One Capybara Captured, a Rat Boom in Toronto, and Giant Pandas Turn Eight Months Old
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One Capybara Captured, a Rat Boom in Toronto, and Giant Pandas Turn Eight Months Old

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  • After weeks of searching, one of the infamous High Park capybaras has been captured. It had been seen lounging in a drainage pond not far from the zoo it escaped from, and after the Toronto Wildlife Centre provided a big enough trap for the elusive rodent, it walked right in. While it’s the end of an epic 19-day journey for the capybara, it is now certainly safer—and we can still have our fun tracking and finding the other capybara still at large.
  • Thanks to a mild winter and ongoing construction projects, more and more rats are calling Toronto home. Some exterminators even say their business has picked up ten-fold thanks to the rodent boom. Not everyone thinks this a bad thing, though. One expert says that rats are much more likely to run away than bite, and that the public perception of them is unwarranted. For everyone else, rats are still kind of gross, and just because they’re not likely to bite you, doesn’t mean they’re not likely to chew through every cable in your home.
  • The baby giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo are eight months old today, and with this milestone comes a growing affection for bamboo, their natural food in the wild. Though bamboo is still a small part of their diet, the baby pandas are happy and healthy and continue to thrive at the Zoo. If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend entirely too much time watching this video the Zoo put out to celebrate little Jia Yueyue and Jia Panpan’s eighth month birthday.
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