Extra, Extra: Tumbleweed on SmartTrack's Western Spur, a Drake Colouring Book, and Davenport Rail Bridge Opposition



Extra, Extra: Tumbleweed on SmartTrack’s Western Spur, a Drake Colouring Book, and Davenport Rail Bridge Opposition

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From his campaign, John Tory’s SmartTrack might look very different if and when it’s implemented.

  • John Tory’s SmartTrack received mixed news today as expert reports show the controversial Western Spur from Mount Dennis to the airport does not have the support to continue. The mayor touted other SmartTrack numbers that showed higher than expected ridership, and said that the reports provide the “clarity to move ahead with SmartTrack with clarity and with confidence.” However, the optimistic numbers Tory’s allies cited were based on five minute headways, $3.25 fares, and the full 53 kilometre route (that includes the Western Spur); each of these assumptions faces significant obstacles.
  • In Drake news, you can now purchase a colouring book of the 6ix God himself. Maybe you’d like nothing better than to relax with Drake’s understanding and illustrated gaze? Maybe you’d like to see what October’s Very Own would look like with polka dot pants? Fortunately, we live in 2016, and you can do both of those things. The unofficial Drake colouring book—there is no officialDrake colouring book—features 15 illustrations over 32 pages. It’s available for £7.00.
  • Local Liberal MPP Cristina Martins pledged her opposition to Metrolinx’ proposed Davenport Rail Bridge at a community meeting last night. In response to community criticism, Metrolinx recently changed their proposal to shorten the length of exposed track and include more community amenities. The changes increased the projected cost from $140 million to $200 million. The Davenport Rail Bridge is necessary to double existing GO capacity from Barrie, a key regional transportation initiative. Council recently voted to oppose the project, and local councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 18, Davenport) has expressed concerns with the lack of consultation. Metrolinx says that the project needs to go forward imminently or else it will cause delays on related initiatives.

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