Where Season Three of The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)
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Where Season Three of The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto (Part One)

Take a vampiric bite out of the Big Apple—er, Toronto.

STrain (640x354)

Another 10 hours of exciting, vampiric, (and literally) post-apocalyptic, New York-set adventures just finished airing, and honourary Hogtowner Guillermo del Toro and his adept crew are already gearing up for a fourth season of The Strain. The third season gives us plenty to chew on, giving us not just a well-disguised, war-torn New York City but the added bonus of subtitles letting us know exactly where we aren’t.

(And, um, if you haven’t finished watching yet—spoiler alert!)

2016_11_18_1-queens-keltonSt-624 (640x353)

We find our hero, Eph, living out in Queens…

2016_11_18_1-queenshouse2 (640x358)

…actually, Durie Street in Runnymede. Alas, there does not seem to really be a Kelton Street.

2016_11_18_2-drivingRichmondOMD (640x354)

Eph then drives into town, along Richmond Street

x1-base-carpetfactory (640x348)

…ending up at their base of operations, which is down the road in Hamilton. It appears to be this handsome industrial area, on Landsdowne Street.

2016_11_18_1-drivingRichmond-backwards (640x359)

Speaking of Richmond Street, here it is again, looking not too different from the actual 54th Street.


It’s home to the Olympian Club…

2016_11_18_1-downtown-olympianclub-graphicarts (640x358)

…actually the Graphic Arts Building.

2016_11_18_1-olympian-int-carluorset (640x356)

Last season, the interior was played by the Carlu, but now it’s just an inspired-by set.

2016_11_18_1-54thmarket (640x352)

Also allegedly on 54th Street is this open air market…

x1-54th (640x352)

…filmed over in the Junction.

2016_11_18_1-MottSt-592gerrard (640x353)

Farther south in New York, but farther east here…

2016_11_18_1-MottSt-Galaxy (640x351)

…Chinatown’s famous Mott Street is played by Gerrard Street.

2016_11_18_1-chinatownraid-church (640x414)

This SWAT attack, also in Chinatown…

2016_11_18_1-chinatownraid-church2 (640x378)

…is on Bond Street, with St. Michael’s Cathedral hanging in the background there.

2016_11_18_1-greenwhichvillage-garage (640x351)

This garage…

2016_11_18_1-greenwhichvillage-uptop (640x357)

…and apartment block are definitely not in Greenwich Village…

2016_11_18_1-greenwhichvillage-earlst (640x352)

…but rather St. Jamestown.

2016_11_18_1-downtown-commercect (640x353)

Fett is following things from this command centre…

2016_11_18_1-commercect-wider (640x341)

…in front of Commerce Court.

2016_11_18_1-nypdplace (640x355)

The NYPD’s command centre…

2016_11_18_5-commandcentre (640x353)

…is just the Toronto Hydro headquarters, down in the Port Lands. Cadman Plaza is actually at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and is rather more urban.

2016_11_18_2-underpass (640x395)

A frequent third season location is this park on 15th Street…

2016_11_18_5-west15th-underpass (640x353)

…which is obviously Underpass Park (though the real 15th Street doesn’t seem to go under anything, except the High Line).

2016_11_18_2-williamsburg (640x353)

This tower is supposed to be in the hipster capital, Williamsburg…

2016_11_18_2-williamsburg (640x353)

…but it’s really CityPlace’s Luna condos.

2016_11_18_3-familiargym (640x354)

This distinctive gym pops up in a surprising number of productions…

2016_11_18_4-gym-eastminister (640x359)

…it’s in Eastminster United Church.

2016_11_18_4-victorybldg (640x350)

In case you’re bored spending all this time away from more locations on on Richmond Street, here we are, at the Victory Building.

2016_11_18_3-coneyisland-jetty (640x353)

The end of the third episode takes place on this jetty and marina…

2016_11_18_3-coneyisland (640x354)

…purportedly in Coney Island…

2016_11_18_3-ontarioplace (640x353)

…but actually at Ontario Place.

2016_11_18_5-stjamestown-probably (640x355)

Before, we had St. Jamestown playing lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. And here it is again…

2016_11_18_5-stjamestownconfirm (640x348)

…even though it doesn’t actually look much more like upper Manhattan than it does lower, but close enough.

2016_11_18_5-roof-reverse (640x350)

This rooftop has a pretend New York skyline…

x5-rooftop (640x356)

…and is actually just at the Unilever site. A lot of productions will be out of luck when that place finally gets redeveloped, man.

All that, and we’re only half-way through the season. There’s more to come!

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