Reel Toronto: Nikita — Season 3 (Part One)
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Reel Toronto: Nikita — Season 3 (Part One)

From Kosovo to Luxembourg to, um, Mississauga, Nikita is back for another season of spying and shooting all around the globe, from right here in the GTA.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 10 14 nikita (640x356)

Oh, Nikita. Here we are again, hosting your slick, blow-em-up adventures that take you to just about every hot spot on the planet as you dress up our fair city as often and as creatively as a kid with a new doll. The GTA plays Hong Kong, Kosovo, and just about everywhere in between this time around.

2014 10 14 1 hamiltoncityhall police (640x353)

As always, the locations come pretty fast and furious in Nikita. The season premiere finds us in Hong Kong, though this handsome interior is actually the foyer of Hamilton’s beautifully modernist City Hall. Amusingly, the building’s exterior was used as a Turkish location in the second season.

2014 10 14 1 hk street (640x356)

Then there’s an extended action sequence “outside” that building.

2014 10 14 1 hkstreet kingeddie (640x357)

See the King Eddie back there?

2014 10 14 1 hkstreet again (640x357)

Yeah, we’re actually on Victoria Street (which becomes Scott as you go south).

2014 10 14 1 hkhotel harbourcastle

Still in Hong Kong, we visit this hotel…

2014 10 14 1 hkhotel harbourcastle lobby (640x356)

…actually the Harbour Castle.

2014 10 14 1 yoga (640x355)

Nikita and her pals are doing some yoga before she gets called into action…

2014 10 14 1 yogaext lombardst (640x356)

…but this New York street is actually Lombard.

2014 10 14 1 berczypark2 (640x359)

It’s not all shooting and killing, good readers. Nikita also has time for romance, receiving this proposal, at photogenic Berczy Park.

2014 10 14 2 slantylan utsc (640x352)

This season features more of Nikita‘s ever-entertaining, “No, it’s not!” series of location call-outs. This lab…

2014 10 14 2 slanty ext andrewsbldg utsc (640x357)

…which you can see a bit better here, is the Science Wing at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. (Did you know architect John Andrews also designed the CN Tower? It’s a fact!)

2014 10 14 2 342adelaide infopillar (640x354)

As always, Nikita’s home base is New York. They might think they’re a World Class City, but they don’t have our awesome Info Pillars, so we must be on Adelaide Street.

2014 10 14 2 nyc jewelerr (640x356)

This jeweller isn’t in New York either…

2014 10 14 2 jeweler fortunes averd (640x353)

…it’s Fortunes, up on Avenue Road.

2014 10 14 2 supposedtobenearUN (640x373)

But the biggest sequence takes place at this location, which is supposed to be an embassy near the United Nations.

2014 10 14 2 universityave hilton (640x356)

But as we get down to street level, we see we’re actually on University Avenue

2014 10 14 2 380university (640x353)

…outside the posh University Club.

2014 10 14 3 arena (640x357)

A lot of the action in the third episode takes place at this arena…

2014 10 14 2 arena copps (640x366)

…which the seats conveniently and easily ID as Copps Coliseum.

2014 10 14 4 valleyhallawide (640x354)

Oooh, lookie! We’re in beautiful Luxembourg!

2014 10 14 4 morelikescarboorugh (640x356)

Yeah, more like Scarborough!

2014 10 14 4 valleyhalla int (640x358)

Inside and out this is Valley Halla, right by the zoo. (Not surprisingly, it’s been on Nikita before, as a totally different location.)

2014 10 14 5 sideofhotel (640x353)

Much of the action in the fifth episode takes place in this hotel…

2014 10 14 5 suttonplace (640x362)

…which we can recognize as the Sutton Place (formerly a hotel, now condos)…

2014 10 14 5 rooftop (640x358)

…complete with its lovely rooftop view of our skyline.

2014 10 14 6 sunnysideupstairs (640x358)

Ah, here we are in lovely tropical St. Lucia…

6 stlucia (640x358)

…with an ocean view…

2014 10 14 6 upstairswider (640x350)

…and venue for fighting, courtesy of the Sunnyside Beach Pavilion.

2014 10 14 6 hearn2 (640x354)

The sixth episode also features a shootout in this industrial space, which looks like the ol’ Hearn Generating Station.

2014 10 14 7 tailing neartimothys (640x361)

We’re back in “New York” for the following episode…

2014 10 14 7 tail alleytocoffeeshop (640x359)

…and Nikita tails this guy through an alley, into a café…

2014 10 14 7 tail 75jarvis (640x352)

…and out the front door, with its helpful logo…

2014 10 14 7 tail g store (640x362)

…which tells us we’ve just made our way around Lower Jarvis, and G for Gelato.

2014 10 14 7 nyc churchst (640x359)

Lots of hanging around steamy alleyways in this episode. Here we are—not very far away from the last location—on Church Street.

2014 10 14 7 churchst canadapost (640x352)

…where you can see that Canada Post apparently delivers in Manhattan…

2014 10 14 7 churchstalley (640x354)

…and then we’re taken into this alleyway for a fight. It’s a fairly well-used Hollywood alley and also appeared in Boondock Saints.

2014 10 14 7 anotheralley (640x363)

Same deal later at night…

2014 10 14 7 alley henrys (640x352)

…right across the street, in this alley beside Henry’s.

2014 10 14 8 mexico (640x354)

The eighth episode finds us way down south. This hacienda is in Mexico, and we confess we don’t know quite where it is…

2014 10 14 8 miss2 (640x352)

…but this “federal building” in Houston is most definitely really…

2014 10 14 8 houston mississauga (640x362)

…Mississauga’s photogenic City Hall.

2014 10 14 9 penn lakeshore (640x355)

Episode nine is set in Pennsylvania, though we’re blazing along Lakeshore here, past the post office near Leslie Street.

2014 10 14 10 federalbldg (640x354)

In the following episode, we have the University Avenue Courthouse playing a Washington federal building…

2014 10 14 10 cruickston shooting (640x356)

…and a lovely retreat in Kosovo…

2014 10 14 10 kosovo cruickstonpark (640x357)

…though, actually, we’re at old Cold Creek Manor, Cambridge’s Cruickston Park.

2014 10 14 10 cruicksonint probably (640x360)

Looks as if they shot the interiors there, too.

2014 10 14 11 rosewater (640x353)

The final episode of the first half finds us in front of this “federal building”…

2014 10 14 11 rosewater2 (640x356)

…actually the Rosewater Supper Club…

2014 10 14 11 pizzaoiloonleft (640x356)

…which, like our Hong Kong street earlier, is within view of the King Eddie…

2014 10 14 11 rosewaterboom (640x351)

…and good for a kaboom or two.

2014 10 14 11 fbihq frontstreet (640x353)

Some action for the intelligence community as we park outside Washington’s FBI headquarters, on Front Street…

2014 10 14 11 cia mowat (640x356)

…and go inside CIA Headquarters…

2014 10 14 11 mowat (640x356)

…which is actually a building that’s played it in more movies than we can count—the province’s Mowat Block, across from Queen’s Park.

At this point, two-and-a-half seasons in, you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder if Nikita has visited every city on the planet except the one in which the series is actually filmed. Could that actually happen when we get to the back half of Season 3? Tune in next time, and find out!