Torontoist Week in Review: November 9-13, 2015
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Torontoist Week in Review: November 9-13, 2015

A lot happens in the course of a workweek. Here’s a look back at the top stories from the past five days that you might have missed or might care to revisit.

20130901 Lovebot Toronto 680 Photo by Corbin Smith 640x426

Relief Line: Your Guide to Toronto’s Hottest New Neighbourhoods

Relief Line is your not-so-serious guide to Toronto’s newest neighbourhoods; and by newest, we mean completely facetious. This edition features Little Liechtenstein, South-by-Southwest Queen Street West and Canvasser Town.

From the article:

Do you have a minute? Yes? Great! That’s all the time you need to learn about Canvasser Town or what was formerly known as “Downtown.” First off, what do you know about this up-and-coming community? Nothing? No problem! The young, clipboard-wielding residents are happy to fill you in. Maybe you don’t have time to hear their casual but earnest pleas? Again, no problem! You can just leave your personal information and a good time to for them to call you back and they’ll contact you at home. So now that you know what Canvasser Town is all about, can we maybe count on you for a small donation of—hey, don’t walk away! Please! Dammit. That felt like a sale.

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Pediatric Clinic Opens in TDSB School, Seeks to Make Healthcare More Accessible for Regent Park

A newly opened pediatric clinic inside Nelson Mandela Park Public School will provide more accessible healthcare for Regent Park families. We spoke with physicians and local residents to examine the clinic’s goals, including a focus on developmental health.

From the article:

Because of the types of referrals Dr. Freeman and her colleagues received at Spruce Court Public School, the team chose to make this new clinic at Nelson Mandela especially focused on developmental health. For example, this clinic is specifically focused on treating developmental challenges like ADHD and autism.

“When the clinic first started, the idea had been to provide a broad range of services to children in the community using the school-based health model. And then Dr. Green and Dr. Freeman realized that much of the need was developmental. So the services have become a little more tailored to that,” says developmental pediatrician Ripudaman Minhas.

“Some families are a little more apprehensive about going into a larger hospital setting. Children and parents say they do feel more comfortable here. They also say they like the idea of educators and healthcare providers working together.”

A record from the TPL's vinyl collection  Photo courtesy of DJ Agile

A record from the TPL’s vinyl collection. Photo courtesy of DJ Agile.

Vinyl 101: The Toronto Reference Library Unpacks the Vinyl Boom

This week marked the first in a series of events centring on the Toronto Reference Library’s vinyl record collection. Vinyl 101 allowed patrons to browse the massive collection, in addition to talks about the ins and outs of record shopping and turntable usage.

From the article:

Ideally, the event will serve to educate attendees about the basics of vinyl records (if they’ve yet to become properly immersed), and to provide an opportunity to peruse the collection itself.

Sax says he’s excited to see what people will gravitate towards. “[The collection is] so vast [that] we only scratched the surface,” he says. In his limited exploration thus far he lists a recording of JRR Tolkien’s poetry and a 1980s album of Toronto street buskers as personal favourites.

A new Canadian swears the oath of citizenship  Photo by asianz from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

A new Canadian swears the oath of citizenship. Photo by asianz from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

A Faster Gateway to Canadian Immigration

FastGate is a new online program that aims to simplify Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) application process by taking multiple paper forms and creating a single web form. We spoke with its co-creator Myles Kaufman to get an idea of what the program has to offer.

From the article:

The FastGate platform is the brainchild of law student Myles Kaufman and developer Cody Wong, born after Kaufman edited a colleague’s master’s thesis on immigration policy. He found it odd that there were so many potentially easy-to-solve application barriers in the Canadian immigration system.

“I started researching the process of how people make applications to come to Canada, and saw that it was incredibly difficult, even for a law student,” Kaufman said. “The questions were worded in such a way that you would almost need legal advice in order to know what to do.”

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The Math Behind Minimum Grid

Minimum Grid is an initiative led by Cycle Toronto that uses local activism to build political support for technical solutions to cycling infrastructure in Toronto. We break down the nuts and bolts of the initiative, and the funding that would be necessary to see its goals become a reality.

From the article:

Minimum Grid calls for 100 km of bike boulevards on residential streets and 100 km of protected lanes on main roads. The combination of coverage in both residential neighbourhoods and high-traffic areas is intended to improve the crucial last kilometre of any journey: it is at this point that cyclists typically make the transition from well-used bike routes to uncertain on-street conditions to reach their final destinations.

The term “minimum grid” was coined by Gil Penalosa, international active transportation advocate and Toronto resident, and the campaign has found support among 25 of 44 city councillors. However, one year into council’s mandate and with a new budget just around the corner, now is the time to assess the current state of the city’s bike lanes.