Reel Toronto: Honey
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Reel Toronto: Honey

Jessica Alba shows Toronto some dance moves.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 12 25honey (640x330)

By all rights we probably should have profiled Honey right around the time we featured the even-more-terrible Glitter. They have nearly the exact same plot, both take place in Stock Shot New York City, and both are only memorable for how bad they are. In fairness, Honey manages a triumphant 21 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes versus a still-amazing seven per cent for Glitter.

2014 12 25guvernment (640x339)

When we meet her, Jessica Alba is a dancer with mad skillz, just waiting to be discovered. In the meantime, she’s a bartender.

This whole opening club sequence was shot down at The Guvernment.

2014 12 25eastminister1 (640x339)

She choreographs or teaches dance or something…

2014 12 25eastminister2 (640x336)

…at this unique-looking gym, at the Eastminster United Church, out on the Danforth. They also shot some interiors at the 519 Community Centre, but nothing recognizable.

2014 12 25cameron1 (640x341)

She lives in these cool digs which kind of do look New Yorkish…

2014 12 25cameron (640x345)

…but it’s actually the side door of Queen West’s Cameron House.

2014 12 25barber2 (640x344)

She dates barber Mekhi Phifer…

2014 12 25barberjunction (640x342)

…whose shop…

2014 12 25barber (640x337)

…is way on the other side of town, in the Junction. It looks like it wasn’t the most happening strip the last time the Google folks drove through.

2014 12 25queenwest (640x339)

The happy couple go strolling near her digs…

2014 12 25fabrics queenwest (640x341)

…on Queen West…

2014 12 25centralpk highpk (640x344)

…and hang out in “Central Park” (really our very own High Park).

2014 12 25commercet pan (640x341)

If you have to do some banking, you might as well do it photogenically…

2014 12 25bank (640x337)

…here visiting the lovely old CIBC in Commerce Court.

2014 12 25cadillacmaybe (640x335)

They definitely shot something at the Cadillac Lounge…

2014 12 25cadillacmaybe2 (640x343)

…and it’s hard to tell from how the shots are framed but we think it’s this bit.

2014 12 25videostreet (640x341)

Even harder to nail down is this definitely-in-Toronto street…

2014 12 25videostreet2 highpkmaybe (640x341)

…where they’re shooting a music video.

2014 12 25gardiner3 (640x344)

Easier to spot is this video shoot…

2014 12 25gardiner2 (640x335)

…under the Gardiner…

2014 12 25gardinerstlawrence (640x339)

…at St. Lawrence.

2014 12 25subway (640x340)

Pretty much every “New York” movie shot here eventually has a subway scene…

2014 12 25subway grungylowerbay (640x338)

…and equally inevitably, the station at which they shoot is Lower Bay.

2014 12 25bridlepathhouse (640x348)

As in the aforementioned Glitter, there’s a douchey antagonist; it’s a slimy DJ/producer in Mariah Carey’s movie, and a video director here. Anyway, he lives in these shiny digs…

2014 12 25bridlepath2 (640x343)
…out on the Bridle Path.

2014 12 25familiarplace3 (640x339)

The finale (surprise!) involves all sorts of dancin’.

2014 12 25familiarplace2 (640x342)

It takes place in this lovely space…

2014 12 25danceplace berkley (640x342)

…the Berkeley Church, on Queen East.

2014 12 25berkleyreverse (640x341)

Interestingly, it also played a dance studio in an episode of Suits.