Where Black Christmas Was Filmed in Toronto
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Where Black Christmas Was Filmed in Toronto

Featuring U of T, Scaramouche, and more.

2016_12_22-BC (640x355)

‘Tis the season to finally catch up and cover one of the classic Toronto flicks.

We probably haven’t gotten to Black Christmas before because there are relatively few locations to spot and they are fairly obvious. But it’s a Canadian classic and largely responsible for the entire “the call is coming from inside the house!” horror sub-genre, so it’s definitely worthy.

Black Christmas was directed by the late Bob Clark, who has just an amazing filmography. Granted, if you look at IMDB you’ll notice he made some absolute crap, but he’s responsible for this, one of the pre-eminent Canadian horror flicks (especially pre-Cronenberg), the rather broader Porky’s (which for decades held the title of profitable Canadian movie ever), and the locally shot A Christmas Story, arguably the only good Christmas movie (along with Die Hard and Gremlins and that’s it! Okay, maybe Elf?) Anyway, to recap: one slasher flick, one frat flick, one family flick. Each a “classic” of its genre…and 66.6 per cent of them are about Christmas.

2016_12_22-openingtitle (640x354)

Anyway, since most of Black Christmas takes place in a sorority house, that’s kinda the holy grail here.

2016_12_22-house-stairs (640x358)

It’s a private residence, so the usual caveats apply, but it’s hardly a secret so many years after the fact.

2016_12_22-house (640x360)

It’s at 6 Clarendon Crescent, a street so private even Google Streetview doesn’t go there. But it’s near Avenue and St. Clair, kinda tucked in behind where Scaramouche is.

2016_12_22-kidder (640x288)

And look who lives there! It’s a young Margot Kidder!

2016_12_22-martin (640x357)

And Andrea Martin!

2016_12_22-harthouse (640x360)

Most of the non-house action is at U of T. This…

2016_12_22-harthouse-pan (640x358)

…is obviously the Soldier’s Tower at Hart House.

2016_12_22-harthouse-uc (640x266)

You can see some of University College back there too.

2016_12_22-harthouse-int (640x344)

This room is also supposed to be in Hart House…

2016_12_22-seeleyhall-actually (640x343)

…but it looks like it’s actually in nearby Trinity College’s Seeley Hall.

2016_12_22-dullea (640x356)

And, plaid jacket and shaggy hair notwithstanding, that’s Canadian actor Keir Dullea playing a character rather more dynamic than his
best known role, 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s Dave Bowman.

2016_12_22-vicquad (640x356)

It’s a bit hard to tell at night, but this is the quad of Victoria University. Apparently they also shot some interiors at the Annesley Hall residence, but the building’s been hugely renovated since then.

2016_12_22-hockeyarena2 (640x388)

Hockey arenas tend to look more or less the same…

2016_12_22-arena-northtoronto (640x334)

…but the distinctive windows in this one suggest it’s actually the one at North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.

2016_12_22-mainstpolicestation (640x343)

Amazingly, we just saw this police station (which, come on, they kind of give it away) in Class of 1984. It used to actually be a police station but is now the 55 Community Centre in the Beach.

2016_12_22-street (640x343)

The police whip down this street pretty fast…

2016_12_22-street-reverse (640x339)

…but kudos to fuzzy, vintage street identifier (and Torontoist contributor) Sean Marshall, who pegged it as Lakeshore Boulevard near Islington (a stretch seen in several other films from the 70s and 80s, including Police Academy).

And that’s pretty much every location! Ten years ago they made one of those pointless remakes (it borrowed the title, anyway). Usually Toronto is pointless remake central (Hello, RoboCop! Hi there, Total Recall! Whazzup, Carrie?), but they shot that one in Vancouver, so who cares?

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