Both Capybaras Captured, No One Knows Where to Sell Legal Weed, and Rick Mercer's Plane Ticket
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Both Capybaras Captured, No One Knows Where to Sell Legal Weed, and Rick Mercer’s Plane Ticket

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  • After more than a month, both capybaras have been caught, and are about to be reunited at the High Park Zoo. While the first capybara had been sighted and pursued by members of the community, the second capybara’s jail break had an unceremonious end, when she was found in a trap early Tuesday morning. It’s always sad to see the end of such an epic story of escape, but it’s good to know the large rodents are safe from predators and the cold.
  • With the pending legalization of pot, Ontario residents are deeply divided about to where to sell it. About one-third of residents said they want it to be sold out of pharmacies, one-quarter said they would prefer dispensaries, like the dozens that are currently operating in the city, and only one-fifth think selling weed out of the LCBO, an idea the government preferred, would be best. This is the first inclination that while many people will be happy with legal weed, the process will have just enough compromises to make everyone miserable.
  • If you’re buying clothes from Value Village and you find a piece of paper, don’t throw it out, because you might have stumbled on Rick Mercer’s plane ticket. A Reddit user claims that after picking up a blazer, he reached into the pocket and found a ticket from Windsor to Toronto belonging to “Richard Mercer.” It may be it’s a Jon Voight’s car situation, but whoever this ticket belongs to, it proves one fundamental truth: people love getting the heck out of Windsor.

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