Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast — Season One (Part One)
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Reel Toronto: Beauty & the Beast — Season One (Part One)

This remake of a (semi) classic '80s TV series tries out that "looks kinda like New York City" thing we do so well.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

BEAUTY2 (640x352)

For all the amazing diversity of movies and TV shows shot here, our bread and butter seems to be remakes and passing for New York City. Beauty & the Beast, now heading into its third season filming in the Big Smoke, hits both targets. Produced by the same folks who brought Nikita (also a remake, also set in NYC) to town, it brings some nice production values and a bit of Cancon (primarily in the form of lead actress Kristin Kreuk) to a story that, you know, arguably didn’t need to be remade.

If you don’t know, the original TV series featured Linda Hamilton (Terminator) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy). Based on Wikipedia’s description of the plot, it sounds like an improbable hit―but people did indeed come to love a story about “the relationship between Vincent (Perlman), a mythic, noble man-beast, and Catherine (Linda Hamilton), a savvy Assistant District Attorney in New York.” What makes it particularly interesting, at least in retrospect, is that it was written by George R.R. Martin, who has since become hugely famous for writing the five Song of Fire and Ice books, aka Game of Thrones (and, more significantly, still having not finished the sixth!). But that’s history; the present is ours, baby: now Catherine is a hotshot young detective and Vincent is generally much more man, much less beast. But they solve crimes and make out a lot, so it’s all good.

2015 02 02 1 policehq adelaideandchrysler (640x352)

Since Kreuk plays a detective, she obviously works at a police station. We see it many times throughout the series, and you may recognize it as the Ontario Heritage Trust headquarters at 10 Adelaide Street East. Usually you don’t see the Chrysler Building down the street.

2015 02 02 1 policehq int alsoadelaide (640x351)

The interior is a set, but you’ll note it does a nice job emulating the look of the distinctive windows.

2015 02 02 1 nyc dundassq (640x347)

They do a good job, in the first few episodes, of getting some of those tried-and-true “Fake New York” locations out of the way. Here’s what’s supposed to be Times Square…

20151 dundassq2 (640x351)

…which is actually, of course, Dundas Square.

2015 02 02 1 lowerbay (640x348)

They don’t waste any time getting down into the subway either…

2015 02 02 1 lowerbay canalst (640x346)

…visiting Lower Bay right in the first episode.

2015 02 02 1 streettostanwyck (640x346)

The chi-chi “Stanwyck Hotel”…

2015 02 02 1 hotellobby (640x351)

…is actually the chi-chi Thompson Hotel.

2015 02 02 11 rosewaterupstairs (640x356)

And this posh restaurant…

2015 02 02 11 fancybar rosewater (640x356)

…is really the posh Rosewater Supper Club.

2015 02 02 1 hmmm (640x357)

Here’s some Reel Toronto inside dirt: the two most annoying kinds of locations to find are (a) anonymous industrial sites and (b) residences. Though it’s not really anywhere near the Brooklyn Bridge, Vincent’s first lair is the old Symes Transfer Station (incinerator), near the Stockyards. We’ve seen it pop up in the odd film; the interior was used in Cinderella Man, for example.

2015 02 02 2 cgi empirestate (640x332)

As you may have already noticed, the B&B people are good at sticking a bridge or other landmark in the background to up the Big Apple-ness of it all. So, unsurprisingly, the second episode starts with this shot of the Empire State Building…

2015 02 02 2 empirest openingstill (640x351)

…and pans down to this street…

2015 02 02 2 empirest seeyonge (640x353)

…which we can recognize, thanks to the LED-friendly building in the back, as
Temperance, just west of Yonge.

2015 02 02 2 masseybkstg (640x355)

Much of the mysterious action in the second episode takes place in this distinctive space…

2015 02 02 2 masseystairs (640x346)

…which you will surely recognize…

2015 02 02 2 masseyhall (640x347)

…as Massey Hall.

2015 02 02 2 outsidenoname massey (640x348)

A shot outside digitally erases the hall’s name…

2015 02 02 2 masseyroof (640x351)

…but we even get to go up on the roof.

2015 02 02 2 chasestart (640x350)

We always like a good, quickly edited chase scene!

2015 02 02 2 chase spadina (640x356)

This one zips through Chinatown, on Spadina.

2015 02 02 2 kingst (640x355)

Look, they did it again! We’re obviously outside First Canadian Place, on Adelaide, but they drop ol’ Empirey way in the back there and, boom, instant New York!

2015 02 02 2 sheppard (640x347)

New York shoots just love using this narrow stretch of Temperance Street. Seriously, that’s the most photographed parking lot in the city. (Or it was, anyway…)

2015 02 02 3 centralpark vicu (640x350)

One thing they do on this show, not to mention fellow CW fare, like Nikita, (you can tell this was aired by CW, right??) is to come back from commercial with a lovely, hyper-edited shot of NYC that zooms in. So right before this, we see Central Park…

2015 02 02 3 vicresidence (640x348)

…but then find ourselves at a university, actually our own Victoria University.

2015 02 02 4 industrial3 alsoinnikita (640x362)

This old loading dock, which also appears in the final season of Nikita

2015 02 02 4 industrial (640x359)

…is part of the old Unilever plant, just north of the portlands.

2015 02 02 4 outerbridge frominkitaandOB (640x369)

Speaking of frequently seen things, here’s local actor Peter Outerbridge, who played a baddie on Nikita, and recently died in an amazingly horrible way on Orphan Black. Dude’s everywhere!

2015 02 02 4 somethingstreeteast (640x360)

In roughly the same neighbourhood, the fourth episode has this scene, on Queen East…

2015 02 02 4 somethingisQUEEN henrysalley (640x356)

…and a visit to this alley, beside Henry’s.

2015 02 02 4 alley (640x364)

This alley has appeared in more shows and movies than we can count.

2015 02 02 4 hospitaloverhead maybemetro (640x361)

We visit a couple of different “hospitals.”

2015 02 02 4 hospital2 (640x363)

This one was shot at Metro Hall (you can see the Ritz Carlton across the street).

2015 02 02 10 hospital1 (640x356)

And, a few episodes later, we have this one…

2015 02 02 10 hospitalatrium misslivingarts (640x358)

…which is the entirely different Living Arts Centre, in Mississauga.

2015 02 02 4 ballfield (640x358)

We’re not 100 per cent sure on this ball diamond.

2015 02 02 4 ballfield day (640x356)

We thought it was Smythe Park, but maybe not.

2015 02 02 5 parkinglot (640x356)

This parking lot is right across from…

2015 02 02 5 parkinglot park portland (640x351)

…this urban park, which we can recognize thanks to those concrete slabs (actually a war memorial), as Victoria Memorial Square, near the bottom of Portland Street.

2015 02 02 6 distillery (640x354)

The sixth episode starts with this lady strolling through some familiar territory…

2015 02 02 6 distillery2 (640x357)

…easily recognized as the Distillery District (specifically, Case Goods Lane).

2015 02 02 6 distillerygallery fermentingcellar (640x351)

When she goes inside the gallery there, she’s actually a couple of blocks away, in the Fermenting Cellar.

2015 02 02 6 shop2 kingedward (640x356)

There’s also a visit to this bridal shop, which drove us crazy at first.

2015 02 02 6 oustsideshop victoriast (640x347)

Luckily, they eventually go outside and they’re on Victoria Street. That means the bridal shop was actually on the northwest corner of the King Eddie.

2015 02 02 7 sureitis (640x356)

Oh, yeah, this is totally a university.

2015 02 02 7 university NOT (640x353)

No, it’s actually Casa Loma!

2015 02 02 7 probablyalsocasaloma (640x354)

They shot some inside stuff there too.

2015 02 02 10 toorntostreet (640x357)

Remember up above we mentioned that hospital that was actually shot in Mississauga? Here’s the matching exterior, right by the King Eddie, on Colborne Street.

Dou you want to know where Catherine’s apartment is, complete with the fire escape she and Vincent use for late-night canoodling? Then tune in next time, for the second half of the first season of the remake of the TV series of Beauty & the Beast!