Reel Toronto: The Strain—Season Two (Part One)
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Reel Toronto: The Strain—Season Two (Part One)

From present-day New York City to mid-century Vienna, The Strain travels all around Toronto, between all the bloodletting.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 12 03 1 strain2 (640x359)

Guillermo del Toro has practically become on honorary Torontonian with all the productions he’s hosted here, dating back to his first film, Mimic, but especially since setting up shop for Pacific Rim.

Key to his 416-centric enterprise is The Strain, his icky-horror-vampire-virus TV series, the second season of which recently finished airing on your local cable provider. Set primarily in New York City, but occasionally in Washington, DC and even parts of Europe, the production really gets around town.

2015 12 03 1 backatmassey (640x353)

One of the fun things about The Strain is that it pretty much always tells you exactly where you aren’t. Right off the top, for example, we revisit a key location from the first season. As we all know, “Vestry Hall,” isn’t in TriBeCa at all; it’s our old friend Massey Hall.

2015 12 03 1 3 behindmassey (640x351)

A popular film location is the alleyway behind Massey Hall which we visit a couple of times…

2015 12 03 1 3 massey frans (640x355)

…you can just make out the sign for Fran’s Diner in the back of this shot.

2015 12 03 1 1 RTH (640x355)

A key location is the midtown offices of the Stoneheart Group. Most of the time we see an interior shot it’s just a set, but this is obviously the lobby of Roy Thomson Hall. It doesn’t look much like the actual building at that address, but it’s still pretty cool.

2015 12 03 1 1 possiblyunilever (640x356)

At the other end of the aesthetic scale, this empty factory looks like the abandoned Unilever site.

2015 12 03 1 2 libertygrandpluscgi (640x357)

Now, this is pretty cool. We have a flashback to the 1930s, in Vienna.

2015 12 03 1 2 libertygrand street (640x353)

This hotel and its environs (aside from the bits added with CGI)…

2015 12 03 1 2 libertygrand int (640x351)

…are actually the Liberty Grand which (wait until our next edition!) plays an entirely different location later in the season.

2015 12 03 1 2 libertygrand postcourtyard (640x350)

The courtyard in the back played an entirely different kind of location in Wonderfalls.

2015 12 03 1 2 pool3 (640x358)

This distinctive swimming pool…

2015 12 03 1 2 coolpool donvalleyhotel (640x348)

…is uptown, at the Don Valley Hotel.

2015 12 03 1 2 wycliffecollege alsoinmimic (640x354)

Now we’re still in Vienna, but a few decades later.

2015 12 03 1 2 wycliffe reverse (640x349)

This lovely Old World-style architecture is actually the University of Toronto’s Wycliffe College. And it’s a location that also appeared in Mimic so, cool!

2015 12 03 1 3 loadingdock (640x356)

This exciting loading dock…

2015 12 03 1 3 wellignton rthfreflection (640x348)

…is down on Wellington Street, at Roy Thomson Hall. You can even see a bit of it reflected in the windows back there.

2015 12 03 1 3 terminal (640x356)

One key location is this quarantined compound…

2015 12 03 1 3 terminal wide (640x356)

….which is supposed to be on Staten Island, but it’s actually our portlands, the terminal we built for the Rochester Ferry. Everyone remember the Rochester Ferry?!

2015 12 03 1 4 2ndave duncan (640x353)

This is what 2nd Avenue in this part of Harlem actually looks like, but this is actually Adelaide Street.

2015 12 03 1 4 2ndave food (640x353)

This exterior is a real restaurant next door to Burrito Boyz, but the interior shots are all a set.

2015 12 03 1 6 meatpacking (640x355)

This is supposed to be way at the other end of Manhattan

2015 12 03 1 6 meatpacking2 pearlst (640x349)

…but it’s only a few blocks away, on Pearl Street.

2015 12 03 1 4 battingcage playdium

Batting cages aren’t a dime a dozen so it’s easy enough to ID this one as the one out in Mississauga, at the Playdium.

2015 12 03 1 4 brooklyn (640x357)

A lot of the action takes place in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn…

2015 12 03 1 4 brooklyn2 loganave (640x349)

…but this dark street is actually the bottom end of Logan Avenue.

2015 12 03 1 5 524richmond stephensons (640x353)

Thanks to that storefront in the back, we can say this also-dark-and-scary apartment courtyard…

2015 12 03 1 5 524richmond (640x346)

…is on Richmond Street.

2015 12 03 1 4 lowerbay (640x351)

Another big location also used in Mimic

2015 12 03 1 3 lowerbay duh (640x354)

…is our old friend Lower Bay.

2015 12 03 1 4 knox1 (640x358)

We’ve already visited Wycliffe College…

2015 12 03 1 4 knox (640x359)

…so it was probably inevitable we’d visit the always photogenic Knox College, not too far away.

2015 12 03 1 4 street adelaidefirehall (640x353)

We can identify this street as Adelaide thanks to the fire hall.

2015 12 03 1 5 niceresto (640x346)

Unlike the characters on Suits, these guys are too busy fighting vampires to visit many restaurants…

2015 12 03 1 5 fancyresto hys (640x353)

…but this fancy one is Hy’s Steakhouse.

2015 12 03 1 6 blowfishbay (640x361)

A bit cooler, is Blowfish on Bay.

2015 12 03 1 6 resto cgi chasefish (640x352)

And this lovely bar…

2015 12 03 1 6 chase again (640x357)

…is The Chase Fish and Oyster, which we visit a couple of times.

2015 12 03 1 5 PennStn conventioncentre (640x355)

This is supposed be New York’s Penn Station, but it’s actually the Metro Convention Centre.

2015 12 03 1 5 washingtonunionstn (640x354)

However, our Union Station does appear…

2015 12 03 1 5 unionstn2 (640x356)

…as Washington’s Union Station.

2015 12 03 1 5 frontstandmonument (640x353)

Lookee, they even stuck the Washington Monument in the back there, so you know where you are.

2015 12 03 1 6 churchint2 (640x360)

There’s an extended and creepy action sequence…

2015 12 03 1 6 church front (640x363)

…in this church…

2015 12 03 1 6 church2 (640x351)

…actually Metropolitan United.

6 park musicgarden

This wintry waterfront park…

2015 12 03 1 6 park waterfront (640x352)

…is really Harbourfront’s Music Garden.

x3 statenisland

And, finally, this house is supposed to be on Staten Island but was filmed in Hamilton’s North End neighbourhood.

That’s just in the first half of the second season. There’s plenty more yet to come.