Extra, Extra: The $2.5 Billion Subway Stop, the Police Chief's Complaint, and Grimes Makes Bay Lower Wonderful




Extra, Extra: The $2.5 Billion Subway Stop, the Police Chief’s Complaint, and Grimes Makes Bay Lower Wonderful

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  • Remember the Scarborough subway debate? Yeah, well we’ll probably go through that again. The proposed three stop Scarborough subway could be reduced to one stop, according to reports from the Globe and Star. According to not-yet-released staff reports, one option for the Scarborough subway would only see one stop at Scarborough Town Centre, which would save around $1 billion from the currently-budgeted $3.56 billion project. The savings would then go into extending the Eglinton Crosstown LRT east for 12 kilometres. This would include 17 stops and reach Malvern, a low-income neighbourhood poorly served by current transit options. The staff report will go to city hall’s Executive Committee next week.
  • The former chair of the Police Services Board has filed a formal complaint against Police Chief Mark Saunders. Alok Mukherjee, who served on the board from 2005 to 2015, alleges Saunders “deliberately” and “maliciously” misrepresented what he wrote about the police force’s track record on implementing reforms. Saunders told the Star that Mukherjee made inaccurate statements in a NOW op-ed. When asked to describe what specifically was inaccurate, Mukherjee did not receive a direct response.
  • Grimes, who is not to be confused with the councillor for Ward 6, has a new music video that uses a mysterious TTC station. Shot in the disused Bay Lower station, the video for “Kill V. Maim” features the Vancouver-based artist singing and dancing in front of bright red TTC benches. We can’t visit Bay Lower station, but we really hope it’s where Grimes’ costumed and kickass squad always hangs out, because that would be wonderful.

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