Extra, Extra: A Raccoon Virus, a Detroit vs. Toronto Feud, and Embarrassing Blue Jays Awards


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Extra, Extra: A Raccoon Virus, a Detroit vs. Toronto Feud, and Embarrassing Blue Jays Awards

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Photo by umap imaging from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Photo by umap.imaging from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

  • In raccoon news, canine distemper is on the rise. The virus typically spikes in the fall with the change in temperature, and causes lethargy and disorientation in our trash panda friends. The virus isn’t limited to raccoons, and can also be passed on to dogs (humans are safe). We feel you, little guys.
  • The company behind the popular Toronto vs. Everybody apparel faces a more specific challenge. The Detroit vs. Everybody brand, which is unaffiliated with and preceded Toronto vs. Everybody, has been in a legal battle with the Canadian brand for the past year, creating the unwieldy Detroit vs. Everybody vs. Toronto vs. Everybody filename. In an article in Deadline Detroit, Detroit vs. Everybody founder Tommy Walker Jr. expresses his frustration with the Toronto vs. Everybody brand, and calls founder Yanal Dhailieh a “scumbag.” Dhailieh reportedly apologized to Walker Jr., but has not stopped selling the Toronto merch, which gained popularity after members of the Blue Jays wore the gear this season. Through his lawyer, Dhailieh maintains that Detroit vs. Everybody is not licensed in Canada, and that since Dhailieh owns the Canadian license, he is in the clear.
  • Remember how the Jays had a great season, and then this morning news broke that they could not agree to terms with well-regarded general manager Alex Anthopoulos on a contract extension? Well, this afternoon the 38-year-old Anthopoulos was selected as the executive of the year by his Major League Baseball colleagues. And third baseman Josh Donaldson, who Anthopoulos acquired in a surprising trade last offseason, was named the player of the year in a vote by MLB players. Is this whole process embarrassing for the Jays? Yes, yes it is.
  • From today’s edition of 12:36: The guy who put Toronto City Hall online is retiring. Peter Tebbutt, who is winding down 33 years in the city clerk’s office, is credited with every technological reform since city hall abandoned manual typewriters. “He is a survivor of Y2K, countless operating system upgrades, browser wars, email migrations, security patches, network outages, application development, and user support,” explains a tribute posted to Facebook. (Want more 12:36? Subscribe to it now.)

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