Front Page Challenge: November 3, 2015
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Front Page Challenge: November 3, 2015

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies.

For this week’s edition of Front Page Challenge, the five major Toronto papers together paint a picture of who we are as a city. But which of the papers best capture the quotidian hopes, concerns and desires of the populace for this week?

National Post

Beneath a delicious-looking image of fluffy pancakes drowning in syrup, the Post leads with a vaguely condescending centrepiece picturegrid of potential Trudeau cabinet candidates…FEMALE candidates. Two accompanying columns express respective concern for the bruised egos of passed-over male cabinet choices and for Canada once again abandoning the possible utopia of a meritocracy in favour of damn quotas.

Toronto Star

The Star leads with Trudeau’s vow to restore the mandatory long-form census, which is the closest Harper comes to making the front page of any Toronto paper on this, the penultimate day of his Prime Ministership. Their main lifestyle piece, “Sealed With A Click“, is about the rise of the female marriage proposal in this modern cybernetic one-click information-superhighway age, and in my opinion would be a great topic for the next Garry Marshall rom-com, right down to the catchy title (Jessica Biel would be great as the bride-to-be who accidentally sends an embarrassing selfie to everyone on the invite list or something, Garry and his regular screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel can come up with other ideas.)

Metro Toronto

“More Of This” screams the headline as the CN Tower is engulfed in a flowering explosion of pyrotechnics from last summer’s Pan Am Games. Metro would apparently like to see the CN Tower used more regularly as a staging point for fireworks, the rationale being that we as a people “love to celebrate”. Why aren’t there weekly or even nightly fireworks at the CN Tower? Metro investigates. Below the fold, an article about Hydro One’s recent re-hire of the notorious FHRITP guy, initially dismissed from his job as consequences for his vainglorious boorish interruption of a reporter at BMO Field earlier this year.

The Globe and Mail

The Globe‘s main concern this morning is of the plight of Canadian veterans, with two companion articles on the spike in the expulsions of wounded vets and the reality of life with PTSD. The Globe also acknowledges the Trudeau government’s opposition to jets landing at the Island Airport, an airport also unlikely to be renamed after Stephen Harper.

Toronto Sun

The Sun goes with the largest font at their disposal for Killer Day Dreams, a piece reflecting the paper’s evergreen concern that convicted murderers have it too easy while rotting in prison. Luka Magnotta hits the outrage trifecta this time—not only does he read Nazi books while pining for a visit from Karla Homolka (like that will ever happen), but the Sun‘s art critic, which is apparently a role they have, also dismisses his work as “bad”.

This week’s winner: Metro (everybody loves fireworks!)

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