a chain saw”

          You think MAYBE there is something going on here?

          BTW, until you bother to respond to the second fact there, you keep the company of some really shitty people.

          • MM says:

            Yes I understand the awful ramifications of the violence that just happened in Quebec. And when people make threats via email, they are illegal, that’s not really the issue here.

            FACT: Obscurantism about the causes of religious violence have lead to a totally warped discussion about Islamaphobia.

            I’m not saying that hating Muslims is okay, but people criticize bad ideas and they get lumped into the pile with everyone else as “bigots.” We are trying to legislate our way out of having an honest conversation, I think that’s wrong.

          • OgtheDim says:




            Its the EXACT same thing voted on UNANIMOUSLY by the H of C last fall.

            And it suggests maybe a H of C committee to study into why this is happening and figure out how to stop it.

            And if you think that’s a BAD thing based on “one religion being singled out” then, yes, you keep company with Breitbart and Nazi types.

          • Shane says:

            Are you honestly suggesting that any dissent toward Islamic ideology is “hate”? You can’t criticize religion now without being labelled an Islamophobe?

          • OgtheDim says:

            STRAW MAN BURN GOOD!

          • Greg says:

            Shane these guys cant see the forest because of the trees. If you don’t agree with their weak arguments your a Nazi. They are insane. I love it when I get called Racist, Bigot, Nazi, Fascist I LMFAO These words have no oomph anymore because they are used so much.

          • MM says:

            Lol, if that’s what you think then, fine. I’ve got no love for Breitbart or anything of the like, but I know you’re itching to go there so have at it.

            My characterization of it as legislation is not correct, I can see that now, but it is part of a disturbing ongoing trend that leaves the definition of “hate speech” too broadly defined on the table. Considering that people are being called bigots for giving honest cirticism of religion, I don’t think it’s completely unwarranted to worry about overreach here.

          • OneEye says:

            you rather take away tim horton and and maple syrup?

          • Greg says:

            Oh you know something about the Mosque shooter? The rest of Canada does not. Trudeaus great cover up. As for the MP she’s a whiny Muslim. The exact reason we don’t want them here. I get threatened daily I don’t go crying about it. She should ask for a spine this Christmas…oh yea never mind.

          • LTJ says:

            You get threatened daily?

            Time for a change then: either the company you keep, or the attitudes you display.

            Once a month is far too often.

          • Greg says:

            Just the simple fact I like Trump, Harper and Le Pen gets a ton of hatred from the snowflakes. My point is that the mosque shooter story has disappeared. Why? All those cameras and we haven’t seen any footage? Hmm? As for the MP she is a whiny C U Next Tuesday. Which is typical for anyone that follows the Prophet Muhpedophile.

    • Sandy MacDonald says:

      Brilliantly spoken cant, with absolutely no supportive evidence for the proposition.

      Is the answer, “Said no serious political thinker ever?”

      “Free Speech” has always been carefully circumscribed; but you may certainly continue calling “Fire” in that crowded theatre of your imagination; for all the good that it will do you.

      • MM says:

        I’m perfectly aware of the “reasonable limits” on free speech. But there is a difference between speech that can reasonably be thought to cause harm in the way that yelling fire in a crowded theatre does, and legislating what can and cannot be said about a religion, especially when it comes to criticism. i think we’re operating in a space that is coming dangerously close to this.

        • Sandy MacDonald says:

          By “we’re operating in a space that is coming dangerously close to this”, are you referring to the recent massacre in Quebec by an alienated young man who was empowered by the ongoing hate speech by outlets like “The Rebel” – whose owner, Ezra Levant, is on court record testifying that he considers what he does more as “entertainment” than “journalism”; truth not being a consideration. Your meaning isn’t clear from your sentence.

          And thank you for climbing back off the “Free speech is the value by which all other values are negotiated, and we screw with it at our own peril.” ledge. Such cant is very unhelpful in an intelligent discussion.

          • MM says:

            Thanks for the preaching, that really helped.


            If the hate speech “empowered” this young man to committ awful acts, let’s talk about the hate speech trapped within the pages of holy books that serve for the inspiration of similarly disgusting acts. People have the power to think and act for themselves, and this kid clearly made the wrong choices based on views that were shitty. But we need to be counter those ideas, rather than trying to censor them. Just like we have to do with theocratic violence.

          • Sandy MacDonald says:

            “wrong choices”: I see you’re back to unsupported cant again – given that the young man wasn’t especially religious, so holy books don’t exactly come into it – except as an obligatory non-sequitor of a talking point.

            Your talking points are getting in the way of your logic; and your lovely liberal idea of “countering” ideas doesn’t work when platforms like Breitbart and The Rebel precisely do not allow dissenting voices to have any room whatsoever.

            Which theocracy would you like to overthrow first: “We The People”; the Throne; the Pope; the Sunnis; the Shias; the BJP, the Ismaelis; or the Dalai Lama? Myself, I kind of favour the Yellow Emperor’s model in simply burning all the books and starting again. Though – to be honest – Confucius just proceeded to recreate them from memory; so we might have to burn all the religious scholars as well.

          • OneEye says:

            i gues it ok make money to and fake website aka rebel way?

          • Greg says:

            Yes and listening to Black Sabbath makes kids commit suicide. Don’t be daft. The Rebel is responsible LOL.

  4. Fred22433 says:

    The Nazi salute isn’t racist.

    It’s totally freedom of speech to be able to signal “Heil Hitler!” in a crowded theatre.

  5. Bleb says:

    It’s over-amped garbage like this that Rebel will point to as proof that “the Left” is out to get them. Don’t make it so easy for them, Torontoist (and you in particular, Zach).

    • Fred22433 says:

      Video accurately reflects what happened there.

      Why are people so offended by a simple straight-arm salute?

      • Bleb says:

        Rebel Media and their supporters provide plenty of legitimate targets to be offended by. Islamophobia, their anti-science/education stance, the hypocrisy of supporting “Christian values” while being simultaneously opposed to any form of social assistance… the list is long.

        But defaulting to “Her arm is out! She’s a Nazi!” is petty, irresponsible and in this case, incorrect. For anyone who doesn’t feel like sitting through five minutes of video, the woman pictured is at the 2:14 mark. It’s clearly a show of support of the speaker, not a fucking sieg heil.

        This could’ve been an article about any one of the frighteningly ignorant things said by attendees at the rally, but instead it’s exactly the type of reactionary, fear-mongering idiocy that Rebel thrives on.

        Torontoist is (usually) better than this.

    • salvagesalvage says:

      Uh, anyone with sense should be out to “Get” Rebel and its fuckwit master Ezra. They’re human garbage and every time they open their hate-holes the rest of us need to shout them down.

      • Bleb says:

        For the record, I’m not pro-Rebel. I’m anti-sensationalist trash, which this article is.

        • salvagesalvage says:

          For the record it’s not sensationalist, it’s disturbing, those assholes want a Canadian Trump because they fear and loath anyone or anything that isn’t like them or that they don’t understand. Rebel is a puke funnel right to their pea brains and regular people need to know that.

      • Greg says:

        Hey do a march and hold a sign. Your a tool.

    • Roy says:

      Who gives a shit what the “rebel” does Bleb.

  6. Greg says:

    Nazis everywhere. You guys are nuts.

  7. jimbancroft says:

    what a bunch of delusional reporting and propaganda

  8. Writing Wrongs says:

    Never seen uglier people in my life.

  9. Kenny Roosevelt says:

    “They’re not Buddhists”…meanwhile in Myanmar: Buddhist terrorists are their biggest security concern. I find it hard to believe people so breathtakingly stupid and myopic came out of the same educational system as me. smh.

  10. Kenny Roosevelt says:

    Of course Levant is terrified. He’s been charged with Hate Speech before and got off because of laziness. A law like this would muzzle his ass once and for all, which is good because he’s the only “journalist” I know of who isn’t American who’s known to peddle in hatred AND peddling false information. Amazing how the two go hand in hand. smh.

  11. OneEye says:

    shae rather bash muslim hug jews

  12. OneEye says:

    wew rather hugs jews and christians over muslim under shane!

  13. Kenny Roosevelt says:

    All the stupid in this fucking video. I can’t.

    Thanking the media arm of a man who’s been widely known to disseminate FALSE info and spread hate for “telling the truth”…wtf?

    “I have an Asian wife, I can’t be racist”…as if Strom Thurmond didn’t conduct one of the longest filibusters in US history AGAINST civil rights for Black people, while having a “black” daughter he “loved” and was caring for. smh.

    I really, really, hate these people. Talk about living an unexamined life. smh.

  14. OneEye says:

    rebel rather hug bissonette

  15. King Zog says:

    Their boss, Ezra Levant, is actually Jewish.

  16. the stoner guy says:

    Typical left wing Anti White, Anti Christian terrorists. These sorts of monsters with their ‘journalism’, make it no mystery that they would be plenty proud if all White Christian’s were violently and savagely ethnically cleansed. Once more, this video is Anti White, Anti Christian, terrorist propaganda. These people who made this video, are absolute monsters and sociopaths. Their loyalty is to traitors, cowards and the monsters who are destroying the West