So-called "Big Bend" Subway Alignment Reportedly Won't Go Forward




So-called “Big Bend” Subway Alignment Reportedly Won’t Go Forward

But now Glenn De Baeremaeker is interested in a Sheppard subway extension.

Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre) concedes that a last-minute realignment proposal for the Scarborough Subway Extension won’t happen, reports Inside Toronto. The proposal for the $3.2-billion one-stop subway was colloquially called the “Big Bend” and was designed by a retired planner to create minimum disruption for local homes and businesses.

This route would be 280 metres longer, and likely more expensive. A report addressing Scarborough subway alignment details will be debated at the TTC Board meeting on January 18.

De Baeremaeker may have given up on the so-called Big Bend, but says he’s a “convert” to a subway extension on Sheppard, which he voted against in 2012. He argues that the additional cost to build a subway on Sheppard as opposed to an LRT would be “miniscule at best.” De Baeremaeker, who is John Tory’s appointed “subway champion” on council, used the same argument to introduce the Scarborough Subway Extension on Line 2; costs have since escalated dramatically.