Extra, Extra: Half of the GTHA Workforce Affected by Mental Health, GM Comes to TO, and Mandatory Breathalyzers


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Extra, Extra: Half of the GTHA Workforce Affected by Mental Health, GM Comes to TO, and Mandatory Breathalyzers

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  • A new report from CivicAction found that half of the work force in the GTA and Hamilton area suffers from some kind of mental health problem. The report also found that mental health-related problems are the number one reason people take short time off work. Though we’re sure companies have their employees best interests in mind all the time, the companies who do put profits over people have something to worry about too. Those mental health issues have massive cost in terms of productivity, costing an estimated $17 billion for the GTHA area over the next decade.
  • General Motors is opening a new Canadian headquarters in the eastern part of downtown Toronto. The headquarters, and eventually a dealership, will occupy the lot that the Cinespace Film Studio currently owns by Lake Shore and Leslie. What’s most exciting is GM might be looking to a get a little freaky with how they do business. GM execs claim the plan will suit the neighbourhood, and the company is looking to partner with local condo developers to make electric vehicles available on a rideshare basis. No deals have been made yet, but if the program ever materializes in Toronto, it will probably look something like the pilot partnership already underway in New York.
  • Alcohol Countermeasure Systems, a Toronto based company, wants to make breathalysers mandatory in all local establishments where alcohol is served. The company says they’re reacting to a Leger survey that found almost 30 per cent of respondents had driven while their blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. ACS has partnered with other advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving to help get pub and restaurant owners on board.
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