Televisualist: Now Adapted From Australians
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Televisualist: Now Adapted From Australians

Each week, Torontoist examines the upcoming TV listings and makes note of programs that are entertaining, informative, and of quality. Or, alternately, none of those. The result: Televisualist.

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They’re whispering about the secret eighth season you aren’t allowed to know about.


The Night Shift returns for a second season of doctors…but at night! How are night doctors different? Well, for starters, it’s harder to see them, and they are kind of sleepy. And you can’t feed them. Wait, is that last one doctors or gremlins? We can’t remember. (Global, 8 p.m.)

The Voice begins its eighth season and it seems like the seventh season never ended. Did it end? Is there ever any true ending? Are Blake Shelton and Adam Levine commanded to judge, forevermore, until the end of time when we are all dust?…no, wait, Christina Aguilera is replacing Gwen Stefani, so never mind, we aren’t trapped in a horrible event horizon after all. And you thought it was merely Christina Aguilera’s hips that did not lie. No, wait, that’s Shakira. But Shakira was on The Voice too, so close enough. (CTV2, 8 p.m.)


Actually, Parks and Recreation ends tonight, so maybe the heat death of the universe is imminent. (City, 8 p.m.)

Also ending tonight: Marvel’s Agent Carter, which was exactly as good as we hoped it would be: good plots, good dialogue, and Hayley Atwell was terrific in all possible ways. What a fine diversion this not-a-superhero-show has been. (CTV, 9 p.m.)


Survivor‘s gimmick this season: three tribes, one of rich professionals, one of blue-collar workers, and one of unemployed people. Given that the show divided competitors by race almost a decade ago, it’s kind of surprising that it took them this long to try dividing them by class instead. Or, if you think Big Corporate Television didn’t want to tackle class, maybe not so surprising. (Global, 8 p.m.)

Meanwhile, The Amazing Race has a gimmick this season as well: every team is a pair of single people on what is effectively their first date. Oh boy, combining The Amazing Race with The Bachelor—how can this go wrong? We’re afraid the answer is “many, many ways.” (CTV, 9:30 p.m.)


How To Get Away With Murder concludes, and did anybody get away with murder yet? If not, I’m suing this show for false advertising. (CTV, 9 p.m.)


The Golden State Warriors, who are still the best team in the NBA right now, visit Toronto to play the Raptors and, although the Raptors have been playing much better recently, this game still represents an uphill climb for the team. Mostly because Steph Curry is just not fair. (TSN, 7:30 p.m.)

The Weekend

Will Forte’s The Last Man On Earth has a unique premise, a pretty fun trailer, a solid creative team behind it (Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are basically responsible for The LEGO Movie being so good), and Will Forte making it work—at least from what we’ve seen so far. (Fox, 9 p.m. Sunday)

Secrets and Lies is the American adaptation of a critically acclaimed Australian miniseries, and…wait, are we just reusing our blurb from The Slap? Man, what if this one turns out to be as bad as The Slap? I mean, you’ve got your reasonably big-name leads (Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis) once again, it’s a miniseries with no further commitment, and they’re adapting an Australian TV show (again). It’s starting to get creepy. Especially considering all these series seem to be about dead kids, or at least kids getting slapped in the face. (CTV, 8 p.m.)

Battle Creek is a show about police, and I know you were concerned that there weren’t enough shows about cops on the air. This one features Josh Duhamel as the by-the-book special agent and Dean “Dennis from 30 Rock” Winters as the grumpy veteran cop with an attitude. We bet there’s even one cop who’s a member of a visual minority group—oh hey, Kal Penn! We were just talking about you! (Global, 10 p.m. Sunday)