Reel Toronto: Spotlight
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Reel Toronto: Spotlight

Nominated for six Oscars, the Boston-centric movie owes its shooting locations to Toronto.

2016 01 20 spotlight (640x334)

‘Tis the season of the Oscars and it’s been a while since our fair city had such a prominent role. Room was not only shot here, but it won the coveted audience award at TIFF. Spotlight, another multiple nominee, despite being awash in the Boston-ness of its setting, was also largely filmed here.

Not since Good Will Hunting (itself the earner of some Oscar gold), has a film so deftly used local locations while pretending to be Beantown. Thanks to a bit of assistance turning this around so quickly, we have the scoop on where they shot.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, some of this might constitute minor spoilers though, like, it’s a real story that broke 14 years ago, and all. But you’ve been warned!

2016 01 20 globe (640x334)

So, as you probably know, the story concerns the team of investigative reporters at the Boston Globe who exposed the sytematic abuse of children by priests in Boston, and the church’s cover-up. Obviously this exterior is really the Boston Globe

2016 01 20 newsroom (640x333)

…but this newsroom is a very extensive set, built at the old Sears facility on Islington Avenue. Yes, the same one where Fordfest once took place.

On a sad note, those cubicles once housed Globe and Mail staff. The Toronto-based paper sold 100 of them to the production for $5,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

2016 01 20 policestation2 (640x265)

The film’s opening scene takes place in a police station…

2016 01 20 policestation street (640x333)

…which we also see a bit from the outside, complete with a Toronto street sign there in the back. We’re actually inside an outside the old 11 Division, in the Junction, on Mavety Street.

2016 01 20 boston (640x334)

Another deceptive interior/exterior here as Mark Ruffalo chases Stanley Tucci down State Street, in Boston…

2016 01 20 69yonge (640x339)

…and then they find themselves inside 69 Yonge Street.

2016 01 20 goldendiner (640x335)

The pair also has a dinner here, at Carlton Street’s Golden Diner.

2016 01 20 galaballroom royalyork (640x332)

But the reporters also move in more powerful circles. This Catholic Charities gala…

2016 01 20 royalyork ballroom2 (640x331)

…was filmed at the Royal York Ballroom.

2016 01 20 dbar fourseasons (640x336)

Michael Keaton meets with its president…

2016 01 20 bar reverse (640x346)

…at the Park Hyatt’s chi-chi Roof Lounge …

2016 01 20 ProvidenceResto Trump (640x332)

…and meets with a former schoolmate not actually in Providence, Rhode Island, but at the Bay Street Mercatto, with the Trump Hotel visible across the street…

2016 01 20 scarboroughgolfcoruse (640x337)

…and with a lawyer pal out on the greens of the Scarboro Golf and Country Club.

2016 01 20 tundra (640x336)

Not one to be enjoying any particular four-star hotel…

2016 01 20 tundra2 (640x335)

…Keaton also breaks bread with Liev Schreiber at the Hilton’s Tundra.

2016 01 20 pickeringcomfortinn (640x332)

At the other end of the scale, Mark Ruffalo’s character is sent down to Miami to cover a 9/11 story but in real life the actor only got to venture as far as the Pickering Comfort Inn.

2016 01 20 cafebrasilisano (640x337)

Another local eatery that gets some brief Hollywood love is Caffe Brasiliano.

2016 01 20 oldcityhall (640x338)

When Ruffalo and local gal Rachel McAdams, who received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for this role, go hunting for court records…

2016 01 20 oldcityhall2 (640x337)

…they’re at Old City Hall…

2016 01 20 sopinkacourthouse (640x335)

…but these courtroom scenes were shot down the QEW…

2016 01 20 sopinkacourts (640x339)

…in Hamilton’s John Sopinka Courthouse.

2016 01 20 bayadelaide2 (640x332)

Billy Crudup’s flashy lawyer character…

2016 01 20 bayadelaide (640x336)

…works at the appropriately flashy Bay Adelaide Centre.

2016 01 20 newmancentre (640x333)

Of course, you can’t make a movie like this without lots of churches and church-type locales too. Liev Schreiber’s Globe editor meets with Cardinal Bernard Law…

2016 01 20 newmancentre2 (640x336)

…at the Newman Centre, at U of T.

2016 01 20 stbasils (640x334)

Near the end is a montage where Mark Ruffalo watches a children’s choir…

2016 01 20 stbasisls2 (640x337)

…across campus, at St. Basil’s.

2016 01 20 church stpaulsrunnymede (640x336)

McAdams goes to church with her mom…

2016 01 20 church2 (640x337)

…at the more neighbourhood-scale St. Paul’s (Runnymede).

Time will soon tell if Spotlight brings home any Oscars, but if it does, just remember you don’t have to sit still for any of that Boston Pride stuff; they couldn’t have done it without us.

Thanks to a reader for pointing out two locations that have now been updated: the bar at the Park Hyatt and Mercatto, on Bay Street. We’ve also added one additional location, the Pickering Comfort Inn.