Reel Toronto: Suits—Season Three (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Suits—Season Three (Part Two)

Get ready for another season of confidently posing as something you're not, as we look at how Suits dresses up as Manhattan.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

suits (640x343)

And we’re back! Suits has become one of the mainstays of the Toronto cinematic scene—if you see yellow New York cabs around Bay Street, it’s a good chance you’re seeing the production team at work—and in their third season they continue to work downtown’s Manahttanesque environs for all they’re worth.

2015 04 02 9 ritzcarlton (640x359)

Our look at the back half of the second season starts with this meeting…

2015 04 02 2015 04 02 9 cbc (640x348)

…on Wellington, in front of the Ritz Carlton.

2015 04 02 9 redheadapt 11duncan (640x350)

In the second season, we learned that Sarah Rafferty’s character, Donna, lived on John Street. This season she seems to have moved down the street just a bit, to 11 Duncan Street.

2015 04 02 10 usatoday (640x356)

Our most favourite game is spot-the-USA-Today box. Thar she blows!

2015 04 02 11 familiar usatoday (640x365)

Oh, and again, on Adelaide!

2015 04 02 10 maybekingeddie (640x348)

Here’s one of those ever-prominent New York cabs. This one…

2015 04 02 10 street maybevic (640x360)

…is parked on Victoria Street, outside the King Eddie.

2015 04 02 10 pizzaiolo reverse (640x362)

Not far away is this Pizzaiolo, on Yonge.

2015 04 02 12 hiddenparkfrombandb (640x355)

Two lovely quiet spots in the same neighbourhood: this little parkette is located just north of King Street.

2015 04 02 12 cloudgarden1 (640x354)

And somewhat more prominent is this spot…

2015 04 02 12 cloudgarden (640x352)

…the Cloud Gardens.

2015 04 02 13 niceresto2 (640x353)

Suits goes to an awful lot of restaurants and, we confess, we don’t recognize every single one. This is a fancy joint, for example.

2015 04 02 13 niceresto (640x350)

We don’t get invited to a lot of cool parties but we’re still pretty sure it’s The Chase.

2015 04 02 14 walk trumpreverse (640x353)

The 14th episode of the season starts with lawyer Louis Litt trying to catch a cab.

2015 04 02 14 walkpasthotel (640x360)

As we can see, he’s right across from his fictional office (at the Bay Adelaide Centre), outside the Trump Hotel…

2015 04 02 14 walk grandst (640x353)

…on Bay.

2015 04 02 14 horses (640x352)

We don’t get a good wide shot of this race track…

2015 04 02 14 horses2 (640x354)

…but we’re pretty sure it’s Woodbine.

2015 04 02 14 firstcdn trump (640x351)

Then, quickly back to the Financial District…

2015 04 02 14 firstcdn (640x355)

…a bit outside First Canadian Place.

2015 04 02 15 kingeddie (640x352)

And, speaking of familiar locations…

2015 04 02 15 kigneddie reverse (640x356)

…we’re once again outside the King Eddie. Really, we hope the cast and crew stay here, ’cause they barely leave the joint.

2015 04 02 15 bar streetcar (640x356)

Speaking of eateries we can’t identify for certain…

2015 04 02 15 bar (640x354)

…there’s this handsome (but tightly framed!) bar.

2015 04 02 15 casino reverse (640x358)

And this…

2015 04 02 15 casino (640x362)

…backroom casino with a distinctive (but not distinctive enough!) chandelier. The architecture suggests perhaps something in the Distillery.

2015 04 02 11 aria2 (640x349)

This one’s a bit easier, as we’ve seen it before…

2015 04 02 11 fancyresto aria (640x358)

…it’s Aria, right beside the Air Canada Centre.

That’s the third season, but a fourth already aired and a fifth is coming soon. They may be in post-production by now, but if you think you see something filming in the Financial District (especially by the King Eddie!) it may just be the fine folks at Suits.