Reel Toronto: Beauty and the Beast–Season Two (Part One)
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Reel Toronto: Beauty and the Beast–Season Two (Part One)

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

BEAST 2(640x354)

Like so many shows before it, Beauty and the Beast shoots almost entirely in Toronto but throws in hyperkinetic montages of New York so you might think otherwise. The Beasties probably don’t notice in the first season anyway, so enraptured are they by the adventures and canoodling of cop Catherine Chandler and her bestial beau, Vincent Keller. But we notice, because we are immune to such things and it is our vocation.

2015 09 24 1 niceresto courtyardcafe (640x356)

OK, so in our first episode we find Vincent looking to propose to his lady love at this fancy restaurant. It’s actually the Courtyard Café at The Windsor Arms.

2015 09 24 1 windsorarms (640x361)

Totally coincidentally, the hotel’s exterior makes an appearance later in the episode…

2015 09 24 1 windsorarms climbing (640x362)

…during a confrontation.

2015 09 24 1 bridalshop (640x357)

This lovely bridal shop isn’t real but…

2015 09 24 1 bridal 145stjames (640x364)

…is on Queen Street East, as we can see by the slight appearance of St. James Park out the window.

2015 09 24 1 nycresto estab (640x355)

One major setting in the second season is this café, which drove us a bit crazy. The exterior is (or was) Il Cantuccio in New York City…

2015 09 24 2 cafe set (640x357)

…but despite the pretty-real looking streetscape outside, the interior is just a set.

2015 09 24 6 postcafe duncan (640x354)

That said, at one point we go for this stroll after a visit there, and find ourselves on Duncan Street.

2015 09 24 1 police corusquaymaybe (640x362)

It’s hard to tell for sure where this police station office is but, based on the view of the Portlands out the window, it’s likely in or around Corus Quay.

2015 09 24 11 adelaidepoliceHQ (640x358)

Jumping ahead a few episodes, you may recall the police station exterior is actually the Ontario Heritage Trust building at Yonge and Adelaide. Though the interiors are a set, they clearly borrow from the actual architecture.

2015 09 24 11 adelaideSWAT2 (640x357)

In a later episode, we see it again….

2015 09 24 11 adelaideSWAT (640x357)

…with a rather substantial SWAT team presence.

2015 09 24 3 firstcdnplace (640x355)

As with most New York-set shows (we’re looking at you, Suits), much of the shooting is in and around the Financial District. Here we are outside First Canadian Place, for example.

2015 09 24 3 park bayadelaidemaybe (640x354)

And this park looks like it’s in the plaza outside the Bay-Adelaide Centre.

2015 09 24 8 outsideFBI (640x360)

We spend some time visiting FBI headquarters…

2015 09 24 8 FBI metrohall (640x357)

…clearly, actually Metro Hall.

2015 09 24 4 FBIoffice scotiabkgrd (640x360)

You can see Brookfield out the window of this office, ostensibly in the building, so it’s likely elsewhere—possibly Bay-Adelaide.

2015 09 24 4 cabs (640x358)

The only thing that looks more NYC than a randomly placed USA Today box is yellow cabs. Lots of ’em. There’s almost enough of ’em here to block out the location.

2015 09 24 4 cabs fence standrews (640x353)

But this fence is recognizable (at least to us) as the exterior of St. Andrew’s Church, right across from Roy Thomson Hall.

2015 09 24 4 cabs pylon roythomson (640x353)

You can see a tiny bit of Roy Thomson here, along with a traffic pylon that, if we were cynical, we would suggest is actually part of the film crew blocking off the street.

2015 09 24 4 firehall2 (640x359)

This may look like some historic New York firehall…

2015 09 24 4 firehall casaloma (640x355)

…but it’s actually the Casa Loma stables which we haven’t seen since, jeeze, the last time we did a column.

2015 09 24 6 not79thst (640x358)

This doesn’t look much like the actual 79th Street Boat Basin

2015 09 24 4 marina (640x357)

…and it’s too tightly framed to be sure where here it is.

2015 09 24 5 gym (640x354)

The fifth episode features a high school reunion and it’s hard to be sure with this lighting…

2015 09 24 5 highschool gym eastministremaybe (640x349)

…but it looks like the gym at Eastminster United Church, which has been used in everything from Cinderella Man to Honey.

2015 09 24 5 churchint2 (640x355)

In the same episode, Vincent visits this spooky and abandoned church…

2015 09 24 5 church int (640x359)

…but it’s not really so scary.

2015 09 24 5 church imperialoil (640x353)

It’s actually Deer Park United Church

2015 09 24 5 church deerparkunited (640x353)

…and you can even see the old Imperial Oil headquarters in the back there.

2015 09 24 6 tifftowercondo (640x348)

This condo is just off King Street West.

2015 09 24 8 festivaltowerfire (640x351)

Indeed, it (with some special effects help) catches fire…

2015 09 24 8 festivaltower obviously (640x357)

…and reveals itself to be the Festival Tower.

2015 09 24 9 lawoffice pan2 metro festival POWroof (640x353)

This law firm interior also looks like it’s in the tower. You can make out the Princess of Wales theatre and the side of Metro Hall through the window.

2015 09 24 8 tightbutcolbone (640x354)

This hustle-bustle shot is actually on the oft-used Colborne Street.

2015 09 24 8 port2 (640x356)

We visit the Portlands a few times…

2015 09 24 8 portlands (640x311)

…including in this nighttime scene.

2015 09 24 10 portlands (640x353)

It also pops up a couple of episodes later, though we’re supposed to be in Brooklyn or something.

2015 09 24 10 cginyc (640x352)

This scene even goes so far as to swap in the Lower Manhattan skyline.

2015 09 24 9 wellingtonpeter (640x347)

A quickly-edited trip by ambulance zips past Peter and Wellington

2015 09 24 9 hospital bridgepoint (640x364)

…ending up at this hospital…

2015 09 24 9 bridgepoint2 (640x356)

…actually Riverdale’s Bridgepoint.

2015 09 24 7 LatvianHouse (640x356)

Vincent and his pal hang out at the neglected Gentleman’s Guild of New York, the exterior of which is the old Latvian House, on College Street.

2015 09 24 7 judson (640x354)

This location, on Etobicoke’s Judson Street

2015 09 24 7 judsonboom (640x358)

…gets blown up real good.

2015 09 24 10 russianhouse doultonplace (640x354)

This fancy-shmancy Russian compound…

2015 09 24 10 doultonplace int (640x355)

…is actually out in Mississauga’s version of the Bridle Path, Doulton Place.The house has appeared in other stuff, including Kick-Ass 2.

And after all that, we’re only halfway through the season, so there’s still plenty more to delight the Beastie in all of us.