Toronto Could Get Its Own IMDb Page
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Toronto Could Get Its Own IMDb Page

Reel Toronto remains the best resource to see what's filmed in the city, though.

GIF of Scott Pilgrim via Toronto Mike

GIF of Scott Pilgrim via Toronto Mike

What Oscar-winning movies have been filmed in Toronto? What’s being shot right now? Has Kevin Bacon filmed something in the 6ix?

Today, City Council’s Economic Development Committee will consider a recommendation that the City “establishes and maintains” an IMDb page. The company is basically your one-stop shop for very trivial movie and TV queries from consumers, but it also serves a purpose as an industry trade hub.

The idea is that Toronto’s own IMDb page would serve as a site for the city to promote its film industry and generally extend its #brand.

It’s kind of ridiculous that this needs to be debated. If cities can set up their own page, including a 45-second video promoting Toronto like the recommendation, then it seems like a no-brainer, and City staff should be empowered to take the initiative on something like this. Lots of films and TV shows are shot here, they generate significant business, and they employ a lot of local talent and industries. Take a glamour shot of the city, add some quotes and trivia, pump up its rating with questionable user voting—the usual. Just do it.

But there’s another consideration here. Of all the City Hall committees that like to brag about what they’re doing, by the nature of its subject matter Economic Development does it the most. Nowhere is this more true than in supporting Toronto’s film industry. Movie posters of Toronto-shot Chicago (can you believe it won best picture?) and Cinderella Man can be seen on the first floor of City Hall, and industry events provide easy photo-ops too.

Toronto’s film industry is significant and deserves attention. An IMDb page is an easy and cheap way to get attention. But there are more substantial issues—how to support young local artists, for instance—and we shouldn’t lose sight of them while we’re celebrating Hollywood successes.