Rob Ford's Found Poetry
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Rob Ford’s Found Poetry

At a council debate about Uber, Rob Ford gives the world an accidental poem.

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This afternoon, the former mayor of Toronto gave the city a gift.

Rob Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) spoke at city council’s debate about the taxi industry and Uber, and, as is his wont, stumbled upon something extraordinary.

A poem. A poem that flowed from his mouth with Gerard Manley Hopkins’ understanding of metre and Elizabeth Bishop’s ability to bring everyday moments and ideas alive with vivid imagery. He continues to astound.

Behold this art, which we have preserved in all its beauteous splendour.

I truly believe we’ve wasted
Could be up to 100 hours.

I’m a pretty blunt speaker
I’m not a smooth talkin’, fancy long-words-use guy
I’ll leave that up to people much smarter than me.

Lemme bring this into context
Lemme bring this into context

Same game. Same rules.
We’re talkin’ about the Blue Jays
Blue Jays have two games today.
Same game. Same rules.

(That’s how smart he is.)

Say there was a by-election
And a councillor got in here and made twice as much
as the regular councillors.
People would be screamin’ bloody murder.
We do the same job. We go by the same rules.

These people. I know many, many of them.
I probably represent more taxi drivers
than anyone in the city.
I’m very proud of that.
I see how hard they work.

I see how hard their parents work
how hard their children work
day in and day out.

You gotta think
has piggybacked
on their hard work.

That’s what it comes down to.

And they’re saying:
“Hey, we’re the new drivers in town,
we’re going to have a new set of rules.”

They do the work
You don’t get one complaint.

I happen to have been down here for 15 years
I get compliments
after compliments
after compliments

of taxi people
taking people here
taking people there
taking people everywhere.

A triple-A service.

I’m a capitalist.
I believe in competition.
So do they

But everybody has to
play by the same rules (Madam Speaker).

To defer it or refer it
Deal with it today
The rules are already here

Technology, technology, technology my ass.

It has nothing to do with technology.

They already know what’s going on
This is just a delay tactic

Delay, delay, delay tactic.

Like other things

A delay, delay, delay tactic.

There’s no reason to


The rules are here
there’s no reason.
All they want is to say


“You can have five million people come in here.”

Let’s play by the same rules
And we’re not playing by the same rules.

From what I understand
there’s going to be one set of rules for Uber
and one set of rules for the people that started this industry from nothing.
From absolutely nothing.



Many of our parents here, including my late father
came from


Just like Mr. Mayor’s father.


That’s how they started.
And it’s not fair for someone to come in here
and piggyback and say:

“You missed the boat.
We’re the new cowboys in town.
And we’re going to run the town like we wanna
And we don’t have to listen to people.”

That is absolutely wrong.

You run a city or you run a business equally.

And these poor people up here are getting treated wrong
totally totally unfair.
And I hope people see the light to deal with this today
and there is no need to move this one day further.
We wasted enough time.
And Miss Cook—I dunno how she does it.

Serious issues to deal with.
Let’s move the ball forward.