The December 2016 Toronto City Council Liveblog, Day Three (Rate-Supported Buget, Gardiner Cost Escalations)
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Normally on day three of council, the excitement has died down, in part because the most substantive issues are taken care of and councillors just want to get out of there. That will not be the case today.

There are 51 items left on the agenda, including two biggies. The rate-supported budget will be dealt with first, and there’s a bunch of details that councillors will try to address.

But council will also address the Gardiner today. Costs on the beleaguered and contentious urban highway construction project have already escalated by $1 billion. Some councillors will doubtlessly use it as an opportunity to try to re-open the issue, pointing out that there is a cheaper alternative available that now costs $1 billion less, and creates more jobs.

Will these motions pass? Nah, probably not. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth fighting for.

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December 15, 9:30 a.m.


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Video of council’s morning session