We Made More Useful Posters for the TTC's Next Pedestrian Awareness Campaign
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We Made More Useful Posters for the TTC’s Next Pedestrian Awareness Campaign

We hope they're helpful.

Photo by why kei from Unsplash.

Our new and improved sign. Photo by why kei from Unsplash.

Original "Stay Focused" ad Original TTC "Stay Focused" ad

“Dark clothing can make it hard for motorists to see you at night.” “Be aware of your surroundings and cross at traffic signals or crosswalks.”

In the wake of a driver who blamed pedestrians in his “non-pology” for hitting a girl disembarking from a streetcar, the TTC’s recent pedestrian safety campaign struck many as similarly tone-deaf. Walk Toronto‘s Dylan Reid described it as “pedestrian blaming”. “Toronto Tells Pedestrians to Fix Their Clothes Instead of Fixing Its Streets,” reads the Gizmodo headline. Shortly after, the TTC’s Brad Ross tweeted that “the campaign had run its course”:

Because we at Torontoist are helpful and civic-minded, here are some ideas for what posters the transit agency can use next.

Photo from original ad.

Photo from original ad.

Pedestrian fatalities are a persistent problem, and in recent years Toronto traffic fatalities have outnumbered homicides. So look out on the road, will you?

Photo by why kei from Unsplash.

Photo by why kei from Unsplash.

It’s a true story, drivers should pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists, because they’re vulnerable users of the road. Now before we hear “but not all drivers!” remember that driving a multi-tonne vehicle that can accidentally kill your neighbour is a responsibility, and please be quiet.

The last mayor didn’t set a great example on this one. Please drive more responsibly than him.

Cyclists are people too! You may even know some. They’re probably the one who arrives at work on time, with somewhat disheveled hair.

Please leave giving away the door prize to your local stag and doe.

This should be easy! We believe in you!

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