Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast—Season Two (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast—Season Two (Part Two)

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

BEAUTY (640x352)

Love! Adventure! A beautiful gal! A not-very-bestial hunk! All the grit, grime and grooviness you’d expect from the mean streets of New York City!

Or maybe not so much.

The back half of Beauty and the Beast‘s second season continues its romp around the GTA, and if they go for the trope of pretending Yonge-Dundas Square looks anything like Times Square, well, who can blame them for trying?

2015 10 07 2015 10 07 12 feore (640x352)

Jumping right into things, it’s the awesome Colm Feore showing up for some reason.

2015 10 07 2015 10 07 12 fraserave

He’s supposed to be out in Queens, but we’re actually in Liberty Village…

2015 10 07 13 fraseralley (640x354)

…on Fraser Avenue.

2015 10 07 12 guildext 491 College (640x355)

We mentioned before how the old Gentleman’s Guild building is on College Street. You can see more of the street here.

2015 10 07 13 gileadacross (640x354)

Narrow streets with a T-intersection are the easiest ones to make look like New York. Just park a cab at the end, maybe add one of those steam vents, bada-bing!

2015 10 07 13 gileadcafe (640x351)

This one is outside the now-departed Gilead Café, on Gilead Street.

2015 10 07 13 harrisonNY sunnybrook (640x356)

Everyone loves a wedding! This one isn’t really in Harrison, New York, however.

2015 10 07 13 sunnybrookhopsital (640x348)

It’s actually at the Estates of Sunnybrook, just behind Sunnybrook Hospital. You can see a wee bit of the actual hospital in the back there.

2015 10 07 13 sunnybrookboom (640x355)

They didn’t blow up the real building…

2015 10 07 13 sunnybrookint (640x357)

…but it looks like they did shoot inside the Vaughan Estate.

2015 10 07 15 parking200pearl (640x354)

Catherine and Vincent have a night time rendezvous on Pearl Street in one episode.

2015 10 07 15 crash (640x353)

Then we get a big ol’ crash here in Episode 15…

2015 10 07 15 crash pearlagain (640x351)

…and find ourselves on Pearl Street, pretty much exactly where we were before.

2015 10 07 14 unilever (640x336)

When it comes to abandoned industrial sites….

2015 10 07 14 stillunilever probably (640x361)

…it’s hard to beat the old Unilever lands.

2015 10 07 18 unilever2 (640x353)

And, a couple of episodes later…

2015 10 07 18 unilever probably (640x351)

…we find ourselves back there. Circles within circles, people.

2015 10 07 16 AGOID (640x351)

Pretty easy to spot this law firm, eh?

2015 10 07 16 ago2 (640x365)

A series of lovely shots…

2015 10 07 16 ago3 (640x350)

…are clearly from the Frank Gehry-designed sections…

2015 10 07 16 ago (640x353)

…of the AGO.

2015 10 07 16 banquet (640x354)

Oooh, who doesn’t love a masquerade?

2015 10 07 16 banquet balcony (640x360)

The lighting here makes it a bit hard to see, but we’re pretty sure this is the ballroom at the Royal York.

2015 10 07 16 roofof1KingWest (640x359)

Based on the tower of Commerce Court right there, this rooftop shot appears to be atop 1 King West‘s historic base.

2015 10 07 16 frotnstreet wider (640x353)

You may recall from Season One that the exterior of Catherine’s apartment is actually the Gooderham Flatiron building.

2015 10 07 17 oustide2 (640x356)

Here’s a bit of it in the daytime…

2015 10 07 17 oustide3 frontst (640x355)

…complete with fake NYC subway stairs.

2015 10 07 17 ambottc (640x358)

Enjoyable incongruity, as a New York ambulance peels past an entrance to the St. Andrew TTC station, complete with a streetcar.

2015 10 07 17 ambocrashmore marketstreet (640x354)

Then it crashes here, on Market Street.

2015 10 07 17 ambocrash2 balzacs (640x346)

You even get to see the nascent Balzac’s back there. Yes, Vincent, we’re all excited about the expansion of this Canadian indie chain.

2015 10 07 18 UN blurryface (640x357)

So, here we are at the real live United Nations. At least for this shot. (We especially love the poor schmo crossing the street in this establishing shot, who gets his face blurred out.)

2015 10 07 18 UNAcross2 MillStreet (640x351)

When we cut to Vincent, he’s standing (allegedly) across the street, by a red brick building.

2015 10 07 18 UNAlley51 (640x354)

We can see here it’s got the number 51 and an Ontario Heritage Plaque and, no real surprise, he’s actually on Mill Street, outside the Distillery District.

2015 10 07 18 UN int maybecityhall (640x357)

But eventually we go into the UN…

2015 10 07 18 UN Scarborough pan (640x356)

…and, despite the real building’s distinctive International Style architecture…

2015 10 07 18 UN Scaroborough2 (640x357)

…we find ourselves ensconced in the Moriyama-designed Modernism of the Scarborough Civic Centre.

x18 diner (640x355)

We’re not sure where this exterior is…

2015 10 07 18 tedsresto (640x361)

…but this interior is definitely Ted’s Restaurant.

2015 10 07 19 centralpk (640x351)

The establishing shot preceding this…

2015 10 07 19 centralpk2 (640x348)

…situates us in Central Park…

2015 10 07 19 centralpk sunnyside (640x356)

…but we’re actually at the Sunnyside Pavilion.

2015 10 07 20 sunnyside (640x354)

We visit it again a few episodes later.

2015 10 07 19 kingeddiebridal (640x357)

You can tell, from the buildings outside the window, that this bridal shop is actually in the King Edward Hotel.

2015 10 07 19 bridal kingeddie ext (640x355)

This little stroll is just outside it.

2015 10 07 19 metrohall (640x355)

It’s not the first time we’ve seen that this federal building is really Metro Hall, but rarely do we get to see it so clearly.

2015 10 07 20 nottimessq (640x355)

An old chestnut that never gets tired…

2015 10 07 20 dunassq food (640x350)

…is Yonge-Dundas Square pretending to be Times Square. Pardon us, but one of our constant fascinations is how easy it is to make a scene look less-Toronto simply by adding street food. Can you even imagine if you could get a pretzel or popcorn in YDS? It would be anarchy and potential health violations until Kingdom Come!

2015 10 07 20 lakeshore oppositedir qqloblaw (640x345)

Oh, goodie. We’re going for a drive along Lake Shore! We go past the Queen’s Quay Loblaws

2015 10 07 20 lakeshore (640x343)

…and (backwards?) past the ACC (we’re actually in about the same location here)…

2015 10 07 20 lakeshore gobus (640x343)

…and then by a GO Bus…

2015 10 07 20 lakeshore miss (640x345)

…on our way to hide in the suburbs, past Port Credit’s Snug Harbour.

2015 10 07 20 suburb2 (640x353)

Gee, we don’t have much to go on here, but they were heading towards Mississauga. Movie magic being what it is, that doesn’t necessarily mean much…

2015 10 07 20 19 1469mildmay (640x354)

…but Mississauga is one of the few places where residential streets have such high address numbers…

2015 10 07 20 1477mildmay booya (640x350)

…and, thanks to this shot, we have an address and a last name to go with it (thank you!).

2015 10 07 20 suburbhouse (640x353)

So a bit of Google-fu and, booya, we find ourselves on Mississauga’s Mildmay Court.

2015 10 07 21 stjames2 streetcar (640x356)

An increasingly popular not-NYC location (even with a TTC streetcar in the back)…

2015 10 07 21 stjames again (640x354)

…is St. James Park.

2015 10 07 22 1854 (640x357)

The season finale includes a story thread taking place way back in 1854…

2015 10 07 22 distillerylcock (640x345)

…and, totally unsurprisingly, these period shots…

2015 10 07 22 1854 distilleryobviously (640x355)

…were done in the Distillery District.

2015 10 07 22 millstreet (640x353)

Here we are, back in the present, but still on Mill Street.

2015 10 07 22 street (640x353)

This is one of those great shots were you get something pretty New York (fake subway!) alongside something pretty Toronto (Canary District sales office!).

2015 10 07 22 actualnyc pellstreet (640x351)

Every season they shoot a few actual bits in New York City, but it’s still a bit unusual to see them intercut locations in a single scene. This shot is actually in Manhattan’s Chinatown, on Pell Street.

2015 10 07 22 chinatown streetcars (640x351)

But as you can see from the streetcars and Scotiabanks…

2015 10 07 22 chinatown dundas (640x349)

…the rest of it is here, on Dundas Street.

2015 10 07 22 churchyard stgeorgemartyr (640x347)

This is a cool location we haven’t seen before. This church courtyard is actually near the AGO, at St. George the Martyr.

2015 10 07 22 stparticksq (640x356)

We then go a few blocks away to St. Patrick’s Square. You can see the CityTV building’s Bell Media sign back there, eh and just a wee slice of the CN Tower too.

And with that appearance of of our most prominent civic landmark, we leave you for now. More romance, adventure and visits to St. James Park no doubt await in Season Three and, inevitably, Season Four.