Reel Toronto: Nikita — Season 3 (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Nikita — Season 3 (Part Two)

After three years of adventuring everywhere on the planet without leaving Toronto, Nikita finally visits our fair city.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 10 28 nikita2 (640x360)

We were amazed at the number of different places GTA locations stood in for during Nikita‘s first couple of seasons. We griped, wondering why Nikita couldn’t visit Toronto for just one episode, never thinking it would actually happen. Heck, even Suits made a surprise visit to Toronto in its fictional universe, despite shooting Toronto-as-New York all the time. But here, finally, before the third season wraps, Toronto appears as itself. More or less.

2014 10 28 16 cincy (640x354)

First things first. Nikita‘s cinematography makes things tricky sometimes. You can’t quite see it here but there’s a TTC bus outside there, pretty much giving away that this office building is here—but we can’t quite place this “Cincinnati” lobby…

2014 10 28 12 pittsburghwriting (640x359)

…nor this one…

2014 10 28 12 pittsburgh lobby (640x355)

…allegedly in Pittsburgh.

2014 10 28 12 brightonbeachbar (640x357)

Like Suits, Nikita‘s fictional home base is Manhattan—but the characters do make their way out to New York’s ‘burbs, too. This bar is supposed to be in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, for example.

2014 10 28 12 pavels2 paddock (640x343)

And yet there’s a TTC streetcar outside! The “P” in Pavel’s may look familiar, as this is actually Bathurst Street’s Paddock Tavern.

2014 10 28 12 rooftop lookslikecommercect

This pretty rooftop shot is supposed to give a view of Manhattan, but you can see Royal Bank Plaza back there…

2014 10 28 12 rooftop2 (640x355)

…suggesting we’re probably atop Commerce Court.

2014 10 28 15 paris (640x358)

We always like a good European jaunt, and Episode 15 takes us to Gay Paree…

2014 10 28 15 parisopera (640x350)

…and its historic Opera House.

2014 10 28 15 opera kingeddiemaybe (640x360)

The interior, however…

2014 10 28 15 morekingeddie (640x358)

…is actually the lobby of the King Edward Hotel.

2014 10 28 15 kingeddie ext (640x358)

You can also see the exterior of that same film-friendly location here.

2014 10 28 15 distillery (640x356)

This is also supposed to be Paris, but that clock is a giveaway. Yessir, it’s our old friend the Distillery District.

2014 10 28 15 nycclub (640x356)

Back in New York, there’s a big scene on this club balcony…

2014 10 28 15 nyclub courthouse (640x364)

…actually The Courthouse.

2014 10 28 19 camden (640x362)

Here we visit the grimy streets of Camden, New Jersey.

2014 10 28 19 camdenbridge2 (640x354)

This bridge, however, is actually in Hamilton…

2014 10 28 19 bridge2 emeraldst

…it’s the Emerald Street footbridge. (No offence intended, Hamilton—we know you’re just acting!)

2014 10 28 19 laundromat (640x359)

This laundromat is also in Hamilton…

2014 10 28 19 kingsdale hamilton (640x338)

…it’s the Kingsdale Cleaning Centre.

2014 10 28 20 yaytoronto butnothotel (640x352)

And here, finally, in episode 20 of the third season, is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We’re really in Toronto! Except—what the heck is the Dorsett Glenn Hotel? It’s actually Convocation Hall.

2014 10 28 20 dorsettglen royalyork (640x352)

And the interior shots…

2014 10 28 20 moreroyalyork (640x357)

…are of the Royal York. So, it’s almost really Toronto.

2014 10 28 20 torotnopolice (640x357)

There’s even a Toronto Police Service officer!

2014 10 28 20 skyline (640x356)

There’s also a scene that takes place out in the Port Lands and offers a nice view of the skyline.

2014 10 28 20 rth g20 (640x355)

Why are we here? It’s for the G20! Happy memories.

2014 10 28 20 roythomson (640x359)

Obviously this party is really in Roy Thomson Hall.

2014 10 28 21 lombardmore (640x350)

The season’s penultimate episode has us back in New York, but really we’re just a few blocks away…

2014 10 28 21 lombardreverse (640x359)

…at this press conference on Lombard Street.

2014 10 28 21 uh86lombard (640x357)

This is supposed to be an outreach shelter, and indeed, it’s actually the Fred Victor Centre for Women.

2014 10 28 21 parkinglot centrest boom (640x352)

We also get a car going kaboom…

2014 10 28 21 parkinglot universityave (640x360)

…in this parking lot, just behind City Hall.

2014 10 28 22 hydro (640x355)

The final episode gives us views of some distinctive landmarks, like the Hydro Place tower on University Avenue.

2014 10 28 22 notgeorgetow (640x357)

This is supposed to be in Washington, D.C.’s chichi Georgetown area, but it’s actually…

2014 10 28 22 lakeviewmaybe (640x362)

…Dundas West’s Lakeview restaurant.

2014 10 28 22 southofAGO (640x354)

We can’t quite tell what building this is, but you can definitely see the south facade of the AGO out the window.

2014 10 28 22 finalshot elm (640x351)

And the season’s final shot is looking down University, around Elm Street…

2014 10 28 22 finalshot wcdnflag (640x357)

…with a Canadian flag just over there on the left, for those paying attention. We are, Nikita. We are.