Reel Toronto: Suits—Season 4 (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Suits—Season 4 (Part Two)

In this edition of Reel Toronto, we slow down the fast-paced world of Suits to notice all those locations in the second half of season four.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2015 08 06 12 streetcoffee (640x349)

Last time out we were back looking at the latest season of our favourite not-quite-New-York show, Suits, so let’s hit the ground running with part two.

2015 08 06 2015 08 06 9 futureshop food (640x351)

In replicating Manhattan, it’s not surprising that the city’s financial district is home base, but it turns out other parts of the city can also pretty well pass for New York.

2015 08 06 9 northyorkcentre (640x353)

This bit is actually filmed up on Yonge Street, in the North York Centre area.

2015 08 06 11 centralpk mellastmansq (640x355)

Similarly, this is supposed to be Central Park…

2015 08 06 11 mellastman2 (640x361)

…but it’s actually right across the street from the above shots, in glorious Mel Lastman Square.

2015 08 06 11 cruising cdnflag (640x355)

Episode 11 starts with some cruisin’ through the financial district, complete with a Canadian flag subtly on display.

2015 08 06 9 hysagain (640x356)

We saw this restaurant’s bar in the first half of the season but here we are, back at Hy’s Steakhouse.

2015 08 06 10 resto2 (640x359)

We’ve mentioned before that this show seems determined to visit every restaurant in the city before it’s done and we can’t identify all of them but…

2015 08 06 10 resto bunaanotte (640x354)

..this one is Buonanotte on Mercer Street.

2015 08 06 10 cafe3 mercatto (640x354)

This handsome café…

2015 08 06 10cafe2 (640x346)

…is Mercatto’s Bay Street outlet.

2015 08 06 11 bar2 blowfish (640x358)

And this one is Blowfish on Bay, which is located in the show’s home base, the Bay Adelaide Centre.

2015 08 06 12 daiso (640x354)

Somewhat oddly (and it’s not entirely clear it’s supposed to be the same location each time)…

2015 08 06 12 daisho night (640x345)

…but we pay a few visits to the handsome…

2015 08 06 12 momofuko daisho (640x350)

…Mofofuko Daisho, across from the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts.

2015 08 06 12 darkhorse (640x353)

At the more relatively affordable end of the scale…

2015 08 06 12 darkhorse2 (640x355)

…are the Dark Horse Espresso Bar on Spadina…

2015 08 06 12 paramount torontost (640x353)

…and this Paramount Food Truck on Toronto Street.

2015 08 06 12 kingedwardlobby (640x362)

A brief break from food, if you don’t mind? Here we are hanging out in the King Eddie’s lobby, just a short stroll from that truck.

2015 08 06 12 roof richmondadelaide (640x349)

And we don’t know if real lawyers ever hang out on top of their towers…

2015 08 06 12 roof2 (640x351)

…but these guys do, and it’s quite photogenic.

2015 08 06 12 roof3 niceflag (640x356)

It looks like they’re probably on top of the TD Tower, but we are not sure. But hey, they did go to the trouble of slipping a stars n’ stripes in there!

2015 08 06 13 patriciangrill1(640x355)

Oh good, more eating.

2015 08 06 13 patriciangrill (640x358)

Yes, in Episode 13 we visit the old school Patrician Grill by King and Sherbourne…

2015 08 06 13 wvrst2 (640x355)

…and for something a bit more modern…

2015 08 06 13 bar wvrst (640x353)

…we check out King West’s WVRST.

2015 08 06 13 90allstate

We also venture out of downtown up to Markham, where this office is located.

2015 08 06 13 keleghan (640x354)

It’s hard to tell for sure if that’s where they shot the interiors but that’s definitely the awesome Toronto actor Peter Keleghan working there.

2015 08 06 13 greenwoodconvenience AMCO (640x351)

On the road trip they also stop at this gas station in Pickering. It’s got a bit of cinematic history, having also appeared in Urban Legend.

2015 08 06 14 office hck (640x356)

Late in the season we meet Tricia Helfer, who’s got a law firm of her own.

2015 08 06 14 office lightbox (640x358)

Based on some triangulation, it looks like her office is in the Festival Tower atop the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

2015 08 06 14 postlightbox 26kingw (640x355)

This stroll outside that office is a slight geographic incongruity: it’s actually down King Street in front of the Scotia Tower.

2015 08 06 15 restobalcony stockmaybe (640x354)

It’s hard to tell but this restaurant might be the Trump Hotel’s Stock, back when it was called America. It’s a humbling reminder that our restaurant identification skills are not infallible.

x13 resto (640x352)

We weren’t sure about this nice joint…

x15 resto (640x359)

…this more humble beanery…

16 morebar (640x353)

…or this sports bar…

16 bar2 (640x352)

…with an oar on the wall, for example.

2015 08 06 16 80lobby (640x358)

We also couldn’t nail down this condo which is in a building with number 80, but it’s pretty.

2015 08 06 16 gabardine (640x360)

But we do know this one!

2015 08 06 16 gabardine2 (640x357)

It’s The Gabardine, which you can find at Bay and Richmond.

2015 08 06 15 herapt (640x353)

Back on the mean streets is this apartment…

2015 08 06 15 duncanst (640x353)

…which is actually on Duncan Street.

2015 08 06 16 videostore localhero (640x360)

This little meeting takes place…

2015 08 06 16 videostore (640x359)

…in the Local Hero video store on Roncy.

2015 08 06 16 kingyork (640x355)

And we’ll wrap things with a typical Suits shot: strolling with a street coffee at King and York.

Phew. That’s it for now, but they’re already filming Season 5 and even 6 looks like it’s coming down the pipe. So if there’s a restaurant you haven’t seen here yet, they could be filming at it any day now.