Front Page Challenge: January 19, 2016
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Front Page Challenge: January 19, 2016

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies.

Note: between details on cops vs. cops, combat missions, and Toronto’s Deadly Streets, this week’s Front Page Challenge contains some pulse-pounding information. Take special care if you are reading this above the 25th floor.

globe jan 19
The Globe and Mail

The Globe‘s main feature this morning is a family portrait of Washington Post foreign correspondent Jason Razaian, who was held hostage in Iran for nearly 18 months until his release from captivity over the weekend. The other main story of the day concerns Canada’s exclusion from a meeting of the “significant contributors” in the US-led coalition on how to step up the fight against ISIS. Canada’s defense minister insists this snub has nothing to do with the Trudeau government’s pledge to end our commitments to the air war in the region (which hasn’t actually happened yet anyway). The Globe is the only paper that features details of the sudden shutdown of all Goodwill stores in and around Toronto on Sunday on the front page, which the CEO attributes to high rents and “union staffing rules”.

post jan 19
National Post

The Polish army finally lands the cover of the National Post, with a photo of their military exercises accompanying a cover story about the country’s new right-wing government “The Law and Justice Party” is heading for a showdown with the rest of the European Union over their unilateral imposition of new laws governing Poland’s public broadcasters and courts. Also on the front page, an article also featured on some of the other front pages today on the correlation between living in high-rises and heart attacks; according to a study of 8,000 cases of heart attacks in the GTA, the higher your floor, the less likely your survival of cardiac arrest at home, with a zero per cent survival rate for those living above the 25th floor. There’s a big downside to those great views.

star jan 19
Toronto Star

“TRUDEAU’S OLDEST FAN,” the top story of the day from the Star, concerns a woman who is about to turn 120 years of age (making her the second-longest lived person in human history) and her heartfelt wish to meet Justin Trudeau, as well her wish to get special permission for her grandchildren in Haiti to receive special permission to come see her one last time. Will the Prime Minister pass this latest test of his so-called Sunny Ways? Will the Star Get Action? The headline “New Law Could Keep Kids Out Of Summer Camps” provides brief hope to kids who hate summer camp, but the article reveals this law would only apply to camps without a daycare license that takes in pre-schoolers.

metro jan 19
Metro Toronto

John Tory makes the front page of the Metro today alongside a checklist of what’s in and out of his budget proposal, and attention is paid to yet another jaywalking fatality on Sunday night, in a new hopefully not-regular feature called ‘Toronto’s Deadly Streets’. Two bad ideas also make the front page—an open challenge to Toronto’s citizens to perform yoga on subway trains, and a story on the Prime Minister’s spouse’s performance of an original song at an MLK event in Ottawa; the headline pun chosen here unfortunately plays on the title of the Meryl Streep film where she was forced to choose which of her children to spare from death at a concentration camp.

Toronto Sun

sun jan 19
Joe Warmington gets the front page this morning with a preview of his new action thriller COP VS COP, a pulse-pounding drama about a renegade deputy chief who risks his gun and badge after taking on the top brass. When will the chief realize that this maverick deputy’s unorthodox tactics GET RESULTS? Hopefully, like in the upcoming Batman V. Superman, these two heroes will join forces and take on a common enemy but until then we’re on the edge of our seats! The Sun also reveals that a haircut in Toronto during the Pan-Am Games cost $140,000 (fortunately now that the games are over, haircuts in this city are back to a more affordable price). In an attempt to atone for seemingly being the only newspaper in the country that didn’t put David Bowie on the cover last Tuesday, this week the Sun tersely acknowledges the passing of another rock & roll legend by plainly stating “Eagles’ Frey Dead”. In a neat reversal of fortune, the Sun is the only one of Toronto’s papers that put up a picture of Glenn Frey on the front page this morning.

This week’s winner: In terms of sheer drama that grabs you from the first moment and never lets you go, Joe Warmington’s COP VS COP wins it for the Sun this week.