Reel Toronto: Minority Report
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Reel Toronto: Minority Report

The Spielberg spin-off pilot makes our fine city look like a futuristic Washington, DC—or vice-versa.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 10 30MINORITY (640x354)

Just call us Reboot City. From Carrie to Total Recall to RoboCop, we just seem to be for Hollywood to indulge its ever increasing love of squeezing new money life out of new productions.

Such is the case with Minority Report, based on the Spielberg film of the same name, natch. They shot the pilot here before deciding they’d rather pitch their tent out in Vancouver for the duration but even in that brief first glimpse, there’s plenty of Toronto to see.

2015 10 30DC (640x352)

As you no doubt know, the underlying premise of the thing is that there are these “precogs” who can see crimes before they happen, in a futuristic, CGI-rendered Washington D.C.

2015 10 30dundasjump (640x356)

Here we follow one such individual, Dash.

2015 10 30dundassq2 (640x351)

The pilot kicks off with extensive sequences here…

2015 10 30dundassq exit (640x357)

…at Yonge-Dundas Square.

2015 10 30dundas more (640x355)

He’s trying to prevent someone from getting thrown out of the old Hermant Building

2015 10 30htgplaqueexit (640x349)

…which even has an Ontario Heritage plaque.

westwinggag (640x362)

In what we’re guessing is something of a West Wing in-joke, the plaza appears to be named after America’s greatest president who never was, Nobel Prize winner Josiah Bartlet.

2015 10 30broofkield2 (640x354)

Like any good urbanite, Dash enjoys taking public transit. This train station…

2015 10 30brookfield (640x357)

…is pretty obviously the Brookfield Place atrium. (You’ll also note that a key part of the show’s aesthetic is the way old and new architecture blend together.)

downsview2 (640x350)

When he goes down to the train platform, however, he finds himself at Downsview Station. Apparently it’s all, like, futuristic.

ttctrain (640x354)

The train itself is obviously one of ours…

ttc trudeau (640x351)

…but from the near future, where Prime Minister Trudeau is letting our freak flag fly.

2015 10 30hearn (640x353)

As in RoboCop, we get a nice little action sequence…

2015 10 30hearn3 (640x357)

…in the Hearn Generating Station.

2015 10 30harthouse probably (640x351)

More old-style architecture in this seniors home…

2015 10 30harthousereverse (640x353)

…which appears to be Hart House.

2015 10 30rooofview vicprobably (640x353)

A little more U of T here…

uvic (640x355)

…as we find ourselves on the roof of Victoria University.

2015 10 30CityTV walkway (640x356)

A little more old-meets-new here, in the form of the walkway at the ol’ CityTV building.

2015 10 30barn int (640x358)

A couple of years ago we’d never have recognized this barn…

2015 10 30dalzielbarn again (640x352)

…but it keeps turning up, in shows like Hannibal and Orphan Black. It’s the Schmidt-Dalziel barn near Black Creek Pioneer Village.

2015 10 30precog3 (640x345)

It’s hard to tell for sure but this modern office building…

2015 10 30precog4 (640x351)

…where schoolkids learn about the Precog program, looks like the RBC Centre.

2015 10 30telusatrium (640x350)

One of the coolest old-new locations, not just in the show but in our actual city is this atrium…

2015 10 30telus3 (640x353)

…at the Telus Centre, between the old Royal Conservatory building and the new Koerner Hall.

2015 10 30skyline (640x375)

This shot, from the Port Lands, appears to be a CGI skyline…

2015 10 30realskyline (640x365)

…but out of focus here is the real one.

2015 10 30nps reverse (640x354)

The finale involves an assassination attempt at a political rally…

2015 10 30booflag (640x352)

…and despite the preponderance of American flags…

2015 10 30np2 (640x356)

…it’s pretty obviously Nathan Phillips Square.

2015 10 30councilchamber (640x352)

There’s even a little bomb birdie that flies from the green roof…

2015 10 30oldcityhall (640x353)

…by Old City Hall.

Maybe Minority Report will get cancelled soon, or maybe it will last 20 years. Either way, they probably won’t come back here. Well, hmph, that’s fine. Enjoy our sloppy seconds, Vancouver!