Vandalist: Don't Be a Creep
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Vandalist: Don’t Be a Creep

Why does this still happen?!


BY: Unknown
PHOTOS BY: Bella Manu
FIELD NOTES: It’s 2015, people. If ever there was a time when unwelcome creepy touching, catcalling, and other forms of sexually predatory ickiness were socially acceptable, it has long passed. This kind of behaviour is 100 per cent not okay, a fact so blatant you’d have to be living under a rock to not know (even then, it’s no excuse to not understand basic human decency). Yet every woman we know (and some men) have been the unfortunate recipients of this kind of treatment. Fear of violent consequences or being accused of having “asked for it” prevents most people from directly standing up to this phenomena. So we resort to less confrontational ways of shaming the perpetrators. For example, this wheat paste. If you are the fellow who inspired this piece: just stop. You are being a terrible, creepy, shameful human being. If you would consider doing this: don’t. Don’t be this creep. If you are the sort of person who would never dream of being this creepy: keep up the good work.

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