Reel Toronto: Diamond Tongues
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Reel Toronto: Diamond Tongues

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 11 05 diamond (640x313)

Movies that actually take place in Toronto are exceptions to the rule here at Reel Toronto. It’s always an uphill battle for local productions to get noticed with all those Hollywood blockbusters throwing their weight around but Diamond Tongues is one such hidden gem (pun more or less intended).

Directed by Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson, the film garnered strong reviews when it played at the Slamdance festival earlier this year. Furthering its Toronto indie cred, it stars July Talk lead singer Leah Fay and her bandmate Peter Dreimanis was the cinematographer. And the music is by Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning.

2015 11 05 studio (640x315)

Fay (AKA, Leah Goldstein) plays an aspiring actress, Edith, and most of the action takes place out in the west end. We find her, at the start, outside Pinewood Studios, on Commissioner’s Street.

2015 11 05 corner (640x316)

Here she is putting up a poster across town, at King and Portland.

2015 11 05 resto geraldine (640x315)

She also visits many an eatery and many a drinkery. Both early on and later…

2015 11 05 geraldinekitchen (640x317)

…she spends some time at the now-closed Parkdale joint, Geraldine.

2015 11 05 bar blackdice (640x317)

Edith also enjoys the beverages at Black Dice

2015 11 05 getwell (640x314)

Get Well

2015 11 05 littlenicky (640x318)

…and, with more of a daytime vibe, Little Nicky’s Coffee.

2015 11 05 datenight cherrycolaactually (640x317)

She meets a potential date here, at Cherry Cola’s

bar later 2015 11 05 unlovable (640x304)

…and twice visits Unlovable.

2015 11 05 concert bar garrison (640x322)

Towards the end of the movie she catches a show at The Garrison

2015 11 05 concert outsidegarrison (640x310)

…and goes outside too.

2015 11 05 concert horseshoe (640x315)

But the shots of the band (Islands!) on stage, were actually done down at the Horseshoe Tavern.

2015 11 05 audition (640x313)

She has a frustrating audition at The Great Hall‘s upstairs space (also used as an aprtment in The F Word)…

2015 11 05 afteraudition (640x320)

…but when she spars with her ex-boyfriend outside afterwards…

2015 11 05 street afteraudition (640x313)

…we’re back out on King Street West.

2015 11 05 balfourbooks (640x335)

Soon after, she commiserates with her friend at Balfour Books.

2015 11 05 office (640x313)

In a desperate effort to salvage the failed audition, she goes to a callback at the actual offices of Serendipity Point Films

2015 11 05 singers actingclass (640x314)

…and looks into joining an acting class…

2015 11 05 singers (640x318)

…shot at 401 Richmond.

2015 11 05 street orphan (640x314)

Unlucky in love, lonely Edith strolls past this drug store, at Queen and Ossington (with a nice, if inadvertent shout out to Orphan Black)…

2015 11 05 grocery2 (640x318)

…and buys dinner for two at the Kitchen Table located in the Atrium on Bay.

2015 11 05 yonge (640x315)

She strolls solo down Yonge Street across from the Eaton Centre…

2015 11 05 subwayqueen (640x311)

…and gets on the subway at Queen.

2015 11 05 strombo3 (640x316)

In one amusing bit, she fantasizes she’s achieved what apparently every aspiring Canadian actor desires: an interview with Strombo!

2015 11 05 durgnight standup comedybar (640x292)

During an extended sequence, she and her friend, Nick, get high and make their way around town. We get some stand-up at the Comedy Bar…

2015 11 05 drugnight mkmstreet (640x311)

…and make their way down to Markham Street, after which they visit a fortune teller inside at Southern Accent.

2015 11 05 escalator mall (640x309)

There’s a nicely shot montage of Edith riding down escalators, mostly at the Eaton Centre…

2015 11 05 escalator subway (640x314)

…venturing into the Queen subway station…

2015 11 05 escalator sheraton (640x310)

…and across the street at Sheraton Centre.

2015 11 05 beach (640x314)

This ill-advised phone call was shot over at Sunnyside Beach…

2015 11 05 bridge (640x315)

…and this one at the photogenic Puente de Luz bridge…

2015 11 05 movie camerabar (640x317)

….and this one, in a cinema, at Camera Bar.

2015 11 05 blackboxtheatre (640x310)

Also theatre related, she takes in a friend’s play at the Black Box Theatre, back at The Great Hall.

2015 11 05 coopercolegallery 1161 (640x316)

Towards the end, Edith screens a movie she’s been working on…

2015 11 05 gallery screening (640x315)

…at the Cooper Cole Gallery’s previous location, on Dundas Street West.

2015 11 05 afterscreening dundas (640x303)

Then it’s all Dundas all the time as we see the street outside at night

2015 11 05 ending skey dundas (640x311)

…and then in the daytime rain.

Like many a Canadian film, Diamond Tongues hardly screened locally, though it did have a short run at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. But it’s now out there on iTunes so have a gander.