Where Season Three of The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)
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Where Season Three of The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto (Part Two)

Featuring Cabbagetown, Roy Thomson Hall, and alleys.

strain2 (640x354)

There’s just so much New York-as-Toronto on display in The Strain, there was no way we could fit it all into one post. So here we go, wrapping the locations from season three!

2016_11_18_6-57th-alley-140pearl (640x350)

Resuming our adventures in episode six, we find ourselves in one of the city’s most cinematic service alleys, Pearl Street!

2016_11_18_6-57th-downstairs (640x360)

This staircase is just off to the left. It goes to the basement of the building that, when it fronts onto King Street, houses Il Fornello and those other restaurants.

x6-CentralPark (640x356)

This bicycle rental gazebo is supposed to be in Central Park…

2016_11_18_6-CentralPark-again (640x352)

…but it’s really in High Park.

2016_11_18_6-morehearnmaybe (640x349)

Okay, this picture is too dark to see much, but this power plant…

2016_11_18_8-hearn (640x357)

…where the Ancients have set up a lair…

2016_11_18_8-hearn (640x357)

…is the Hearn Generating Station.

2016_11_18_8-unileverdocks (640x349)

If you’re an afficianado of abandoned local industrial sites, you also recognize these loading docks…

2016_11_18_8-unilever (640x348)

…and this, as the ol’ Unilever site.


We saw this location back in the first season too, and it’s still pretty cool…

2016_11_18_7-camp2 (640x415)

…as this alleged concentration camp is the rarely seen North Toronto Wastewater Treatment Plant.

2016_11_18_7-airport (640x357)

Another first-season (indeed, first episode!) callback is “JFK Airport,” which is obviously Pearson (albeit in an auxiliary terminal near Terminal Three).

2016_11_18_7-directenergy2 (640x355)

And the interior is our biggest fake airport…

2016_11_18_7-directeergy-airport (640x358)

…the Ex’s Direct Energy Centre, which is apparently now called the Enercare Centre. Whatever.

2016_11_18_7-queens (640x355)

This entrance to the quarantine zone is down by the Port Lands…

2016_11_18_7-queensquarantine (640x352)

…but once we’re inside, we’re actually not in Queens…

2016_11_18_7-queensquarantine-westonjohn (640x364)

…but over in Weston.

2016_11_18_7-brightonbeach (640x343)

This random apartment building is one we just saw in Ricky Gervais’s Special Correspondents.

2016_11_18_7-birhgtonbeach-reverse2 (640x363)

It’s not in Brighton Beach, but rather in Cabbagetown. This reverse shot shows the Toronto Dance Theatre across the street.

2016_11_18_8-w32nd (640x350)

Obviously this isn’t West 32nd Street.

2016_11_18_8-w32-stonechurchdavenport (640x353)

It’s really on Davenport

2016_11_18_8-32-condoint (640x352)

…and then we go into this condo.

x8-onemorebar (640x355)

Contrary to the text there, this is the since-departed Valdez bar, on King West

2016_11_18_9-palmerfoundation-trinity-front (640x348)

Rather than central Queens

2016_11_18_8-palmerfoundation-int (640x356).

…the Palmer Foundation is right downtown at a car dealership at Trinity and Front Street.

2016_11_18_9-1KingWestboardroom-Natali (640x360)

Hey, episode nine is directed by awesome, local guy Vincenzo Natali!

2016_11_18_1-KingWest (640x357)

This flashback takes place in the very old school Chairman’s Boardroom of the Dominion Bank, now an event venue at 1 King West.

2016_11_18_10-columbuskingeddie-colborne (640x345)

This is just Colborne Street

2016_11_18_10-columbus3 (640x354)

…alongside the King Eddie.

2016_11_18_9-columbus-adelaideyork (640x351)

And this is Adelaide and York Street, though the real intersection is more brick than steel and glass.

x9-attackthing (640x346)

This episode also has a big attack at this industrial facility…

2016_11_18_9-attack2 (640x352)

…actually the Commissioner’s Road Transfer Station.

2016_11_18_10-batterypk-amsterdambrew (640x359)

Not Battery Park, on the south tip of Manhattan…

2016_11_18_10-batterypk2 (640x360)

…this is Harbourfront, with the Amsterdam BrewHouse on the left.

2016_11_18_10-rth (640x357)

We haven’t seen as much of it this season, but it’s been previously established that the lobby of the Stoneheart Building is merely the lobby of Roy Thomson Hall.

2016_11_18_10-stoneheart-ext-rth (640x351)

When a nuke goes off and we go outside into the orange-tinted haze…

2016_11_18_10-nuke-pecaut (640x352)

…we’re just outside…

2016_11_18_10-nuke (640x351)

…in David Pecaut Square.

And so endeth the third season of The Strain. Crews for season four are already at work creating a post-nuke NYC, so there’s at least a little more fun to be had.