Where Guillermo del Toro's FX Series The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto
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Where Guillermo del Toro’s FX Series The Strain Was Filmed in Toronto

In this modern vampire tale, a very poorly disguised Toronto becomes a very bloody New York City.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 11 12 strain lowerbay (640x397)

Guillermo del Toro has been a godsend to our fine city and its film industry. One of the coolest filmmakers around has turned Toronto into a home base, with him and his production company filming Pacific Rim, Mama, the forthcoming Crimson Peak and The Strain here, for starters. He’s also probably got a bit of an emotional connection to the city, having shot his first Hollywood movie, Mimic, in Toronto.

The Strain is essentially an icky vampire story created by Del Toro, based on books he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. Despite taking place in New York City, the show does not convincingly disguise its filming location—but that’s okay, because we love when there’s a subtitle telling us where we definitely aren’t.

2014 11 12 1 jfk (640x396)

So, the plot kicks off when a plane full mostly of dead passengers lands at JFK Airport.

2014 11 12 1 probablypearson (640x395)

Not surprisingly, these scenes were actually shot over at Pearson…

2014 11 12 1 jfk2 (640x403)

…with the interiors shot not in Terminal 1 or 3…

2014 11 12 1 airport interior (640x401)

…but in an auxiliary annex they use during construction.

2014 11 12 1 perasonparking (640x398)

This parking lot is also at Pearson.

2014 11 12 1 pawn 2869dundas (640x396)

A few key recurring locations are set up in the first episode. One is this “Harlem” pawnshop.

2014 11 12 11 dundas harlem (640x355)

You can see it a bit wider here. It’s actually The Hole in the Wall, on Dundas West. Amusingly, we just saw the same location used in The Mortal Instruments and noted that the Google Streetview of the location shows the film crew right out on the street there. (Based on the set dressing, it seems to be for The Mortal Instruments, not The Strain, however.)

2014 11 12 10 rth backroom (640x420)

Another is the Stoneheart Group tower, which is CGI in the wide shots. But this back room…

2014 11 12 10 rth (640x402)

…and the lobby…

2014 11 12 10 rth2 (640x402)

… are rather clearly actually Roy Thomson Hall.

2014 11 12 1 htgplaques adelaide familycounselling (640x399)

We also meet our hero, Dr. Eph Goodweather (played by Corey Stoll), coming out of family counselling in this building, which you can see has an Ontario Heritage plaque.

2014 11 12 1 streetpark (640x402)

Looking down the street a bit we can see we’re on Adelaide; that building is the film-friendly headquarters of the Ontario Heritage Trust.

2014 11 12 2 foxandfiddle (640x399)

They don’t have New York Fries in New York City. As you can see, we’re actually on Bloor, near St. George.

2014 11 12 2 queensstill (640x357)

There are a whole bunch of residential locations that are just too tricky for us to pin down with certainty—but the 40 km/h sign back there is at least a clue we’re not really in Queens here.

2014 11 12 3 flatbush TOstreetsigns (640x402)

Ditto this home in Flatbush, Brooklyn, which has Toronto street signs visible out the window.

2014 11 12 2 resto (640x351)

This lovely restaurant balcony…

2014 11 12 2 resto weslodge (640x401)

…is actually at Toronto’s own Weslodge.

2014 11 12 3 club operahouse (640x338)

That fictional rock star goth dude lives (or at least works a lot) in this venue, the Opera House.

2014 11 12 3 tribecaclub (640x399)

You can see the balcony even better here.

2014 11 12 3 tribeca obviously (640x356)

We don’t see the exterior until a few episodes later, but it’s supposed to be “Vestry Hall” in TriBeCa. It’s actually Massey Hall.

2014 11 12 3 notitsbloor (640x355)

Oooh, here we are in midtown Manhattan! Except it’s actually Avenue and Bloor. Only a world-class city such as Toronto could have those info pillars—so keep dreaming, New York!

2014 11 12 3 insideCDC gardinermuseum (640x361)

The headquarters they enter is actually the Gardiner Museum. You can even see the ROM across the street there.

2014 11 12 6 fakesubway (640x355)

And this fake subway station is built into the side of the Lillian Massey building next door.

2014 11 12 6 yorkville (640x401)

It turns out Bloor Street can play midtown and lower Manhattan! All you have to do is go around the corner, by the Louis Vuitton shop.

2014 11 12 5 1151nyc (640x354)

A little more Bloor in the fifth episode…

2014 11 12 5 1151 craneup bloor (640x359)

…with this handsome crane shot.

2014 11 12 2 bloorstunited (640x358)

And because you can’t get enough of Bloor, here’s Bloor Street United Church pretending to be in Queens.

2014 11 12 5 concentrationcamp (640x359)

A couple of episodes feature flashbacks to a Second World War concentration camp.

2014 11 12 9 concentrationcamp wide (640x394)

Which were actually shot at a location we haven’t seen used before…

2014 11 12 5 concamp flashback northTOwastewater (640x361)

…the lovely but hidden…

2014 11 12 9 concentrationcamp (640x399)

North Toronto Wastewater Plant down in the Don Valley.

2014 11 12 9 morecamp (640x400)

The era-appropriate planes are CGI, alas.

2014 11 12 5 driving qstreetcar (640x408)

Here’s a generic “driving in Manhattan” scene, which you can see takes place on University Avenue…

2014 11 12 5 driving streetcar (640x362)

…complete with what looks like a 501 Queen streetcar out the window.

2014 11 12 6 diner operahouse (640x400)

This Brooklyn diner is dressed to look all retro…

2014 11 12 6 diner int (640x397)

…but it’s the little greasy spoon attached to the Opera House.

2014 11 12 5 stmikes ems (640x407)

Here we’re outside St. Mike’s hospital—note the very obvious Toronto EMS vehicle.

2014 11 12 6 burritoboyz (640x357)

Shit starts getting real as the infected monster dudes start taking over Manhattan.

2014 11 12 6 burritozombie (640x398)

Of course, Burrito Boyz hasn’t actually expanded there yet, and this isn’t New York or Toronto. It’s actually King Street in Hamilton (plus, you know, some special effects).

2014 11 12 6 driving (640x401)

It’s hard to tell at first where we’re driving here…

2014 11 12 6 driving sixpointroad (640x401)

…but this sign lets us know we’re actually in Etobicoke, on Six Point Road.

2014 11 12 6 eatoncentre alley (640x400)

Back near Massey Hall, we have this alleyway, St. Enoch Square, which plays grimy alleys in lots of movies…

2014 11 12 6 eatoncentre anotherstreetcar (640x389)

…and we get to see the nearby Eaton Centre too.

2014 11 12 6 portlands (640x397)

Some good old-fashioned dead body disposal going on here…

2014 11 12 6 hearnmaybe (640x393)

…in the Port Lands. Looks like the cadaver is going into the ship channel near the turning basin, with the Hearn Generating Station and adjacent asphalt plant visible.

2014 11 12 7 union (640x403)

Presumably this is supposed to be Grand Central Terminal…

2014 11 12 7 moreunion (640x401)

…but it’s actually the ever-obvious Union Station.

2014 11 12 7 uniontolowerbay (640x403)

Then we go downstairs, and ta-da!

2014 11 12 7 lowebayfight2 (640x357)

We thought we’d never get to this familiar haunt! In addition to appearing in just about every NYC movie shot here…

2014 11 12 8 moreloewrbay (640x353)

…Lower Bay Station was a key location in Del Toro’s very first Hollywood film, Mimic.

2014 11 12 7 loewrbaytracks (640x354)

Amusingly, the same location is used to play this supposedly different subway station.

2014 11 12 8 anothersubway (640x350)

And then, a few episodes later, yet another station! Del Toro’s peeps really love Lower Bay, man.

2014 11 12 7 subway2 (640x410)

With all that subway-station time, it’s only fair we finally get on an actual TTC train.

2014 11 12 8 goldstar leslie eastern (640x380)

This is a darned cool location. It’s the retro looking Gold Star gas station.

2014 11 12 8 brooklyngasstn (640x403)

Except it doesn’t actually exist.

2014 11 12 8 gasstninterior (640x356)

Supposedly out in Brooklyn, it was built for the show Lucky 7 and then re-used for The Strain

2014 11 12 8 642eastern (640x398)

…and its brief existence took place right here, on Eastern Avenue.

2014 11 12 8 brooklyn1944weston (640x397)

We spend lots of time in “Brooklyn,” including this bit out on Weston Road

2014 11 12 8 brooklynbmo pizza (640x403)

…and you can see a bit of the Pizza Pizza across the street in the reflection, eh.

2014 11 12 10 brooklyn cibs (640x405)

There’s also this “Flatbush” bit, complete with a CIBC; it’s really this entrance to St. Andrew station…

2014 11 12 10 cibcsubway (640x405)

…which you see in reverse here.

2014 11 12 9 vangardinercrash2 (640x354)

This van crash…

2014 11 12 9 vangardinercrash (640x348)

…is down under the Gardiner.

2014 11 12 10 street greenp chinese (640x355)

In the 10th episode we have an extended bit with Corey Stoll’s character in which he drives along this street with streetcar tracks…

2014 11 12 10 greenPlove (640x403)

…gives a little love to the Green P…

2014 11 12 10 162mccaul (640x357)

…then starts walking along what is actually McCaul Street.

2014 11 12 10 stpatrick reverse (640x401)

He then talks to this homeless lady…

2014 11 12 10 mccaul darcy (640x400)

…at McCaul and Darcy

2014 11 12 10 certifiedauto (640x355)

…and then walks with her to Beatty Avenue, which is not actually anywhere nearby.

2014 11 12 12 li garage (640x402)

This garage is supposed to be out in Queens…

2014 11 12 12 petersgarage (640x358)

…but you can see it’s actually Peter’s Garage, near Spadina and College.

2014 11 12 12 mostdef blackcreek (640x356)

Most of the show takes place in present-day New York City, but we like a little versatility, like in those earlier concentration camp scenes. This time we’re supposed to be in Albania—but it’s most definitely actually Black Creek Pioneer Village. (Season 3 of Hannibal is also going to shoot Toronto-as-Europe, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that goes.)

2014 11 12 12 rooftop (640x358)

It’s hard to tell where this rooftop scene is, but you can at least tell that’s our skyline and not Manhattan’s.

2014 11 12 12 portnalds cgi (640x339)

But this scene out in the Port Lands features a fake New York skyline.

So, they covered a lot of ground over the first season of The Strain, but they’ve already announced they’re coming back for a second season soon—so we’ll see how much more fake New York there is to see!

UPDATE: November 14, 2014, 2:30 PM As an anonymous tipster has pointed out, the unidentified residential location (the shot after New York Fries) in this week’s article is on Durie Street.