Reel Toronto: Alphas
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Reel Toronto: Alphas

Once again, Toronto plays New York City in a B-grade TV series—but it never gets old.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

ALPHAS (640x355)

Things have been looking up for TV shoots in Toronto the past couple of years, with high-quality productions such as Hannibal, Orphan Black and Suits setting up shop. But our bread and butter continues to be more B-level fare like Alphas. Despite a decent pedigree (writer Zak Penn also worked on the X-Men movies, not to mention the underrated PCU), its sort-of X-Men-lite/Heroes vibe carried it through only two seasons.

Naturally, a series of hyperkinetic montages of New York City make it seem that’s where we are (at least most of the time)—but, also naturally, it was entirely shot here.

[Oh, and can we apologize for the photo watermarks we weren’t able to remove? Please, feel no obligation whatsoever to watch either Ghost Hunters or Haven. They’re not even shot here!]

2014 12 10 1 bowlerama (640x364)

So basically, we’ve got this team of quirky misfits, each of whom has a secret power, and they all get together to find other special peeps, fight bad guys, etc. Because they’re all secrety, they work in an anonymous location. In the pilot it’s here…

2014 12 10 1 reniebowlerama (640x359)

…on Dundas, near Kipling.

2014 12 10 2 2800skymark mississauga (640x360)

For the rest of the series, they move even further out into the burbs—to this tower, out in Mississauga.

2014 12 10 1 rennie recordshop kopsmaybe (640x355)

The pilot alone really gets around town, man. Here’s the awesome Callum Keith Rennie conversing in Queen West’s Kops Records.

2014 12 10 1 queenbrockapt (640x361)

Further west on the same street…

2014 12 10 1 queenbrock (640x358)

…we have this dude visiting his apartment, at Queen and Brock.

2014 12 10 1 queenwestchase (640x357)

Then there’s a chase down the street…

2014 12 10 1 empireofficealley (640x350)

…and through this laneway.

2014 12 10 1 69reverse (640x359)

We meet our hero, Cameron Hicks, down in the financial district…

2014 12 10 1 firstcdnplace (640x359)

…outside First Canadian Place.

2014 12 10 1 roofagain (640x355)

At the end of the episode, the whole team gets together…

2014 12 10 1 commercectroof (640x363)

…on the roof of Commerce Court, with One King West there in the back.

2014 12 10 1 metrohallmaybe (640x357)

We always like it when things blow up…

2014 12 10 2 plaza boom (640x364)

…as they do here, thanks to an explosion in David Pecaut Square.

2014 12 10 1 subwayandstreetcar osgoodemaybe (640x361)

This is a fairly authentic-looking New York City subway entrance…

2014 12 10 1 subway wider (640x351)

….but the tile is a bit of a giveaway. We’re actually looking at this entrance to the King subway station.

2014 12 10 1 sunvalley int (640x356)

This grocery store…

2014 12 10 1 sunvalley andcgi (640x357)

…gets a bit of a CGI skyline behind it to make it seem as if it’s in New York, but it’s actually on the Danforth.

2014 12 10 1 thompsonhotellobby (640x363)

Here, we go into the lobby of the Thompson Hotel…

2014 12 10 1 thompsonbar (640x358)

…then up to the lovely rooftop bar…

2014 12 10 1 thompsoncntower booya (640x356)

….and past the pool—and then, oops!, there’s the CN Tower reflected in the glass.

2014 12 10 2 driving 2for1 126dundas (640x356)

In the second episode, there’s some nice downtown driving, past this pizza place on Dundas

2014 12 10 2 essopizza (640x362)

….and the nearby Esso station.

2014 12 10 2 hummm (640x358)

Special effects make this building look burned…

2014 12 10 2 afterhmmm duncan (640x354)

…but as we see in subsequent scenes, we’re on Duncan…

2014 12 10 2 moreduncan (640x359)

…south of Richmond.

2014 12 10 2 filmcrewinback (640x358)

Are we crazy, or can you actually see where the film crew blocked off the road in this shot? Oopsie daisy..

2014 12 10 3 yonkers (640x357)

The bus station we visit in the third episode is not actually in Yonkers.

2014 12 10 3 busterminal2 (640x357)

Indeed, this handsome edifice…

2014 12 10 3 busterminal (640x363)

…is in fact the GO station in Hamilton.

2014 12 10 3 subway2 (640x358)

And later, we get onto what is pretty clearly a TTC subway car…

2014 12 10 3 subwayflag (640x355)

…despite the clever addition of an American flag.

2014 12 10 3 subwatstn (640x360)

We blow through the St. Patrick station…

2014 12 10 3 lowerbay (640x357)

…and inevitably end up at our very fave station, Lower Bay (or Bay Lower if you’re all into proper TTC nomenclature, which we aren’t).

2014 12 10 3 bedo 714yonge (640x355)

There are a lot of chase scenes on Alphas.

2014 12 10 3 yongexenu (640x361)

This one is out on Yonge…

2014 12 10 3 yonge charles (640x359)

at Charles.

2014 12 10 3 maslany (640x356)

And look who’s being chased! Why, it’s Tatiana Maslany, before she got cloned and stuff.

2014 12 10 4 kiplingreverse (640x357)

These dudes are sitting in a truck…

2014 12 10 4 kiplingvariety wash (640x354)

…which our Spidey sense tells us is parked outside the Kipling Variety Store.

2014 12 105 georgetown (640x357)

In the fifth episode, we hit the road and visit this lovely small town, actually Georgetown.

2014 12 105 georgetown bankflag (640x357)

You do see more Canuck banks abroad than you used to, but this CIBC is still kind of a giveaway, flag or no flag.

2014 12 105 sherrif (640x359)

The local sheriff’s office looks as if it was in this men’s store

2014 12 105 nearscotsdale (640x354)

You can’t see it in the shot, but this confrontation takes place outside the historic Scotsdale Farm, which was also featured in the recent season of Orphan Black.

2014 12 106 eatoncentreattack (640x349)

The sixth episode opens with an attack here, on Sheppard Street, with First Canadian Place there in the back.

2014 12 106 chasecolborne (640x353)

It’s a key location in the rest of the episode, and the big set piece in this one is (obviously) another chase. We start off just around the corner, on Temperance, which, because of its short length and narrowness, often appears as a New York Street

2014 12 106 bayst (640x356)

We also go out onto Bay Street, which, you know, looks a lot less like something in New York.

2014 12 106 cloudgarden (640x356)

It wraps up with a run…

2014 12 106 cloudgarden2 (640x348)

…up the steps…

2014 12 106 cloudgardenreverse (640x356)

…at the Cloud Gardens park.

2014 12 106 bar cadillaclounge (640x355)

There’s also a visit to this bar, the Cadillac Lounge.

2014 12 107 mainegasstn (640x358)

This here gas station is supposed to be in remote Maine…

2014 12 107 gasstn reverese (640x355)

…but this reverse shot helps us place it on Lakeshore Drive, in Mississauga.

2014 12 107 distiller1 (640x356)

This Brooklyn Farmer’s Market certainly has some recognizable cobblestones…

2014 12 107 distiller2 (640x358)

Yep, we’re actually…

2014 12 107 distill giveaway (640x356)

…in the Distillery District.

2014 12 107 toronto yay (640x357)

And, lookee, they throw us a bone in the final scene!

2014 12 1011 maybevalleyhalla (640x351)

This augmented greenhouse, seen in the season finale, looks as if it could be the one at Valley Halla.

2014 12 1011 balaban (640x358)

Hey, it’s fine local actress Liane Balanban!

2014 12 1011 openingmillst (640x349)

And now we’re back downtown. They don’t have Mill Street beer in New York yet, but there’s an extended sequence on this street…

2014 12 1011 outsidepawn (640x356)

…which turns out to be College, just west of Spadina.

2014 12 1011 buddhist (640x353)

This Buddhist temple (still visible in older streetviews) is gone now, however.

2014 12 108 eatonhall (640x354)

This weirdo religious retreat is actually King City’s Eaton Hall.

2014 12 108 eatonhall trellis (640x356)

You may recognize the trellis in this garden, as it also appeared in the final moments of A History of Violence.

2014 12 108 eatonhall front (640x361)

The building played William Hurt’s mansion at the end of that movie, but it’s also appeared in a lot of other things, including as the Udinov estate in Nikita.

2014 12 108 dryclean1 laundrylounge (640x353)

This vintage-looking dry cleaner…

2014 12 108 dryclean2 (640x359)

…is actually the Laundry Lounge, near Yonge and Wellesley.

Alphas made it back for a second season, but a third never materialized. If they ever do decide to resuscitate it, we’ll certainly be here waiting, ready to do a little New York City on the cheap.