Profane Accusation from Harper Supporter Prompts Conservative Apology
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Profane Accusation from Harper Supporter Prompts Conservative Apology

Conservative supporter in Etobicoke swears at media, has his jimmies rustled.

An unidentified Conservative true believer accuses journalists of being lying pieces of shit in this screenshot from the CBC.

It has been a notable couple of days for Conservative martyrdom on the campaign trail.

Vancouver MP Wai Young compared the party to Jesus. York Centre MP Mark Adler boasted in campaign materials that he is the son of Holocaust survivors. And former chief of staff Nigel Wright used an extended Biblical reference to Matthew 6 to defend his role in the Mike Duffy affair.

One unidentified Conservative true believer has had enough of the Duffy controversy, and wants them to atone.

Following a Conservative rally in Etobicoke Centre that featured the prime minister, a supporter wearing buttons for Ted Opitz and Doug Ford (for mayor, if you can recall) took the time to respond to media queries about the senate expense scandal.

It did not go well.

The Conservative supporter, who willingly spoke to reporters, dismissed the Duffy scandal as “a nothing” and told one journalist that “Harper doesn’t read income tax forms, you idiot.” The scandal is unrelated to income tax forms.

He then told the journalist that he believed she “cheats more on [her] taxes than Duffy ever did.” When asked why he might think that, he responded, “Because you’re a lying piece of shit.”

For good measure, one more time, he said, “I think you’re a piece of lying shit, and your media with you.”

Conservative spokesperson Kory Teneycke, who has had his own difficulties with the press, later apologized to the reporters.