Reel Toronto: Terrible Disney Channel Movies
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Reel Toronto: Terrible Disney Channel Movies

Disney sure knows how to use Toronto—and bad blue-screening—to entertain the tweener crowd.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 09 16sharpay (640x305)

The Disney corporation isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Oh sure, there are the lovely parks and the happy Pixar movies and Disney’s synergistic acquisitions of the Muppets, Star Wars, Marvel, and really just about anything you ever loved in your childhood or anything any of your future children might love.

But there is a dark side: the Disney Channel (or Family channel, up here in Canada), and its unending stream of subpar TV shows stocked by a numberless roster of cute, precocious kids and their boilerplate family and friends (blonde mom, male-pattern-baldness dad, ethnic friend, dumb friend, etc.). This system of theirs has yielded Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake, it’s true, but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Greasing the wheels of this machine are cheaply made “movies” that Disney advertises ad nauseum, puts on the air, and then casts off into the home video market. Making them on the cheap is key and, hey, that’s what Toronto does best!

2014 09 16totallynyc 2ndunit (640x309)

In fairness, we’re not the only tax credit haven and that’s why, say, the High School Musical movies were shot in New Mexico. But then some highly paid Disney employee decided that, with the franchise pretty much spent, what they really needed was a spinoff featuring its antagonist, the princessy Sharpay. (Feel free to read her whole bio at the HSM Wiki!) Hence Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, which naturally takes place in New York City. Why, just look at this obvious stock footage here!

2014 09 16totallnyc bluescreen (640x308)

Or this obvious blue-screen work out the window!

2014 09 16washtingtonsq pan (640x306)

Yes, Sharpay is thrilled to be in “New York City” and its famous Washington Square Park…

2014 09 16berczyfountain 1kw (640x309)

…which, when we zoom in, looks a bit different. The fountain ain’t quite the same, is it?

2014 09 16washingtonsq berczy (640x305)

Yeah, it’s actually Berczy Park.

2014 09 16yorkvillecondos2 (640x305)

Here she’s pulling up to a luxury hotel…

2014 09 16yorkillecondos (640x304)

…actually the Prince Arthur condos.

2014 09 16penthouse2 (640x310)

The penthouse offers a tremendous vista of the New York skyline…

2014 09 16nyycskyline cbc (640x309)

…complete with landmarks such as, um, the CBC building…

2014 09 16penthouse reflection (640x308)

…and Metro Hall? Yeah, that’s because it’s actually the penthouse at the Soho Met.

2014 09 16oustide hyatt (640x305)

Here Sharpay is sad about being alone in the big city or something…

2014 09 16oustdie2 (640x311)

…until she’s totally not weirded out by this hunky young man filming her…

2014 09 16oustside ttc garbage (640x307)

…outside on Avenue Road with a TTC sign and Toronto garbage can behind her.

2014 09 16apt wider 1385queenwest (640x358)

She goes back with him to his apartment…

2014 09 16apt vinapharmacy (640x349)

…which we can locate at Queen Street West and Landsdowne Avenue, thanks to the pharmacy across the street.

2014 09 16auditiontheatre (640x345)

Well, Sharpay is in New York to be an actress on Broadway, so she auditions at a theatre…

2014 09 16auditiontheatre reverse (640x348)

…which turns out to be…

2014 09 16elgin (640x346)

…the Elgin.

2014 09 16joeyjeremiah (640x350)

And look who works there! It’s Joey Jeremiah!

2014 09 16wintergarden (640x307)

Sharpay also pays a visit to the Winter Garden, upstairs.

2014 09 16elginext royalex (640x348)

The exterior of the theatre, however, is the Royal Alex.

2014 09 16centralpark gbgcan (640x351)

Okay, there is one amusing bit in this movie. It’s a romantic montage with these cute dogs, starting with a “Central Park” carriage ride (complete with Toronto garbage can)…

2014 09 16dogsatrth (640x347)

…going all around “New York,” seeing landmarks like Roy Thomson Hall.

2014 09 16babyo montage (640x348)

And it’s set to Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” so there’s your bona fide Canadian content.

2014 09 16BETTERBOY (640x315)

A more recent film is How to Build a Better Boy, which is about as good as it sounds. Yeah, there are these teens and they use a computer to design a fake boyfriend but then he’s created for real but he’s actually some government project gone awry, yada yada yada.

2014 09 16notreal (640x322)

As you can totally obviously see from this shot, we’re totally definitely in Washington, D.C.

2014 09 16footballfield2 (640x316)

Except that in other views of the football field…

2014 09 16northtorontoSS (640x359)

…we can see it’s actually North Toronto C.I.

2014 09 16northrolibrary (640x313)

It’s where they filmed the interiors, too.

2014 09 16footballgame (640x314)

When there’s a big football game at the end of the movie (because of course there is!)…

2014 09 16mcmaster (640x313)

…it’s actually at McMaster University’s Ron Joyce Stadium.

You may note with some amusement that the fictional high school is called “McMaster,” allegedly because they just liked the school’s existing logo (but not the “Marauders” name) so much. Not—let’s be clear here—not because it was cheaper to use what was already there.

2014 09 16house2 (640x310)

The heroine’s house is actually not too far from the high school…

2014 09 16house 74chestnutpk (640x313)

…on Chestnut Park.

2014 09 16parkstill (640x315)

There’s a big scene at this park, which is probably supposed to be Central Park…

2014 09 16fountain (640x318)

…but this fountain shows…

2014 09 16fountainpark stjames (640x313)

…we’re actually in St. James Park.

2014 09 16evilgvtbldg (640x315)

As we pan down from this secret government lab…

2014 09 16gv pandown (640x314)

…we see it’s really U of T’s Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, and beside it the Rosebrugh Building.

2014 09 16prom military (640x317)

Of course a movie like this has to end with a prom…

2014 09 16prom wider (640x314)

…which gets invaded by the army. You can see it’s actually at the Liberty Grand, down at Exhibition Place.

2014 09 16camprock singing (640x316)

Finally, it’s worth briefly mentioning that High School Musical‘s outdoorsy cousin, Camp Rock was also shot up here…

2014 09 16camprock natch (640x318)

…mostly outside the city (natch) at Haliburton’s Camp Wanakita and…

2014 09 16camprock2 (640x316)

Camp Kilcoo, in Minden.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m young and cool and don’t have to worry about this corporate tweener entertainment.” But make no mistake: it’s out there and it’s waiting and it may be shooting more footage. Right now. In your hometown.