Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast—Season 3
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Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast—Season 3

Toronto unleashes its primal New York, again.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

beauty2 (640x375)

Beasties, delight! Your favourite canoodling couple are back for another round of, well, canoodling, adventure, going primal, and pretending Toronto is New York City.

2016 3 24 2 openingstreet victoria (640x351)

So, right off the bat we find our two favourite detectives strolling down one of their preferred haunts…

2016 3 24 2 xingvictoria (640x357)

Victoria Street.

2016 3 24 2 onphone2 (640x353)

A little while later we find Vincent chatting on his cell phone…

2016 3 24 2 onphone vicpark (640x349)

…and strolling through this little urban park, just around the corner.

2016 3 24 3 centalpk fountain (640x349)

Catherine also goes for a stroll in Central Park…

2016 3 24 3 centralpk stjames (640x356)

…which is actually St. James Park.

2016 3 24 3 centralpk sniper (640x356)

She’s secretly being watched by a sniper…

2016 3 24 3 sniper2 (640x357)

…who appears to be perched atop the podium of the Vu condo tower, across the street.

2016 3 24 3 hospital ext2 (640x347)

When he’s not “going primal,” Vincent works as a doctor in a hospital and the interiors are sets…

2016 3 24 3 hospital ext (640x350)

…and if the exterior looks familiar, it’s because it’s the courtyard of the Vu, which we just saw.

2016 3 24 3 lounge stlawrence (640x350)

In the third episode, Catherine goes undercover as a call girl in this condo, with a view of St. Lawrence Hall out the window. That’s right it’s the condo that keeps on giving, the Vu again.

2016 3 24 4 outsidealley (640x355)

Some more cellphoning here.

2016 3 24 4 outsidealley reverse (640x355)

This industrial area is on Fraser Avenue.

2016 3 24 4 rubinek (640x359)

We always like it when cool Canadian actors show up on American TV. It’s Saul Rubinek!

2016 3 24 4 mchattie (640x355)

And Stephen McHattie!

2016 3 24 7 eastwood (640x352)

And Jayne Eastwood!

2015 03 31 13 joey

And Pat Mastroianni!

2016 3 24 4 cityhall (640x356)

There’s lots of quicky, scene-setting “New York” images that flash by, like this one, of a cab going along University by City Hall.

2016 3 24 4 fancyparty5 (640x354)

This fancy party…

2016 3 24 4 fancyparty2 (640x345)

…was shot at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.

2016 3 24 5 ossington subay (640x352)

Episode five is fun because murder most foul takes place in Greenwich Village, played by a dolled-up Ossington Avenue, complete with a fake subway station.

2016 3 24 5 cantuccio ext ossington humbert (640x349)

The characters hang out a lot in a local cafe, Il Cantuccio, which is just a set but the exterior here is at Ossington and Humbert.

2016 3 24 5 greenwichvillage stlilossington pedalstop (640x349)

This location is right nearby and is now The Pedal Stop.

2016 3 24 5 greenwich reverse (640x352)

…and kitty corner you see the Venezia Bakery.

2016 3 24 5 ossington bohmer (640x350)

Fancy resto Bohmer is here…

2016 3 24 5 resto bohmer (640x353)

…and that’s actually where the murder is.

2016 3 24 7 falls (640x357)

In episode seven we head down to Niagara Falls…

2016 3 24 7 tablerock fakeentrance (640x358)

…though you can’t actually get a shotgun marriage at Table Rock House. We ain’t Vegas, yo.

2016 3 24 7 churchacrossfromwedding stclements (640x356)

Wedding bells are also ringing this season and we see a church exterior here, actually the Anglican St. Clement’s Church in midtown.

2016 3 24 8 church ext subway standrews (640x352)

When Vincent and Catherine start prepping for their wedding…

2016 3 24 8 church ext2 simcoe (640x352)

…the exterior shots are of St Andrew’s, downtown.

2016 3 24 8 church onemore (640x351)

But the interiors…

2016 3 24 8 church3 (640x350)

…are back at St. Clement’s.

2016 3 24 8 police2 (640x348)

And back downtown again, the wedding limo is parked at Pearl and Simcoe and that police station is really a Firkin pub.

2016 3 24 8 limo emilyst (640x350)

And still in the same neighbourhood is this confrontation…

2016 3 24 8 limo kingstw2 (640x352)

…on Emily, at King.

2016 3 24 11 gala (640x355)

This fancy, shmancy gala…

2016 3 24 11 gala museum (640x351)

…is obviously at our own Gardiner Ceramic Museum.

2016 3 24 11 rendezvous roof royalyork (640x348)

Vincent has a clandestine meeting on this rooftop, which we can tell is the Royal York…

2016 3 24 11 rendezvous pan strathconahotel (640x348)

…with a little help from this shot…

2016 3 24 11 rendezvous pan2 (640x350)

…of the adjacent Strathcona Hotel.

2016 3 24 11 ending street (640x355)

The final scene of the 11th episode..

2016 3 24 11 streetcloser (640x349)

…finds our happy couple strolling down this lovely street…

2016 3 24 11 street manulifecartier (640x352)

…which we can just make out as Bloor Street, thanks to the awnings at the Cartier store. And, hey, another fake subway entrance! Wouldn’t you like one of those for your front yard?

2015 03 31 12 hitnrun

Then Episode 12 opens with a hit-and-run. It’s tightly framed and dark but you can juuuust make out the Exhibition Place fire station at the back there, putting us on Saskatchewan Road, in front of Muzik.

2015 03 31 12 hockey

We already know that the good old old hockey game is the best game you can play…

2015 03 31 12 hockey2

…and now we know this one…

2015 03 31 12 hockey ricoh

…takes place at the Ricoh Coliseum.

2015 03 31 12 metrunited2

And a little more churchiness…

2015 03 31 12 metrounited

…this time at Metropolitan United.

2015 03 31 12 metrounited2

We also see it from the outside…

2015 03 31 12 metroext note2cabs

…but producers take note, the effort to put yellow NYC cabs in the background is wasted when red Toronto cabs are right beside them.

2015 03 31 13 berczy2

We’ve previously established that Catherine’s residence…

2015 03 31 13 berczy3

…is in the Flatiron Building…

2015 03 31 13 berczy4

…and so she meets Vincent here, outside in Berczy Park.

2015 03 31 13 metrohall

Similarly, we’ve long established the exteriors of the local Homeland Security franchise are just Metro Hall.

2015 03 31 13 homelandmlsquare

These obviously-not-NYC skyline shots…

2015 03 31 13 homeland rogers

…of the interior, complete with Rogers Centre in the background…

2015 03 31 13 homeland3

…seem to place us in the towers at Maple Leaf Square.

2016 3 24 11 alley3 (640x357)

We’ve previously seen the exterior of the Gentlemen’s Club hideout is the Latvian House, on College. This alley is supposed to be behind it but it’s actually across town, just off Colborne Street.

2015 03 31 13 hospital ext mtrohall

In the season finale, we find ourselves back at the hospital but this “West Lobby” entrance is also Metro Hall.

2015 03 31 13 hospitalroof

When Vincent runs out on the rooftop parking lot…

2015 03 31 13 hospitalroof2 victoriagreenp

…we can see St. Michael’s Hospital in the back, making this the big Green P lot at Victoria and Queen.

2015 03 31 13 hostpialouch


2015 03 31 13 nypd notadelaide

In roughly the same neighbourhood….

2015 03 31 13 nyped 100lombard

…this police station is on Lombard Street. Random trivia: Precincts in Brooklyn actually go up to 94 and then start again at 100 in Queens. That means that as with the delightful “Nine-Nine,” the 95th Precinct does not actually exist.

This summer will see the airing of one last season of Beauty & the Beast before they leave us for good. Enjoy it while it lasts, and let’s keep an eye open in case they auction off those fake subway entrances when they’re done!