Unwined: The Best Wine to Pair With Your Brunch
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Unwined: The Best Wine to Pair With Your Brunch

You don't always need to go for the mimosa.

It’s best not to overcomplicate wine and food pairings. After all, for many people the ideal pairing for Sunday morning brunch is a mimosa. But with the right selection, there’s no need to dilute your wine on any occasion. Here we take a look at the upcoming vintages release to see there are a lot of reasons to skip the orange juice and find a perfect match for your eggs benny.


2010 Huff Estates Peter F. Huff Cuvée – Vintages 198758 – $40.00 – ****1/2 –

This is a killer bottle of sparkling wine. Simply put, sparkling wine is a swiss army knife when it comes to food pairing. It’s a no brainer that this will pair with any brunch. This gold medal winner at the 2015 Ontario Wine Awards is rich and complex and brings together apple, peach, and lemon, and has a nice caramel note on the finish. The finish on this wine is clean but vanilla and toast linger for a little while. The high acidity in this bottle will complement whatever is on your plate whether it’s the greasiest corn beef hash or the sweetest french toast.

2014 Gray Monk Gewurztraminer – Vintages 321588 – $19.95 – **** –

This is an off-dry Gewurztraminer, so the key to enjoying it is to match it with your salty and savory dishes. The signature of gewurz is a nose that smells like rose petal and lychee. The flavours on the wine very much match the nose with the perfumed rose petal filling your mouth completely. A popular pairing for gewurz is to match it with Asian cuisine of any sort. This will make a perfect brunch mate to Huevos Rancheros as the acidity, sweetness and floral aromas all help cut through the spice.

2014 Cave Spring Chardonnay Musqué – Vintages 246579 – $16.95 – ****

Chardonnay Musqué is something special. Light and crisp with apple and citrus notes, this wine has everything you expect from an Ontario Chardonnay, with an additional floral quality that pokes its way through. This wine has a nice creamy texture on the mid palate and the finish is bright, crisp, and clean, and reveals a nice mineral note. This is definitely not your buttery chardonnay. This will be a slam dunk with your eggs benny thanks to the bright acidity. But the layers of flavour also makes it a great pairing with french toast.


2014 Coyotes Run Pinot Gris – Vintages 450783 – $16.95 – ****+

This is an easy wine to match with any food. As opposed to a Gewurztraminer, which can kick you in the face with its intense floral and tropical flavours, Pinot Gris is summed up in one word: subtlety. The flavours in this wine will remind you of the fruit and yogurt platter I’m told some places serve on their bunch menu so try this with that (I wouldn’t know … I’ve never ordered one). You’ll encounter flavours of melon, apple, pear and lime with nice weight to the texture of this wine on the mid palate. Your instinct will be to gulp this wine because of the subtlety but let this one sit in your mouth for a moment to savour.

2012 Henry of Pelham Estate Riesling – Vintages 557165 – $17.95 – ****+

Riesling and Bacon. These words belong together. Great Riesling is the marriage of sweetness, acidity, fruit and mineral. This beautiful bottle from Henry of Pelham fits the bill perfectly. The sweetness cuts through the salt of the bacon. The acidity cuts through the fat. The flavours in this wine are all lemon and lime and the mineral notes are strong on the nose and on the finish. This is a food and wine pairing that is so good you will never crave a mimosa again.