Liveblog: The Blue Jays Take on the Texas Rangers
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Liveblog: The Blue Jays Take on the Texas Rangers

The Blue Jays keep telling us to Come Together, so we're live blogging their biggest game in years.

Photo by  Grant D from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Photo by Grant D from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

The Toronto Blue Jays play their biggest game in more than two decades as they take on the Texas Rangers this afternoon at Rogers Centre. The winner of the decisive game five moves on to the American League Championship Series, where they’ll meet the winner of the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals series.

Torontoist will live blog this important cultural event like the hecklers we are. Follow along to catch up on the action, read our analysis, and gawk at the latest GIFs.

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Oct 14, 2015 19:47

7:43: Three strikeouts for Osuna and the Jays win 6-3! They move on to the American League Championship Series, where they will play the winner of tonight’s game between the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals.-SN

7:41: Two outs. One more needed for a Jays win. -DH

7:38: The Rangers are down to two outs. A chant of “Let’s go Blue Jays,” breaks out in the bar. -DH

7:36: If you prefer your baseball with more numbers than feelings, here’s the Fangraphs win expectancy chart of the game. The closer the line gets to the bottom the greater the chance the Rangers have of winning, and the closer to the top is good news for the Jays. You know what Drake is cheering for.

Source: FanGraphs


7:31: As we near the end of the game, let us ponder the entity that is Donaldson’s hair. Could one call it a man bun? What to say about the braids, or the strange shaven lines? I will start a charity petition for him to shave his head a la Goins. In time, he will thank me. -SN
7:28: I am happy that the Jays are winning, but grow weary of the constant roar of the sports bros. Be happy with your inside voices sometimes sports bros. -SN

7:24: Second strike out for Osuna, who thanks the 6ix god as he leaves the field. 6–3 for the Jays heading to the bottom of the eighth. -SN

7:22: Man at bar: It’s the weirdest feeling, you know? Like I have to pee—but I don’t have to pee. -EHD

7:21: A strikeout for Osuna, who is pitching at the relaxed pace of 97 m.p.h. -SN

7:18: Star sportswriter Bruce Arthur:


7:16: The Rangers have runners on first and second with one out in the top of the eighth. Jays closer Roberto Osuna is called from the bullpen. Jays lead 6-3. -DH


Navarro, during brawl: Let it go, bitches.

Bar: José, José, José, José.


6:57: The beginnings of a brawl begin on the field between the Rangers and the Jays. It’s broken up and we wait to hear who, if anyone will be thrown out, and who will just have the umpire say that he’s disappointed in them. -SN

Oct 14, 2015 19:00

6:55: Bautista hits a homer and the crowd goes nuts. Cries of “booster juice” fill the bar. The score is now 6-3.-SN

6:53: Donaldson hits, the Rangers fumble it, and the game’s tied up 3-3. -SN

6:51: One out now, with potential MVP Josh Donaldson up. Jays still down by one. -DH

6:44: The secret weapon for the Blue Jays has been the Texas Rangers infield defense. Bases loaded, no outs, Jays down by one, and Ben Revere at the plate. -DH

6:40: Martin on second, Pillar one first, and no outs in the bottom of the seventh. -SN

6:39: Our nachos taste soggy, in part because they are now drenched with our tears. -DH

6:32: Man at bar: “Cataclysmic.” -EHD

6:23: After a bizarre play in which Jays catcher Russell Martin threw the ball back to the pitcher, but it hit a bit and remained in play, the Rangers have scored a run. The umpire appeared to call the ball dead, but after conferring, ruled it was in play. The crowd—and manager John Gibbons—is irate, and the camera immediately panned to the duty police officer on the field.

Debris from fans is thrown on the field.

This is a terrible way to decide a playoff game.

6:09: Tulo is something of a procrastinator, because he’s out. -DH

6:08: Tulo’s due. -EHD

6:06: Encarnacion bringing out the Ed-wing for a solo home-run. Score is now tied 2-2. -SN

Edwin walks the parrot to tie the game 2-2.

5:59: Goins lives up to the number 17 with a beautiful defensive play. Wendel Clark is feeling all warm and fuzzy somewhere. -EHD

5:57: Stroman is at 91 pitches. Start watching the Jays bullpen. -DH

5:53 Who knows, by the end of this game I may have been wooed by advertisers into purchasing an all-Canadian truck with four-wheel drive that my rough-and-tumble neighbourhood (the Annex) requires. -SN

5:51: Baseball score: Rangers 2, Jays 1. Election ad score: Conservatives 5, Liberals 4, NDP 0. -DH

5:50: The inning is now over, with no runs. I blame Turner. -DH

5:50: Cameras zoom in on 1993 World Series Champs banner — stop jinxing it cameras! God. -SN

5:49: I’m wrong about Goins, but this is still a rally inning. -CT

5:48: Gonna make a crazy prediction: Goins breaks out of his slump and they score a few this inning. -CT

5:45: Happy Marcus Stroman is so much fun. -DH

5:39: DeShields takes one on the chin. Maybe Hamels can pinch-jaw for him. -EHD

5:27: Thinking of Kevin Pillar: I’m not saying that everybody’s heart is that shape. Just mine. -EHD

5:25: Reminder: Kevin Pillar was Toronto’s FOURTH outfielder in spring training. What a season. -CT

Oct 14, 2015 17:25

5:21: Having failed to land work in the faux-pirate tourism industry, Hamilton reluctantly pursued a Major League career with the Rangers. -SN

5:19: That inning was a month and a half long and I need to get started on my Xmas shopping now. -CT

5:17: “I’ve never known a single lip-reader in baseball. What, has there been a rash of lipreading I don’t know about?” –Michael Lewis -EHD

5:10: Two on, two out, and Colabello up to bat in the third.-SN

5:08: Let’s just watch happy clips on repeat, as Bautista drives in Ben Revere with a double to make the game 2-1. -DH

Oct 14, 2015 17:09

5:03: I have converted to pro-robot ump for the rest of this game. -CT


An Ode to Marcus Stroman

5:02: Not sure who this pub is going to vote for, but after that Ryan Goins strikeout, it won’t be the umpire. -DH

5:00Hamels licks his lips in a sinister fashion, likely imagining Blue Jays demise (or possibly his lunch).-SN

4:58: Baseball score through three innings: Rangers 2, Jays 0. Election ad score through three: Conservatives 3, Liberals 1, NDP 0. -DH

4:56: The Rangers are making Stroman work. Through three innings, he’s already thrown 51 pitches.

4:54: Guy in the Nolan Ryan Rangers jersey still looks pensive, so let’s assume this lead is in no way safe. -CT

4:52: What is live blogging snack, you may ask. The answer, dear readers, is almost certainly not nachos. -SN

4:51“That’s what Choo can do,” as he hits a solo homer at the top of the third. Can he do a little worse, maybe? -SN

4:45: Between innings here in Little Toronto, we are trying to figure out why Tulo of all people lives in Vegas. He seems un-Vegas, we all agree. Unless he’s one of those quiet nerdy poker obsessives. -CT

4:43: Tireless robot ump advocate Max Fawcett weighs in on that Tulo strike call…

4:43: Tulo’s pissed. It’s because he doesn’t realise Carapazzo’s umping a golf game. -EHD

4:38“Come on boys let’s show them how to river dance.” #overheardatjaysbar Runners on first and second with none out, and Tulo up. -SN

4:32: Guy here at the Pig & Duke pub in Little Toronto wearing Texas hat and jersey. We’re letting it slide because it’s a Nolan Ryan jersey, which is the only permissible Texas jersey.

4:28: Despite not having struck out the hitter yet, a man at the bar we’re watching at just exclaimed,”Yahtzee!”-SN

4:27: The Jays throw out the lead runner as the Rangers lay down a bunt to try to advance Josh Hamilton to second. Somewhere Bill James sighs. –DH

4:25: After one here in Little Toronto, the mood is tense, but that may be mainly because we have once again engaged in the Calgary Blue Jays fan corps’ single most contentious debate—”Robot Umps: Salvation or Menace?” I come down firmly on the traditionalist side of “menace,” though not a huge one. There’s nowhere near enough time or room here to unpack the whole argument. –CT

4:23: Election ad score: 2 Conservative, 0 Liberal, 0 NDP. -DH

4:21: Why has John Cleese’s jaw been taking steroids? Oh, wait. That’s [Rangers starting pitcher] Cole Hamels. -EHD

4:20: In slugger Josh Donaldson’s first at-bat, he does not bring the rain. -DH

4:12: On the brighter side, John Gibbons’ mumu is resplendent this afternoon. -EHD

4:10 I blame Taylor Swift. SN

4:09: And we’re off! Delino Deshields Jr. leads off the game with a double to left field, and he scores after two grounders move him over. Toronto is slightly less amped now. -DH

3:28: Here’s what we know about Game Five: Marcus Stroman will start, and if his track record since returning miraculously from a knee injury is any indication, this will give Jays fans at least six innings of shutdown pitching in which to wring their hands furiously over whether or not Gibby will be using David Price today.

Gibby has indicated he might bring in Game Three starter Marco Estrada if facing a left-handed batter, which is surely Texas slang for bringing in Price in the third. In any case, Gibby’s made it clear–CHECK THE TRANSCRIPT–that in the event of an indoor lefty-vapourizing meteor shower inside the SkyDome Rogers Centre, he will consider bringing in Price to pitch to Zombie Adrian Beltre, who unlike pre-undead Adrian Beltre, bats left.

In the meantime, the best offence in baseball will need to jump out to a nine-run first inning lead if they hope to keep the Leafs faithful among their fans from self-immolating in despair. Chris Turner