Weekend Newsstand: April 16, 2016
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Weekend Newsstand: April 16, 2016

Happy weekend! Here's some news: the inquest into Andrew Loku's death was initiated in direct response to Black Lives Matter Toronto (remember that next time your dad says protesting doesn't accomplish anything), one man's quest to get back the money he made rain, City Council is cool on Uber, and PETA isn't happy that the Bowmanville Zoo owner won't be charged criminally.


Quick, someone print out a tweet and mail it to Jerry Agar: Black Lives Matter Toronto was instrumental in prompting the coroner’s office to move on an inquest into Andrew Loku’s death at the hands of a Toronto police officer. The coroner hasn’t identified the officers involved, which has been another of BLMTO’s demands, but they will be subpoenaed for testimony, which should begin around the end of this year. A coroner’s inquest is not intended to assign blame but is for fact-finding and can lead to recommendations to help prevent future similar incidents.

Anyone who read this Toronto Star story after attending Thursday’s Jays game might have had their heart broken twice by Chuck Molgat. Molgat, who was at the game with his daughter, says he got up to buy snacks when his wallet flew out of his hands and into the crowd below. Other attendees scooped up his money, but handed it back when he came down moments later. That’s disappointing enough, but then Molgat told the Star that he considered buying a “thank you” round of drinks for the people kind enough to hand back his money. While it certainly makes sense that he didn’t (who wants to spend that kind of money, especially on strangers), imagine being one of the people who had that money cruelly delivered to them from on high before being snatched away.

City Council’s Licensing and Standards Committee voted Friday evening 5-1 against legalizing Uber. It was a largely symbolic move, as the council will look into the issue later this month and the committee’s vote isn’t the final word on the matter. Nevertheless, the vote signifies that there is significant opposition to making Uber’s transition to a legal operation smooth or, in an extreme circumstance, possible at all.

Following the December release of a video of Bowmanville Zoo owner Michael Hackenberger apparently whipping a tiger (sent out by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and shot by an undercover member), the provincial animal cruelty watchdog has laid five counts relating to negligence and animal cruelty. PETA members are unhappy with the move, and say the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) should have charged Hackenberger criminally. OSPCA senior inspector Jennifer Bluhm said the charges laid are “the most appropriate in this case,” according to both the OSPCA and the Crown attorney.

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