Reel Toronto: The Strain—Season Two (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: The Strain—Season Two (Part Two)

Guillermo del Toro's vampire hunters continue their trek, everywhere from Germany to New York City to, um, Mississauga.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 12 10 12 strain Carlu (640x349)

Here we are, back to finish off the second half of the second season of The Strain‘s zombie-infested parade though our streets.

2015 12 10 7 bar cadillaclounge (640x362)

So, hitting the ground running with Episode 7, we find Eph visiting a bar, a couple of times.

2015 12 10 7 cadillac later (640x358)

It’s our very own Cadillac Lounge, which is becoming quite a TV star, having also appeared in the likes of Alphas and Beauty and the Beast.

2015 12 10 7 unilever (640x354)

Here we have Vasiliy Fet and and Abraham Setrakian breaking in…
2015 12 10 7 unilever2 (640x349)

…to the old Unilever factory.

2015 12 10 8 alley1 (640x353)

This alley was tricky to nail down…

2015 12 10 8 backalley cntower (640x355)

…but you can rather easily make out our skyline in the back, placing us somewhere east of downtown.

2015 12 10 8 llbo 222queene (640x358)

But we do get some clues in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, where our merry band of vampire hunters spend much of their time.

2015 12 10 8 queeneast2 (640x349)

This is really out on Queen East, however. And the alleyway is actually McFarrens Lane.

2015 12 10 8 compound chimney (640x352)

There’s a huge battle that takes place at this quarantine zone…

2015 12 10 8 compound (640x355)

…shot down in the Port Lands.

2015 12 10 9 portlands (640x349)

This “Erie Basin” scene is obviously supposed to be nearby, but the silos easily identify it as Bathurst Quay.

2015 12 10 9 roof 67mowat(640x355)

The climax of Episode 9 takes place in the dark at this industrial area…

2015 12 10 9 smokestack (640x347)

…it’s hard to say for sure but the smokestack sure makes it look like the old Toronto Carpet Factory in Liberty Village.

2015 12 10 10 metcalfe not (640x353)

Back in the daylight, we find ourselves in Brooklyn

2015 12 10 10 metcalfestreet (640x358)

…though it’s really Metcalfe Street.

2015 12 10 10 washheights (640x366)

Similarly, we venture up to Washington Heights…

2015 12 10 10 connaught jameson (640x352)

…to find this this apartment, The Connaught…

2015 12 10 10 washheights 223jameson (640x350)

…which is really this building, at Queen and Jameson.

2015 12 10 10 sniperscop royalyork (640x350)

The exterior of the Neuman Vogel Hotel, where New York’s power brokers are holed up, is clearly the side entrance of the Royal York…

2015 12 10 10 royalyork int (640x349)

…but the interiors…

2015 12 10 10 interior reveres (640x353)

…are down at the Liberty Grand.

2015 12 10 12 chief libertygrandfoyer (640x352)

You can see it a bit better here, when the police chief gets an unwelcome visitor. It actually threw us a bit, because, as you may recall, this exact space appeared as a Viennese hotel in the first half of the season.

2015 12 10 11 germanresto oldmillmaybe (640x353)

Hey, speaking of European flashbacks, we get one of those here too! This restaurant…

2015 12 10 11 germany oldmill ext (640x356)

…and this quaint German village…

2015 12 10 11 oldmillandcgi (640x351)

…were all shot at the Old Mill.

2015 12 10 10 sniper reverse (640x346)

Going back to the Royal York for a moment, As you can see here…

2015 12 10 10 sniperscope (640x358)

…Ephraim is perched across the street ready to do some sniping.

2015 12 10 10 sniper 355kingw (640x347)

But some triangulation based on the view behind him shows he’s not really near the Royal York.

2015 12 10 10 snipercondo hyatt (640x348)

He seems to be on top of the old Westinghouse building, which is currently undergoing a major redevelopment.

2015 12 10 10 sniperescape ext reverese adelaide (640x357)

After he does the shooting there’s a chase here, down Adelaide.

2015 12 10 10 steinway (640x350)

Trying to cover every borough in one episode, it seems, we also go out to Queens.

2015 12 10 10 steinway acadia (640x346)

But this old book shop ain’t in Queens, it’s really Acadia

2015 12 10 10 steinway acadia queen (640x355)

…on Queen Street.

2015 12 10 10 acadia int (640x348)

They shot inside as well.

2015 12 10 11 bridge probablycherry (640x350)

Cherry Street’s always popular with the film crews.

2015 12 10 11 bridge (640x359)

This Bronx bridge is really this one, on Cherry Street, just down the street from the site of the famous tire-changing in A Christmas Story.

2015 12 10 12 church fakebridge (640x355)

The exteriors of this handsome church may actually be in New York (though that bridge looks rather dropped in)…

2015 12 10 11 church2 (640x356)

…but the interiors aren’t.

2015 12 10 11 rooseveltislandchurch (640x359)

They’re shot down on Queen Street…

2015 12 10 13 berkleystchruch (640x351)

…at the Berkeley Street Church.

2015 12 10 11 royalyork differenthotel (640x351)

And now we have the front of the Royal York playing a totally different hotel than the one the side of it played just a few pics ago.

2015 12 10 12 carlu rainbowroom (640x348)

This (also seen way up top) is likely supposed to be New York’s famous Rainbow Room, but it’s our own Carlu, which was also designed by Jacques Carlu, and first too.

2015 12 10 12 misscityhall (640x352)

These fancy headquarters, with the huge staircase…

2015 12 10 12 cityhall mississauga (640x351)

…and impressive council chamber, are actually Mississauga City Hall.

2015 12 10 12 misscityhall probably (640x349)

They also shot the exterior…

2015 12 10 12 cityhall rabba livingartsdr (640x351)

…which is why you can see a Rabba.

2015 12 10 13 fakeskyline (640x358)

The season finale was shot by local director Vincenzo Natali, who also directed a good chunk of the recent season of Hannibal. We don’t wanna, you know, spoil it for you but we’ll tell you that this skyline isn’t real…

2015 12 10 13 portlands (640x359)

…and it was clearly filmed over in the Port Lands.

With Hannibal wrapped, The Strain is now our most important source of gore-splattered location spotting. We can all heave a sigh of relief as it’s already been renewed for a third season.