Vandalist: Daily Smile



Vandalist: Daily Smile

A much needed dose of mid-February positivity.




BY: Bareket Kezwer
LOCATIONS: Yonge and Bloor, Queen and Spadina, and Roncesvalles and High Park
PHOTOS BY: Bareket Kezwer
FIELD NOTES: Apparently the theme of February Vandalist is positivity! First it was Lovebot’s group hug, and now it’s the #365daysofsmile project. Every day of 2016 local artist/designer Bareket Kezwer will give our cityscape a new sticker featuring a lovely smile! If ever there was a time that cheer was needed it’s now. Bareket started her SMILE project when she was getting her degree in graphic design and has been spreading it across the globe ever since. As she says, “With each SMILE I want to create joy and remind people that it feels good to be happy. By sharing the work publicly, I try to connect with as many people as possible around my message of positivity and use each beautiful prompt to grow the collective conversation about the power of gratitude and optimism.” Sounds good to us!

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