Reel Toronto: Hannibal—Season 3
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Reel Toronto: Hannibal—Season 3

Hannibal's third and final season gave Toronto a chance to play everywhere from Lithuania to Florence.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 09 10 11 hannibalmask2

Oh, Hannibal, we hardly knew ye. A critical darling (and almost certainly the most graphically violent show ever aired on network TV), Hannibal scratched its way to three seasons on NBC before succumbing to what appears to be a near-certain demise.

Like the “Beasties” or, um, Nikita-ites (?), the Fannibals were a dedicated bunch but not numerous enough to keep the show on the air. Still, that Hannibal lasted three years is an impressive feat. In its third and final season the show continued to make great use of Toronto locations, something all the more impressive given how many of the episodes took place on another continent.

2015 09 10 1 motorcycle paris (640x360)

Hannibal‘s final season can be neatly bifurcated into two halves, the first of which takes place in Europe. As we’ll see, they did do a small amount of shooting overseas but most of what you’ll see is local.

2015 09 10 1 motorcycle paris2 (640x360)

Right from the opening shots, we find our beloved serial killer motorcycling through the streets of Paris.

2015 09 10 1 nototel (640x355)

When he pulls up outside this hotel, however…

2015 09 10 1 motorcycle notparis (640x355)

…he’s actually outside the Esplanade Novotel, with greenscreen in behind.

2015 09 10 1 ballroom (640x352)

He goes inside this ballroom but everything is shot in close-up…

2015 09 10 1 ballroom abitwider (640x362)

…so it’s hard to figure out where it is, despite some distinctive and handsome doors.

2015 09 10 1 casaloma (640x365)

This ballroom is easier to spot, however.

2015 09 10 1 casaloma3 (640x356)

The tricked out conservatory at Casa Loma is possibly the most-filmed location in the city.

2015 09 10 6 florence (640x356)

Much of the European action takes place in Florence, and obviously shots like this…

2015 09 10 5 florence (640x356)

…and this were really shot there.

2015 09 10 1 caponilibrary royalyork (640x357)

One key Italian location is the Capponi library and museum…

2015 09 10 5 ryballroomagain (640x358)

…where Hannibal has found work under the guise of one Dr. Fell. This Renaissance-looking joint is actually the very familiar Royal York ballroom.

2015 09 10 2 chapel (640x355)

This amazingly authentic chapel is actually a set.

2015 09 10 2 torso (640x361)

Apparently the real place didn’t want a (fake!) flayed human body folded into the shape of a heart on the premises.

2015 09 10 2 stag (640x355)

Nope, not even if the same heart unfolded itself into a freaky, Cronenbergian stag.

2015 09 10 2 smudgedbums (640x358)

This is also amusing. See, on American TV you can show: a flayed body, a post-shotgun head, copious amounts of blood, a therapist sticking her entire arm down a patient’s esophagus, or even a man who cut off his own face killed as his own eel swims into his mouth. But if you’re going to show a Botticelli painting, you CANNOT show bum bums and boobies! They must be blurred, at all costs. Nothing psychologically troubling there at all, America!

2015 09 10 1 foodporn (640x363)

It’s also worth mentioning the first three episodes were directed by local boy Vincenzo Natali, who went all-in on the show’s penchant for food porn…

2015 09 10 2 slomoblood (640x356)

…and slo-mo shots of blood (and other liquids) dripping.

2015 09 10 3 lectergates (640x357)

In the third episode we visit the Lecter estate…

2015 09 10 3 rougevalley cgi (640x357)

…ostensibly in distant Lithuania.

2015 09 10 3 valleyhall (640x359)

We’re actually rather closer to home, in the Rouge Valley…

2015 09 10 3 valleyhalla foreground (640x358)

…at Valley Halla, which is becoming your go-to place for rural European chateaus in everything from Nikita to Orphan Black. Here, of course, there’s some substantial CGI added to the background.

2015 09 10 4 verger casaloma stables (640x367)

We see a bit of North America as we visit the estate of Mason Verger. In the film Hannibal they used the Biltmore Estate, which happens to be the single biggest private residence in the United States. This is actually Billy Madison’s house, Oshawa’s Parkwood Estate (with some special effects additions).

2015 09 10 4 verger casaloma cgi (640x357)

Just as X-Men used a mix of Parkwood and Casa Loma to create the X-Mansion, we see the latter’s stables here…

2015 09 10 7 stablesagain (640x353)

….and later, as this creepy nursery, also allegedly at Verger’s Muskrat Farm.

2015 09 10 8 hannibalcell (640x363)

So, once Hannibal is incarcerated the second half of the season retells Red Dragon which is:

  1. the first novel to feature Hannibal Lecter, albeit very sparingly.
  2. the source for Michael Mann’s breakthrough film, Manhunter.
  3. the source for Brett Ratner’s passable-but-pointless film, Red Dragon.

Finally, eventually, we get to see Hannibal in his cell; very different from the dungeon-like atmosphere we see in Red Dragon, or the sterile white box from Manhunter.

2015 09 10 9 dunlapadmin (640x356)

You may recall, the psych hospital’s exterior is the (again, augmented) administration building of Richmond Hill’s David Dunlap Observatory.

2015 09 10 9 bloomoffice2 (640x361)

So too, the interior office here is recognizable…

2015 09 10 8 bloomoffice dunlap (640x353)

…as the building’s lovely library. You’ll note that the set for Hannibal’s cell effectively replicates it.

2015 09 10 12 scottishrite ext (640x360)

The serial-killing Red Dragon, Francis Dolarhyde, lives in his old family mansion.

2015 09 10 10 scottishrite (640x361)

It’s actually the Scottish Rite, in Hamilton.

2015 09 10 10 lecture (640x359)

The same venue’s extremely handsome Cathedral serves as a lecture hall in which Hannibal’s therapist/willing victim Bedelia shares her adventures.

2015 09 10 9 gatewaybus 2JPG (640x368)

This bus stop is supposed to be outside the photo lab where Dollarhyde works…

92015 09 10 gatewaystreet (640x355)

…but this shelter, complete with amusing fake advertisement, is (for some reason) on Orwell Street, in Mississauga.

2015 09 10 12 stjames (640x356)

The penultimate episode features our heroes laying a trap in this park….

2015 09 10 12 stjames2 (640x354)

…actually St. James Park, with the cathedral pretty hard to miss.

2015 09 10 12 chilton (640x361)

Alas, a character meets his untimely end…

2015 09 10 12 fountain (640x354)

…in the park’s fountain.

2015 09 10 13 abrams thompson (640x352)

The finale brings back local comic relief awesomeness, in the form of Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams.

2015 09 10 13 crash (640x357)

Then there’s a big car chase and ambush…

2015 09 10 13 hydrocorridor (640x354)

…and there’s a barn and some hydro towers…

2015 09 10 13 crash 60kmh (640x356)

…and the speed limit sign is a giveaway that we’re not actually in Baltimore. It turns out we’re actually in rural Ajax, on Audley Road.

2015 09 10 13 cliffhouse (640x357)

And then final scene is at Hannibal’s secret house, which is actually this house, formerly the residence of sculptor Cleeve Horne, in Pickering.

2015 09 10 13 newfiecliffs (640x356)

…but the gorgeous cliffs upon which it’s perched are actually way over in Newfoundland.

Barring an increasingly unlikely rescue by a streaming service, or possibly a feature film, that’s it for Hannibal. But they made some fine use of the city while they were here.

CORRECTION (AUGUST 29, 2016): A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the Verger Mansion as Casa Loma. Thanks to reader Joseph Flett for pointing this one out. This article has also been updated to identify a bus stop in Mississauga.